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Belfast plants 1 million trees with community help

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In Belfast, GB, tree-planting is going big: the city aims to plant 1 million trees by 2035. That’s enough to fill over 500 football pitches. But not only is Belfast’s initiative noteworthy in its massive scale, it’s also a fantastic example of a citizen-led initiative that goes full circle: it started as a community-led recommendation, and now the public is able to weigh in on where the trees should go.  Here’s a closer look at how the project took root.

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Cities get creative to divert waste from landfills

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We’ve covered trends in trash and waste management in general, highlighting the creative ways local governments are maximizing recycling programs, maintaining operations and engaging the public. But sometimes the things tossed in the trash or recycling bins aren’t waste at all. Rather than having these items pile up in the landfill or recycling center, cities and counties are finding innovative ways to weed out these reusable items, and find new uses for them. Here’s a look at what they’re doing.

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Lancaster Series Part 3:
Equity and inclusion from the inside out

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As local governments focus more on equality, too many will fall into the trap of just words on a page. In part 3 of our series on the City of Lancaster, PA, we learn how they are embedding equitable governance in their culture, driving lasting change that truly means something. Jess King, Patrick Hopkins, and Sharon Allen-Spann share concrete ways they're putting these ideals to work across the city and delivering on their promises for strong neighborhoods and sound government.

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🇺🇸 Hudson County, NJ utilizes GovPilot to digitize & streamline planning process

🇬🇧 London Borough of Harrow, GB develops digital twin with Esri UK and Cyclomedia

🇩🇪 Regensburg Stadt, BY connects with youths in difficult situations through WhatsApp crisis chat

🇨🇦 Whitby, ON encourages purchases from local businesses with parking ticket forgiveness program

🇺🇸 Tampa, FL showcases current and future public projects with Capital Improvement Projects Viewer

🇦🇺 Ipswich, QLD previews future opportunities for local businesses on Forward Procurement Schedule

🇧🇷 Maceió, AL unveils digital tools for enhanced resident interactions with traffic department

🇺🇸 Charlotte County, FL partnered with mySidewalk to launch an interactive health dashboard

🇮🇹 Barletta, PUG businesses and police officers use an anti-theft video alarm for shared security

🇳🇱 Breda, NB installs BredaRing fiber-optic network with smart city innovations on horizon

🇨🇦 Edmonton, AB develops GBA+ and Equity Toolkit to address inequities in zoning bylaws

🇺🇸 Pittsburgh, PA launched a new Citiparks website with an interactive parks and trail maps guide

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