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May 2016

International Artists Collaboration Formed

I have been asked by a couple of artists in the UK to join their collaboration on You Tube. So I have joined them and one other American artist to take on a monthly challenge to all paint the same scene in our preferred style. They asked me to join because they wanted someone to paint the scenes in watercolor (or watercolour as they say in the UK).

Our first collaboration video will be made public on May 23, 2016 and each artist will have links on their video to the other artists painting channels so viewers can watch the same painting being created by four different artists in their own respective mediums. Clive Powell (UK) will be doing acrylics, and Jason Bowen (UK) will be doing oils, Brandon Scheaffer (U.S.) will be doing oil or acrylic. I will be doing watercolors. 

Here is the link for my first rendering of the collaboration photos of a bridge in Wales called "The Dipping Bridge, Ogmore by the Sea." This is a bridge over a tidal river Ogmore that flows into the ocean. The name comes from a time when sheep farmers used to push their sheep through holes in the parapets of the side of the bridge into the river to clean them, a practice from the 1600s.
Here is the link if you would like to watch me paint it.


LIVE Streaming Web Classes

Here is the list of the remaining LIVE classes scheduled for 2016
All classes start at 1:00PM Eastern Time.
Class 9 - Oils September 21, 2016
Class 10 - Watercolor September 28, 2016
Class 11 - Oils October 19, 2016
Class 12 - Oils November 16, 2016
Class 13 - Oils December 21, 2016
Class 14 - Watercolor December 28, 2016
No Registration required. Just go to my painting channel at 1:00PM Eastern Time on each day and you can watch the class and interact with others watching via the chat message system.
Email me if you have questions.

Revised Website

My new website is working well but has a small number of viewers but these things take time to evolve. People can go there and see all my upcoming activities and links to all my videos on You Tube.

The name is Click this link, check it out and let me know what you think.






Winter Landscape - Oil -  11" x 14"


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Purpose of this Newsletter

This Newsletter will be published a few times each year or when I have something important to say about my You Tube Channel or my artwork or my classes. I may also provide some painting tips and techniques in this Newsletter as well.

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If you haven't had a chance to view either of my last two LIVE painting Class videos, here are the links for April 20, 2016  "On the Road to Kintla Lake" and  from May 18, 2016 "Mexican Street in Xochimilco, Mexico."

"On the Road to Kintla Lake" Oil 11" X 14"


"Mexican Street in Xochimilco, Mexico" Oil 11" X 14"



"Plan like a turtle, paint like a rabbit"
Edgar A. Whitney

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