We have to chat.

You probably know that one of the main focuses of our platform centers around communities. It’s important to us that you can connect to other people on Literal.

We think that direct messages are a game-changer for directly giving someone a recommendation, as well as both general bookish conversations and book clubs.

Many of you requested this as a feature, so we would love to hear your feedback!

Much love,
PietSvenNathanMihai, Abigail, Genesis & Sebastian

Other updates

Like & reply to comments

Two much needed capabilities. Use comment threads to take the discussion deeper than ever before. And use “likes” to get feedback or run polls.

Try it out in your feed.

Explore page & navigation

We brought the Explore page from the app to the desktop website. While doing so, we also slightly cleaned up the main navigation.

Find people to follow and recommended books.

Are you an author?

We are interviewing authors about how they got into writing and provide a stage for their book. We would love to hear from you:

That's it for now! If you want to help us decide what we're working on next, submit your own ideas or vote for existing ones by going to Feature ideas in the app.

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