February 7, 2018. Greenville, RI USA/ Uden, The Netherlands
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Point and Zoom Camera

   Rapidly zoom into target even
   if it's not centered!

Often, the object of interest may be at the edge of the scene and classical optical zooming cameras miss it because a classical zoom block camera stays centered.

Using our GUI to send Visca commands over RS-485 to control camera functions, the Videology 24P2.0XW-EXSDI (24P) camera can...

  • Point to what you wish to see and the camera zooms in on the area of interest. Select the size and location of the scene for magnification with the pointer overlay.

    Optical zoom equivalency is achieved to @2.7x magnification as you reduce from a 2 MP resolution image down to full screen VGA resolution.
  • Zoom in directly to objects of interest and display what you need to see in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio.  If you need more zoom ability than the optical equivalent of 2.7x, then the camera can deliver digital zoom to an additional 33x.
The 24P has dual concurrent outputs...Analog and Digital Extended HD SDI.

To accommodate for CVBS monitors, the analog output can be set to view in 16: 9 or 4: 3.

The 4:3 view is NOT compressed as in most cameras. There is no elongation effect. The image derives from native pixels so your measurements are real and reliable in either display mode, 16:9 or 4:3

Since there are no moving parts as in bulky optical zoom block cameras,  the small rugged 24P camera can survive through a long 5-7 year life cycle…. regardless of number of zooms. The single camera board is only 22 x 26 mm, the same footprint as our entire miniature camera lineup.

It’s easy to get it in to small crevices!   Perfect for pipes, both very small and large!

Videology listened to your needs to create this new product series. Following our mechanical family tradition, we offer a small 22 x 26 mm platform that maintains the same mount hole placement and same lens mount dimensions as in current cameras you may now use from Videology.

It supports your current analog camera legacy needs yet it has a full 2 MP digital high resolution mode you can use when appropriate and even use them concurrently!

Our EX- SDI output transmits to distances up to 500 m, 1600 feet. There is No Visual Latency and NO visible DEGRADATION in video quality!!

The multiple Wide Dynamic Range modes of this camera board can reveal images hidden deep within shadows.  It also mitigates blooming and smearing in high light overload situations.

Our low light sensitivity modes resolve deeper into dark environments with minimum noise.  Coupled with Wide Dynamic Range, critical information is rarely lost.

OEMs should email in USA or if in Europe.  Call in for the detailed application note when you are ready to move forward.

Multiple industries will find this a refreshing alternative to bulky expensive zoom block cameras. We remain small and affordable! We listen.  We support our OEMS 100%.

OEM and Press inquiries are welcome

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