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June 2016

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This newsletter is to share with you what the MediLabSecure team has been up to in the recent months and to give you a heads-up for what is coming next.
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Mid-Term Project Meeting & Technical Workshop on Public Health

115 Participants were welcomed at the Institut Pasteur, Paris

In December 15th-17th 2015, the MediLabsecure Mid-term meeting was held at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

This event was the occasion to enhance interactions and collaborations among the laboratories in the network and the public health institutions involved in the project.

Lectures and parallel sessions reports are available in the members' area of the website.

Take a look at some snapshots of the meeting! 

Workshops and training sessions

According to the laboratories capacity assessments and to discussions held with their representatives within the network, training sessions are tailored to best match everyone's needs.
In order to carry on with capacity building within the MediLabSecure network and improve interconnectivity between its members, workshops are organized periodically in different locations.

Serological Diagnosis of relevant Zoonotic Arboviruses

Second workshop of the animal virology working group

The second workshop of the animal virology network of laboratories entitled "Serological diagnosis of relevant zoonotic arboviruses" took place at Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal (INIA-CISA) in Valdeolmos, Madrid (Spain) from April 4th-8th 2016


Protocols, SOPs, Lectures and all material used during the workshops are ready for download in the partner area of the MediLabSecure Website

Training course in medical entomology

Capacity building in mosquito vectors of arboviruses: sampling, morphological and molecular identification

The 3rd Medical Entomology Workshop was held at the Institut Pasteur in Tunis (Tunisia) from May 30th to June 3rd 2016. It was kindly hosted by the Entomology Laboratory of Dr. Ali Bouattour. A 5-days program of lectures, practical sessions and field work was prepared, allowing 19 participants from 6 countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Armenia) to strengthen their knowledge in medical entomology, in particular regarding mosquito vectors species identification, determination and surveillance, and to improve regional networking.

Agenda: upcoming training sessions in 2016 and 2017

Biosafety, biosecurity and shipping of biological samples

Casablanca, Morocco, October 24-28, 2016


The next workshop of the human virology working group of MediLabSecure will take place the week of the 24th October 2016 in Casablanca, Morocco. It will focus on biosafety, biosecurity and shipping of biological samplesBoth theoretical and practical aspects were covered by international experts.

Molecular analysis of relevant zoonotic pathogens

Madrid, spring 2017

Because of its value in the understanding of epidemiology and control of infectious diseases, the first joint workshop of the animal virology and human virology working groups of MediLabSecure will tackle the molecular analysis of pathogens of interest for the MediLabSecure network. International experts will animate this training session in which selected participants will be guided through the whole workflow: from the suspicious clinical sample to the final identification and phylogenetic analysis.

Save the date: Regional Meeting and Technical Workshop on Public Health

Belgrade, November 15-17, 2016

The first Regional Meeting and second Technical Workshop on Public Health of the MediLabSecure project will take place in Belgrade on the 15th, 16th and 17th of November 2016.

Thanks to the proposals raised during the mid-term meeting in December 2015, we have identified Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) virus as a priority in this Region. To respond to this need, we are organising a regional and multi-disciplinary meeting that will address clinical, entomological, epidemiological, diagnostic as well as human and animal health aspects of CCHF. This regional meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss current and common public health issues. For example, an update session about Zika virus has already been scheduled.
A panel of international specialists will be invited to give presentations on CCHF and Zika infections and their vectors. Transversal sessions and group activities on topics such as vector control, biosafety and serosurveillance studies will be organised.
To make the most out of this gathering from the Network representatives, the second MediLabSecure technical workshop on public health has been embedded into this regional meeting, and will focus on CCHF risk assessment.

A second Regional Meeting & Technical Workshop on Public Health involving representatives from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon will be organized in 2017.


We are pleased to announce the publication of the scientific paper "Strengthening integrated surveillance for arboviruses in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions in the framework of the One Health approach" in Quaderni della Società Italiana di Medicina Tropicale e Salute Globale.

To cite this article please use: 
M. G. Dente, F. Riccardo, G. Nacca, A. Ranghiasci, J-C. Manuguerra, C. Escadafal, M. A. Jimenez-Clavero, E. Perez Ramirez, V. Robert, M. Picard, F. Cherblanc, L. Gaayeb, K.Victoir, S. Declich on behal of the MediLabSecure Network. Strenghtening integrated surveillance for arboviruses in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions in the framework of the One Health approach. QUADERNI DELLA SOCIETÀ ITALIANA DI MEDICINA TROPICALE E SALUTE GLOBALE N. 1, 2016

On our radar

Epizone annual meeting

Madrid, September 27-29, 2016

EPIZONE is an international network of veterinary research institutes working on epizootic animal diseases. 
The 10th edition of this rendez-vous hosted by CISA-INIA, is entitled: “Going viral”. Scientists and stakeholders interested in the activities of the Epizone European Research Group for Epizootic Disease Diagnosis and Control will discuss a wide range of topics including diagnosis, intervention strategies, risk assessment, and surveillance and epidemiology of epizootic diseases. 

From basic Science to biomarkers and tools in global Health

Paris, November 29 - December 02, 2016

The discovery of new biomarkers and their translation into health interventions are crucial to meeting the challenges of human diseases. Building on the success of the last two editions, the Institut Pasteur International Network Scientific Symposium will cover every aspects of research including basic, clinical and operational science, necessary to identify, validate and develop new biomarkers in human health. All scientists, clinicians and public health experts working on both communicable and non communicable disease fields, are welcome to submit abstracts before July 18th 2016.

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