Update from Representative Greg Lewis

It has truly been an inspiring week.  Monday at 8:30 am I was sworn in on the House floor.  I was joined by my wife Susan, our son Joshua, daughter Megan, son-in-law Jeff and our three grandchildren.  I was honored to have them all there to support me.  By 11:00 I was at my assigned desk, voting on bills, hearing discussion and observing what at times seemed like chaos.

I met with the senate and house budget chairmen to review the budget versions they were each working on.  I also took the opportunity and shared with them how the school “Block Grant” that had been passed created some deep financial pain for schools in my District . . . I may not be invited back.

My wife Susan is assisting me with keeping up on my communication and paper work.  I would truly be lost without her assistance.  Thursday and Friday have been Conference Committees so I have been staying here trying to get caught up on paper work and get up to speed on issues coming next week - like the budget.

Keep the faith . . . in all this chaos I have met some very solid Legislators with sound minds for leading our Great State of Kansas, if we can keep from getting out-voted.

This is what it has been like my first week in Topeka.  Please share this newsletter with your friends.  You can go to my website at www.lewisforkansas.com for more information and sign up for future e-updates.

P.S.  Please keep our Government Leaders in your prayers. . .

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