New Android app, massive speed improvements & new features

As you may have already noticed in the last few weeks, we worked hard on improving the overall speed of the app & book search. But not only that, we also introduced a few new features...

Android app

You asked, and we delivered. Literal is officially on Android! 🎉

The app comes with the same perks as our iPhone app, including the ability to scan in text from physical books with your phone camera.

New navigation on mobile

Did you already see visual changes to our app today? We not only built a sleek new menu which helps you navigate around in the app faster, but also moved notifications out of the main navigation to make space for clubs! You can check out the new navigation by tapping on your profile image.

Clubs (beta) are growing

It's great to see more and more clubs coming to life. Most of them are still kept secret, but you can explore and join some of our hand-picked recommendations.

As it’s our newest core feature and in order to give you the best experience, we’d like it to be as perfect as possible before releasing it to everyone. However, if you want to help us with shaping the future of clubs and start your own one, you can reply to this email to let us know and we’ll get you running.

Join a club

Find related books

Did you ever hit a dead end? We integrated a new section at the bottom of our book pages that lets you explore more books with a similar style. And the best part is, the more reviews you create, the better the recommendations get!

That's it for now! If you want to get updated more often, consider following us on Twitter or Instagram where we inform everyone as soon as new features are released.

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