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July 10, 2015 Week 6 Newsletter

RECCS is a summer research internship in critical zone science for Colorado community college students funded by the National Science Foundation and coordinated by CIRES Education Outreach.
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RECCS Intern Spotlight!

This week our featured RECCS intern is Savannah Bernal. Savannah is teamed up with mentors Nichole Barger and grad student Carrie Harvilla of CU Boulder. Above Photo: Savannah's mentor, Carrie, and teammate surveying plants in Frazier, Colorado.
Savannah Bernal

Watch Savannah's "elevator speech"!

Research Project: The Effects of Nitrogen Deposition on Biological Soil Crust in the Alpine

Savannah was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. She currently goes to school in La Junta at Otero Junior College where she is a student athlete on the golf team. She will be receiving an associates of science in the spring of 2016. When not in school or playing golf, she works at the SpringSide Cheese Shop as a sales associate, which is located in Pueblo. In her spare time Savannah enjoys camping, fishing, drawing, hiking, and swimming. 
Back in the lab, Savannah analyzes the field data on mosses, lichens, forbs, and grasses that her team collected from their alpine research plots.
Savannah compares the effects of nitrogen on lichen and grasses using statistical analysis.

Intern Tips

  • Identify your final project objectives and timeline for completion with your mentor.
  • Create and use a system to keep on top of final project deadlines
  • Reach out for support, if needed, we're here to help you!

Intern Deadlines

  • July 14: Results & Discussion draft emailed to Bec for feedback
  • July 17: Results & Discussion emailed to mentor for feedback

Communication Update

In this week's scientific communication workshop, we talked a lot about graphics. We talked about types of graphs and when to use them, how to use tables, show sites with maps and use simple diagrams. We talked about captions and how to reference figures in the text. We discussed data fabrication and falsification, and the importance of being ethical with data.  Finally, we talked about how to write the results and discussion sections. This week's assignment is a draft/outline of the results and discussion section, which comes with the understanding that there may still be plots missing and analysis that hasn't come yet!

Mentor Tips

  • This is the time when the interns are starting to feel a bit worried about finishing their research. It's a great time to take stock of how far you've come, and reassess where you're aiming if the original goal seems out of reach.
  • Check in with your intern regarding their concerns, and consider sharing your approaches to dealing with deadlines and stress.
  • And of course, let us know if we can help!
CZO Program
CZO Program
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RECCS is funded by National Science Foundation Grant Award Number 1461281

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