Big updates to your library, community power-ups and a special thank you

Before we dive into all the new features we've been chipping away this past month, I'd like share a short update on the amazing community that we've built together.

First of all, we've been overwhelmed by the reception of Literal. It's giving us all of a massive boost of energy to see small (and not quite so small) clubs popping up every day. Making space for nerding out over the most esoteric genres, themes or whatever else could connect a bunch of people online is truly magical.

So, thanks to all of you for engaging with us and each other in such a sweet and positive way – we're immensely thankful to have you be a foundational part of Literal.

Much love,
PietSvenNathanMihai, Abigail, Genesis & Sebastian

📚 Brand new library

Alright, enough sappiness, we've added a ton of features to your library! Now you can not only see your books, but also all your reviews and highlights. You can easily search in your library as well as sort to your hearts content.

💬 Comment power-ups: @mentions + edit + delete

As the discussions have grown so has the need for a bit more powerful tools. Besides the most basic ability to edit (or completely delete) your own comments, you can now also mention other Literal users by typing @ and their username.

That's it for now! If you want to get updated more often consider following us on Twitter, TikTok or Instagram. There's also a bunch of new stuff on the blog as well with Six suggestions for finding reading motivation and an Interview with Denis about adventure, companionship, nature & sports pioneers. Happy reading!