Reading goals & design details

This news is so fun to share, as it’s without a doubt the most requested feature we’ve received from you: that’s right, Reading Goals are here!

We’re so excited to see all the ways you incorporate this into your Literal experience. You can, of course, create an annual goal to track how many books you read per year - but you can also use this feature to set more specific goals using the advanced settings. You even have the option to allow us to automatically sync your reading updates to your goals or manually do it yourself.

We’ve seen the community implement them for specific genres, shorter time frames, etc. and it’s been so fun already!

Much love,
PietSvenNathanMihai, Abigail, Genesis & Sebastian

Create a goal

It's all about the details

The Currently Reading section has been modified on mobile. A slight change, but big impact for everyone reading a lot of books at the same time.

Another seemingly small redesign, the Home icon has changed. Say goodbye to the three standard lines and hello to a little house that we hope makes you feel right at… Home.

Other news

We want you to have control over your library, so you now have the capability to export it as a CSV in your advanced profile settings.
Did you know that each week, we highlight and feature books that will be releasing the following week on our Spotlight page?
You don't need to use a desktop computer anymore to import from Goodreads. We brought the experience you're used to into the iPhone and Android app.

That's it for now! If you want to help us decide what we're working on next, submit your own ideas or vote for existing ones by going to Roadmap & features in the app.

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