A rare interview with Aram Saroyan. Plus: Do indie presses still matter? And: Cover reveals of Fall 2015 titles.
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Do Indie Presses Still Matter?

Co-Director, Three Rooms Press

It’s a strange time in the world of publishing. The giant publishers continue to merge. Independent bookstores continue the struggle to keep their doors open. New technology has made it easy for authors to publish their own books.

Yet, somehow, independent publishers are thriving. According to Jeff Herman, author of Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Agents, independent publishers make up half of the $29 billion annual revenue of the publishing world. 

Many small presses are well-known and quite successful, even with out-of-the-ordinary literary titles. Grove Press’ recent release of Helen McDonald’s fabulous memoir H Is For Hawk began with a print run of 5,000 and has sold a staggering 62,000 copies since its March release—a year before the paperback is due out.

Other small presses are “micro” in their size—under twenty releases per year—yet “macro” in their enthusiasm and commitment to publishing the highest quality work. These micro presses are fueled by passion and commitment to a vision. Three Rooms Press featured five of these New York-based, fiercely independent publishers on July 3 at it’s third annual “That’s Independents!” celebration of small presses at Cornelia Street Cafe, and discussed the state of the industry with them. READ MORE

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Author Profile

Catching Up with Aram Saroyan 


In October 2015, Three Rooms Press is thrilled to release the new detective novel by celebrated poet and true crime author, Aram Saroyan: Still Night in L.A. So to whet your appetite for this fast-paced, action-filled thriller, we’re sharing the results of our recent sit down with Aram. Aram is the author ofComplete Minimal Poems and Rancho Mirage, among other titles.

3RP: So tell us, what are you reading right now?

AS: I just finished Writers in Hollywood 1915–1951 by Ian Hamilton, a terrific book about the first fifty years of the movie business with the focus on writers: Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Raymond Chandler, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman, Nathaneal West, Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, and a lot of others, all of them playing second, third, or fourth fiddles to the real powers—L.B. Mayer, Sam Goldwyn, Darryl Zanuck, et al.— then later, during and after the war, to the government. It’s really a portrait of an industry interacting with history—including the post-war House Un-American Activities Committee.

Read more here

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July 3: That's Independents is part of The Monthly at Cornelia Street Cafe, a unique series curated by Three Rooms Press that brings together leading writers, intellectuals, performers and budding rebels on a different topic each month. Other presses include: Unbearables InDigest Press, Seven Stories Press and Great Weather For Media.

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High Praise Pouring in for 3RP Fall 2015 Titles

Weird Girl and What's His Name 
by Meagan Brothers

“Voices are crisply and intimately drawn. Minor characters are equally vibrant . . . Carefully and subtly imagined.” —Kirkus Reviews

"Fanboys and fangirls, rejoice! With laugh-out-loud moments, smartly drawn characters, and a platonic love story that rivals Scully and Mulder's, this book perfectly captures the joys and heartaches of all-consuming fandoms and 'it's-complicated' friendships. —J.C. Lillis, author of How to Repair a Mechanical Heart and We Won't Feel a Thing 

"I wish I could go back in time, when I was Lula and Rory's age, so I could feel like I finally had someone who spoke my language. Meagan Brothers captures two adolescent voices as though she spent decades growing them." —Aimee Herman, author of Meant to Wake Up Feeling

Still Night in L.A.
A Detective Novel
by Aram Saroyan

“Aram Saroyan nurses the accelerator in a deceptively laconic way, channeling the faultless ratiocination of Charles Willeford (Miami Blues and Paul Cain (Seven Slayers). STILL NIGHT IN L.A. keeps still until, at just the right moment, he floors it. —Barry Gifford, author, Wild at Heart

“Readers of California-dream-correction fiction may have their particular favourites -- Day of the Locust, The Slide Area, The Long Goodbye. Aram Saroyan’s STILL NIGHT IN L.A. brings long experience and practiced narrative craft to earn his place in this line.” —Tom Clark, author, The Exile of Celine

“Aram Saroyan’s STILL NIGHT IN L.A. cruises the mean streets and trendy brunch boites of Los Angeles, this city of angels and psychopaths. His shamus Michael Shepard is a Marlowe for our digital times.” —Richard Setlowe, author, The Haunting of Suzanna Blackwell

On Earth and In Hell
Poems by Thomas Bernhard
translated by Peter Waugh

These hard won-poems, these furious convulsions, by turns savage and tender, mark the beginning of Thomas Bernhard’s true work, his first startling blows. It is deeply illuminating to have them so wonderfully translated into English." —Edward Hirsch, poet, How to Read a Poem and Gabriel: A Poem

Cover reveal! As cofounder of  The Living Theater, author Judith Malina is one of the leading female countercultural figures of the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. in FULL MOON STAGES, she creates an intimate memoir with a collection of personal notes written on every full moon for 50 years from 1964 to 2014.  Pre-order now.
Coming in October
"In tiny Hawthorne, North Carolina, high school geeks Lula and Roryshare everything--sci-fi and fantasy fandom, an obsession with old X-Files episodes, and the feeling that they'll never quite fit in..."  Coming October 2015: Pre-order now on amazon.
Coming in October, Famed poet and author Aram Saroyan makes his first foray into hardboiled crime à la Raymond Chandler and Dashiel Hammet, all overlaid on a vivid panorama of today's Los Angeles. Coming October 2015.  Pre-order now.
Cover reveal! The first English translation of the earliest poetry of brilliant and disruptive Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, widely considered one of the most innovative and original authors of the twentieth century and often associated with fellow mavericks Beckett, Kafka and Dostoevsky. Pre-order now.
Tech-No Prisoners. In full color. Includes work from Mark Kostabi, Raymond Pettibon, Charles Plymell, Joel Hubaut, Grant Hart, Mike Watt, Alice Bag, Exene Cervenka, Giovanni Fontana, Fausto Grossi and more.
“Mystery and thriller aficionados will find familiar names here, but undoubtedly will become newly acquainted with others. One cannot ask for better. . . Pick up DARK CITY LIGHTS—and its predecessors—and see what the excitement is all about.” —BookReporter

All of us have a lot to learn from Beate Gordon--a woman with the courage to match her convictions..”—Yoko Ono

“Spotte is a master storyteller, bringing to life the coal miners, gang members, and Inuits he meets on his travels...As an ode to watery places, this book is sometimes reminiscent of work by writers such as David James Duncan." —Library Journal, Feb 2015

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