Fabulous Stichelton, Classic Wensleydale, Potential Cheese Tariffs, and Sign up for the Alpine Club
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Stichelton — Raw Milk Stilton
The original Stilton Blue Cheese, made in the 1700s was made from unpasteurised cows milk. In the mid-1990s the legal description for Stilton's Protected Domain of Origin, had 'pasteurized cow's milk' slipped in. Stilton can now only be made with pasteurized milk.

The creation of Stichelton, an unpasteurised Stilton using an old recipe, was driven by a desire to recreate the original Blue Stilton, by two people: Joe Schneider and the founder of Neal's Yard Dairy, Randolph Hodgson.

The unpasteurised milk leads to more complex flavours. The curds are carefully ladelled by hand, which maintains the rich fat particles within their structure. The slow overall cheesemaking process keeps the interior paste soft and pliable.

This exquisite care and attention, results in a cheese with a full mouthfeel, a soft texture, a complex lingering depth of flavour. The deep meaty flavours, reminiscent of a ham and cheese grilled sandwich are balanced with a kick of blue. The batch we've just received is probably the best Stichetlon we've ever had.

Stilton turned up to 11, and 10/10 for Stichelton.
Richard III Wensleydale
Wensleydale is a traditional cheese made in Yorkshire, in the north of England. It originated from monks who settled in the area, and started to milk their flocks of sheep, so that Wensleydale was originally a blue sheep’s milk cheese. 

However, for most likely economic reasons, the cheese slowly began to change so that before World War One, Wensleydale had become a non-blue cow’s milk cheese.

Richard III Wensleydale is made of pasteurised cow’s milk in the Ure Valley, as demanded by Wensleydale's 'protected' status. The recipe was discovered in an attic in Yorkshire, and recreated by the Fortmayne Dairy.

A true, classic Wensleydale should be milky and lactic, with a pleasing, clean tanginess - and Richard III is a great example of this.

Plus of course - it's Wallace and Gromit's favourite cheese!
Trade Wars Come to Cheese
This week, the World Trade Organisation (WTO), gave the current US administration the go-ahead to levy punitive tariffs on the European Union, over a disagreement between two aeronautical companies: US Boeing and the EU-based Airbus subsidies.

Following on from the general short-sightedness, and 280-character or less, economic policy of this administration, retaliatory tariffs may be on the horizon (maybe starting as soon as the middle of October), but not just on relevant (ie aeronautical) goods. No.

Goods which may receive 100% tariffs, effectively doubling their cost, include French wines, and many European foods, including dairy, olive oil, meats and cheese.

At Boston Cheese Cellar we are keeping a very close eye on the developments of these tariffs, and if they are imposed, will do out best to lessen the burden for you, our customers. But we should not be naïve — this is a threat to the industry both small and large. Industrial damage has already occurred due to this administration's tariff spats, in the US dairy industry.

If you'd like to learn more, than do drop into the shop to chat, or go online, where there are many discussions of the topic.
Join the Alpine Club!
This year, we are again thrilled to Adopt-an-Alp from Switzerland. From the beginning of October, Alp Steiners Hohberg, near the city of Fribourg, will be exclusively sending us their Alpkäse, Raclette, and their to-die-for Vacherin Fribourgeois. More info can be found here.

Over the past few years the Swiss Alps, have started to see drastic weather swings as a result of climate change. The farmers have sent us some videos of some unusual hail they had in the mountains.

There is still time to join our Alpine Club, which will reserve your freshly-arrived Alp cheese for the months of October, November and December, and includes delivery to your doorstep!

Not only will you get this special cheese, but, you will also receive a unique T shirt to celebrate the occasion, drawn by our resident artist, and cheesemonger, Amanda Willey.

Jump online to read more, and reserve your Adopted Alp's Cheese and T shirt!

And get ready for more celebrations and Swiss fun, as we have the return of Gabriella Martina, and her yodeling and stories, on Saturday November 2nd!
Coming Events
Join us for some events this year, with more to be announced soon.

Thurs Sept 19th: Savor the Square. Boston Cheese Cellar will be at the fundraiser for Roslindale Village Main Street, serving our legendary Grilled Cheese! Ticket packages here.

October 3rd: Cheese & Cheesemaking. See a demonstration of cheesemaking, and learn about cheese, cheese making and how it is shaped by our culture. @ Jamaica Plain Branch of the Boston Public Library.

Weds Oct 16th: Cheese & Scotch Pairing. Join Adam from Boston Cheese Cellar, and Jason from The Haven, as we pair cheese and drink Scotch for the evening. Entertainment is guaranteed! @ The Haven,  Jamaica Plain Tickets available soon.

Sat Nov 2nd: Celebrate Alp Steiners Hohberg Join us at Boston Cheese Cellar as we celebrate the end of the Alpine cheesemaking season, and the arrival of new cheese from the Alp. We will have prizes and traditional Swiss stories and music from the talented Gabriela Martina.
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