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September 2016

International Artist's Collaboration Challenge Video # 05 for September

The fifth challenge our artist's have agreed on is to "Paint a Still Life" given to us by Clive Powell from Wales, UK.
Clive didn't share any photos but gave us some minimal instruction to "paint a still life having at least 2 elements,  one metal object, one glass or ceramic object and one living object such as fruit or other food stuff." So I was off on another research project to find suitable material to use for this painting. I priced some "objects" at a local antique shop and looked in some local craft stores for other suitable objects but decided I was going to spend a bunch of money to buy some of these things.
So I decided to do another "Frankenstein Painting" where I take objects from two or more photos and combine them into a new composition using some object from each photo. So I found some photos of still life paintings I have been collecting for several years from an artist named Qiang Huang (pronounced Chong Wong). He does some very impressionistic still life paintings in oils. Using three of his paintings as a guide I composed a new still life for me to create in watercolor. Here is the photo of my finished painting and the link to the video for you to watch me paint it, if you like.

This video will go live to the public on September 30, 2016, so you have a chance to see it before everyone else has a chance, because you subscribe to my Newsletter. I hope you like the painting and the video.


LIVE Streaming Web Classes

Here is the list of the remaining LIVE classes scheduled for 2016
All classes start at 1:00PM Eastern Time.
Class 10 - Watercolor September 28, 2016
Class 11 - Oils October 19, 2016
Class 12 - Oils November 16, 2016
Class 13 - Oils December 21, 2016
Class 14 - Watercolor December 28, 2016
No Registration required. Just go to my painting channel at 1:00PM Eastern Time on each day and you can watch the class and interact with others watching via the chat message system.
Email me if you have comments or questions.






Winter Landscape - Oil -  11" x 14"


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This Newsletter will be published a few times each year or when I have something important to say about my You Tube Channel or my artwork or my classes. I may also provide some painting tips and techniques in this Newsletter as well.

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Here is a photo of another waterfall called "Calypso Falls" from a July, 2014 vacation to Estes, CO. We found this scene on one of the many hiking trails in the Rocky Mountains National Park.

Here's the link to the video if you would like to watch it.


"Paint interesting shapes.
Interesting shapes have 3 attributes:
2 different dimensions,
oblique [angles], and
incidents at the edges (something happening there)."

Tony Couch

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