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A Parent’s Perspective

My name is Dave Rowan, and I am the proud parent of freshman wrestler Kyle Rowan. Wrestling is my passion, and my son Kyle followed in my footsteps to compete at the NCAA level. I am very grateful for all the sport has taught me and hope those same lessons will be realized by my son Kyle.

No doubt the past year has been extremely stressful for all of us. COVID and the accompanying quarantine affected us all at some level; some more tragically than others. While it pales in comparison to others' losses, learning that Kyle was accepted into Stanford and then that the program was being cut created even more stress for our family. While I anticipated academic and social challenges for my son in his first year, I never thought we would spend this year fighting to keep the sport of wrestling at Stanford.

However, I remain hopeful, and I believe you should, too. I see how our sons persevered in their training, even when it wasn’t permitted indoors. I see their academic growth, even when classes weren’t permitted in-person. I see the kindness and generosity of people I hardly know, who opened their homes, even when student-athletes weren’t yet allowed on campus. Finally, I witnessed Shane Griffith earn Stanford Wrestling’s second national title, even when the Stanford athletic administration threw every imaginable roadblock in the way to prevent it.

This hope is the reason the parents of athletes from the eleven cut sports have banned together to keep their programs at Stanford. This group—11 United—wants our kids to have the opportunities they have earned and were promised by Stanford.

To that end, 11 United hired Jeffrey Kessler to file on our behalf. Mr. Kessler is one of the leading antitrust and sports law practitioners in the world. My son, Kyle Rowan, is the plaintiff listed on the suit as the representative for Stanford wrestling; that is how passionately we feel about this fight.

Battling Stanford's decision, of course, comes at a cost. I ask that if you feel as strongly as we do, as the entire 11 United does, please consider donating toward our legal fund. Time is short, and the stakes are high for all our sons and daughters at Stanford. If you are able and interested in helping, please send an email to Sarah Traxler (, and she can provide you with the necessary details.

Our passion, hope, financial commitment, and patience are all things the Stanford athletic administration is counting against. Please consider donating, please remain patient as the process unfolds, and please remain passionate about these student-athletes. Above all else, please KEEP STANFORD WRESTLING!

In Wrestling,
Dave Rowan
Perry High School Wrestling, Head Coach
Edinboro All-American 1987
Edinboro Class of ‘89

UWW Jr Nationals

Congratulations to Peter Ming who earned All-American honors with a 7th place finish at the UWW Junior Freestyle Nationals on May 1-2 in Coralville, Iowa. Peter competed at 97 kg after wrestling heavyweight during the 2020-21 NCAA wrestling season.

How You Can Help

This is our opportunity to preserve the legacy of Stanford Wrestling for future generations. With that in mind, please take as many of the following actions as you are able:
  1. Email (big, red button) the Stanford Board of Trustees from the updated
  2. Visit 36 Sports Strong for other ways to effectively voice your displeasure.
  3. Engage Stanford faculty on the decision to cut athletic programs. We've prepared a template you can use here.
  4. Follow/Endorse/Share KSW on the communication platforms you use--FacebookTwitterInstagram & our websiteThe preferred hashtag is #KeepStanfordWrestling. Tag @Stanford and @GoStanford.
  5. PLEDGE financial support. Ask someone to pledge.
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