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Get your ghoulish gear ready for another Electronic Halloween. We may be socially distanced but that won’t stop us from doing the Monster Mask all October! Be sure to follow along this month on the Adafruit blog as we share tricks and treats with a Halloween theme.

Use the Learning System to get inspirattion for your creepy costumes, deathly decorations and preternatural props. We also have an assortment of Halloween products in the shop ready for your hacking hijinx!

Don’t forget to sign up for Adabox 016 shipping this month…it’ll be a horror filled treat!


The Icarus is a cost-effective cellular IoT board built around Nordic Semi's nRF9160 modem and combines LTE-M, NB-IoT, GPS, accelerometer, USB, LiPo charger, as well as an eSIM with free data out of the box and a nano SIM connector. Control, monitor, and keep track of any asset, fleet or cargo, quickly and easily with this pre-certified device!

You might be looking at this dev board and thinking "Hey wow you know it kinda looks like a Feather!" Well, you've won a fabulous prize because it is in fact Feather compatible! Yes, the brilliant engineers at Actinius checked out our Feather spec, and made something that is pin compatible so you can use our FeatherWings to add more capabilities.

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Winter time can be rough in the city. The sky is gray. The weather is unpredictable. So slough off those seasonal blues with some Times Square razzle dazzle from this sweet, ultra-high-density 64x64 RGB LED Matrix. These panels are typically used to make video walls. Here in New York we see them on the sides of buses and on top of taxi cabs displaying animations or video advertisements. We thought they looked really cool, so we picked up a few boxes of them from a factory. They have 4,096 bright RGB LEDs arranged in a 64x64 grid at a 3mm pitch. 

WARNING! These 64-pixel tall matrices use a non-standard 5-address multiplexing system!

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The 11 NEW this week:
New Products 9/30/2020 featuring Icarus IoT Board - nRF9160!
EYE on NPISensirion SGP40 Air Quality Sensor

This week’s EYE on NPI (video) is a breath of fresh air! How do we know it’s fresh? Because we have a brand new Sensirion SGP40 air quality sensor hooked up and ready to be our digital nose. We loooove Sensirion sensors, and we stock a whole bunch in the Adafruit shop
Scientist, Maker, Engineer of the week - Monika Schleier-Smith
Physicist Monika Schleier-Smith is making strides in quantum physics. Watch her talk Building Toy Models of Quantum Gravity with Cold Atoms to learn about her perspective on this emerging field.

Subscriptions for AdaBox016 are now open. AdaBox016 will begin shipping shortly!

In need of Halloween inspo? Take a scroll through all things Halloween in the Adafruit Learning System!

We celebrated Manufacturing Day 2020 last week, check it out here!
QT Py Tester Time! Each board gets fully tested and programmed after manufacture at Adafruit - here' the new QT Py tester! It uses a Teensy 3.6 and runs DAP code to program the QT Py's SAMD21 with a test program that checks all pin connections, then reprogams it with a shipping bootloader + firmware that swirls the onboard NeoPixel. We can fully test and program a QT in 2.6 seconds, nice and fast -
28 days until the election!
Go to for voting by mail and voting in person resources. We also have some NY resources for our NY based teams. If there are additional resources to add, please let us know. And be sure to vote!
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