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June 26, 2015 Week 4 Newsletter

RECCS is a summer research internship in critical zone science for Colorado community college students funded by the National Science Foundation and coordinated by CIRES Education Outreach.
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RECCS Intern Spotlight!

This week our featured RECCS intern is Moana Sato. Moana is teamed up with mentors Greg Tucker and Charlie Shobe of CIRES/CU Boulder. Above photo: Moana analyzing topography and hillslope data.
Moana Sato

Watch Moana's "elevator speech" describing her research
Influence of Hillslope Steepness on Sediment Size Distribution Along Rivers Draining the Colorado Front Range

Moana grew up in Hawaii where she swam around and danced hula until she finished her Early Childhood Education degree at Kauai Community College. After a brief break, Moana moved to Denver and began her studies at the Community College of Denver.

After taking a few classes in biology and calculus for pre-nursing, Moana was eager to learn more in the STEM field. Throughout her education, every step of the way has been mind-blowing and she is excited for the new knowledge to be gained from the RECCS internship. 
Moana in the field measuring the length of boulders greater than 0.5 m in a quadrant along Boulder Creek.
Moana uses Hillmap and Google Earth geospatial software applications assist her in analyzing the field data she collected.

Intern Tips

  • Be safe! Ensure that you are not conducting field work alone. Arrange a phone check-in with your mentor(s) at the end of the day if you are doing solo field work.
  • Connect with other interns for field work support and to broaden your internship experience
  • When in the field, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, wear a sun hat & sunscreen to protect yourself from the Sun!

Intern Deadlines

  • July 7: Methods section draft emailed to Bec for feedback
  • July 10: Methods section emailed to mentor

Communication Update

In this week's communication workshop, we talked about methods sections and making good posters and presentations. We shared tips on public speaking and creating interesting talks, as well as discussing the logistics of making large posters. In addition we reviewed our introductions and talked about note taking, ethical record keeping and working in a research group. Everyone seems to be making great progress with their research and it fun to see their written work starting to take shape.  Our next assignment is the methods section, to be submitted to Bec on July 7th and mentors on July 10. There is no workshop next week - have a happy 4th!

Mentor Tips

  • Many of your interns are collecting their data right now. Encourage them to think about supporting information they may need to record, talk about ways to manage their data sets and remind them of field safety practices
  • As they start to write up their research, it may also be helpful to discuss strategies for presenting their findings. Can you summarize the methods in a diagram? Are there figures that are more or less appropriate for this data? How do you decide which figures to include? What methods or assumptions need to be written about? Your insight is valuable and thinking out loud is a great way for your interns to learn!
CZO Program
CZO Program
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RECCS is funded by National Science Foundation Grant Award Number 1461281

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