Barcode scanner & brand new search

It might not be visible at first sight, but our search got some major improvements!

We’re now busy working on our most requested feature, reading goals. We’ve learned how important it is for you to have a simplified, seamless method of setting goals for yourself. We want to help, and we’re so excited to get that in motion soon.

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PietSvenNathanMihai, Abigail, Genesis & Sebastian

Find books by scanning their barcodes

Maybe you’ve already discovered the new icon in our search in the iPhone and Android app. Next time you're at a friend's house and want to write down the title of one of their books, you can just pull out your phone and scan in the barcode on the back of the book - we will find it in split seconds for you to add to your library.

New & improved search

It might look the same, we’ve rebuilt the technology of our search from the ground up to improve the quality of results and make it even faster.

🔦   More indie titles

Our larger database saves you time with your tracking and allows you to better support and spread awareness of indie authors, sharing them with your friends on the platform. If you find something missing, you can even add a book yourself.

🕵🏽   Removed duplicates

We know, it was a pesky problem. We’re so happy to have improved this to allow you finding exactly what you’re looking for, and to better see who else in your curated community has read and reviewed any particular book.

🗝️   You can search for keywords

Have a general idea of something you’re looking for, but not 100% settled on what yet? Try searching things like “business”, “romance” etc. to get inspired.

☝️   Report wrong or missing results

A simple but impactful option that allows us to correct any mistakes you may find, by tapping the little question mark in the search results.
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New book releases

Did you know that each week, we highlight and feature books that will be releasing the following week? It helps your Want-to-read shelf stay perfectly full!

You can find these weekly posts two places:

On our Instagram, where a select number are showcased from various genres - the ones we think will be generating the most buzz in the bookworm community.
On our Spotlight, where you can find a more complete list of everything we were able to find.

That's it for now! If you want to help us decide what we're working on next, submit your own ideas or vote for existing ones by going to Roadmap & features in the app.

And if you want to get updated more often consider following us on Twitter, TikTok or Instagram. Happy reading!