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The Time is Now!

As you’re likely already aware, 36 Sports Strong (36 SS) met this last Tuesday with Stanford University leadership and a subset of the board of trustees responsible for athletics; however, you may not know that there was a follow-up meeting on Friday to discuss the finances around what potential reinstatement might look like. For all intensive purposes, the university leadership is deliberating this decision as you read this. It is more important now than ever before that they’re aware that people are eagerly awaiting a reinstatement announcement.
That being said, please visit and press “Send Email” on the right-hand side of the page. This will auto-populate an updated email template to the Stanford University leadership. Please complete this task even if you have sent emails to this group previously, as their stance has softened as of late. If you haven’t already, please also sign the 36 SS petition here. While the entire process should take less than five minutes, it will be extremely helpful to the reinstatement effort. As always... thank you for your support!

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How You Can Help

This is our opportunity to preserve the legacy of Stanford Wrestling for future generations. With that in mind, please take as many of the following actions as you are able:
  1. Email (big, red button) the Stanford Board of Trustees from the updated
  2. Visit 36 Sports Strong for other ways to effectively voice your displeasure.
  3. Engage Stanford faculty on the decision to cut athletic programs. We've prepared a template you can use here.
  4. Follow/Endorse/Share KSW on the communication platforms you use--FacebookTwitterInstagram & our websiteThe preferred hashtag is #KeepStanfordWrestling. Tag @Stanford and @GoStanford.
  5. PLEDGE financial support. Ask someone to pledge.
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