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Communities invite residents into the budgeting process

Communities invite residents into the budgeting process

When dollars are tight and competing interests grow by the day, how do you get resident buy-in on local government expenditures? Bring them into the budgeting process. We take a look at some of the innovative ways in which cities and counties around the world are gathering input and allocating community-decided funds.

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5 tips for creating a more “open government”

5 tips for creating a more “open government”

Fresh off her two-year effort to build San Rafael, CA's new department for Digital Service and Open Government, Rebecca Woodbury (founder of Department of Civic Things) shares some tips for those looking to improve the employee and end-user experience by creating a more collaborative culture and focusing on open resources for efficiency gains.

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U.S. Census: A tool for citizen engagement

U.S. Census: A tool for citizen engagement

We finish our 2 part series on census engagement work with local government superstars Melissa Bird, AICP from the District of Columbia and Stephanie Reid from the City of Philadelphia. Listen to how their engagement strategies, and other important aspects of their work, led to more community-driven engagement and participation, in spite of roadblocks at the federal level.

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Innovation Projects

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🇺🇸 Pittsburgh, PA evaluates the use of personal delivery devices during Kiwibot pilot

🇦🇺 Sunshine Coast, QLD installs smart sensors in Woombye during Data Driven Decision Making pilot

🇬🇧 Adur District and Worthing Borough Councils, GB helps the homeless find housing and keep their petssts isolated seniors with social prescribing pilot.

🇺🇸 Charleston, SC creates drainage basins to improve the flow of stormwater and reduce flooding

🇺🇸 Charlotte, NC implemented a new occupancy detection system to verify vehicle occupants on toll roads

🇩🇰 Aarhus, DK invests in new technology to convert wastewater into eco-friendly byproducts

🇨🇦 Vancouver, BC tracks progress toward public health goals with Healthy City Dashboard

🇳🇱 Oss, NB facilitates resident-led improvement projects with My Neighborhood Oss platforms

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