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Microsoft Machine Learning Kit with Adafruit and Lobe!

Adafruit is launching a machine learning kit with Lobe!

Machine learning is a transformative tool that’s redefining how we build software—but up until now, it was only accessible to a small group of experts. At Adafruit, we think machine learning should be accessible to everyone, that’s why today we are partnering with Lobe to bring you an easy to use machine learning kit, so you can bring your machine learning ideas to life.

The kit is here, and we have three guides to help you get started:

  1. Machine Learning 101 with Lobe and BrainCraft
  2. Build an ML Rock Paper Scissors Game with Lobe
  3. Build an ML Package Detector with Lobe
Learn more!
Microsoft Machine Learning Kit for Lobe with Raspberry Pi 4 4GB

To create the machine learning models, we’ll use Lobe, an easy to use app that helps you train machine learning models for free. To use it, we’ll just need to show Lobe some examples of what we want it to learn, and Lobe will train us a custom machine learning model for us. After that, we’ll be able to use our model directly in the Raspberry Pi, or inside of Lobe itself.
No soldering is required to use this kit. Plug the parts together and you can begin your machine learning journey within the hour!
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Trinket M0 Powered NeoPixel Goggle Kit Pack

One of the most popular Trinket projects now has its own kit pack!  Make your very own programmable NeoPixel goggles with 2 x 16 LED rings and an Adafruit Trinket. It even comes with a rechargeable LiPoly battery and charger. It's a great easy build and when you're done you'll have the coolest accessory.

As of March 26, 2021 – We’ve upgraded this kit from a Trinket to Trinket M0 – which means you can now program your goggles in Circuit Python as well as Arduino!
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More NEW this week:
New Products 3/31/2021 feat. NeoKey​, FeatherWing​ - Two Mechanical Key Switches with NeoPixels​!
EYE on NPI Wiha Electric Screwdriver

This week’s EYE ON NPI is Electric (video)! This week we’re featuring the new Wiha speedE II electric screwdriver. (Wiha speedE II electric screwdriver). Wiha is a famed maker (DigiKey Link) of excellent quality tools, we still use our Wiha screwdriver set purchased over 20 years ago (Details) and used daily to assemble, disassemble all of our projects. They make really excellent quality tools, so when we saw this electric screwdriver, we picked it up to try out!
Scientist, Maker, Engineer of the week - Joanna Russ: Joanna Russ is a prominent New Wave science fiction author, critic, and feminist. She is the author of a number of works of science fiction, fantasy and feminist literary criticism such as How to Suppress Women’s Writing. She is truly one of the great science fiction writers of the 20th century. She was also a powerful voice for feminism in a genre that did not always reward powerful voices from women. Learn more in this fantastic article on Russ from The New Yorker
Here at Adafruit, we believe that documentation is crucial to the learning process. From videos, to guides, to live shows, to books, there are so many different ways to access and share information. And despite the endless (and awesome!) advances in learning technology, I'd argue that a good book is still one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to gain an understanding of a subject. That's why a book is such a memorable gift. We've put together a guide of some of our favorite books in the Adafruit shop - check out our gift guide! 
Its #NationalRoboticsWeek and we’ll be sharing fun projects and stories all week on the Adafruit blog.
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