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Change is Coming!

Change is coming to the state of Kansas and it is a change that is much needed. This year's primary and general elections saw many new and different faces join the legislature. I foresee that with those new faces will come a legislature more willing to roll up their sleeves and work to fix the mess we must address.

Yesterday, these new faces and many returning legislators met in Topeka for the first time to elect leaders for both the Senate and the House. I am pleased to report that we have an almost entirely new set of leaders in the House. These leaders were elected on the promise of finding real reform to our state's troubles.

Those leaders elected are:
  • Ron Ryckman, Speaker
  • Don Hineman, Majority Leader
  • Scott Schwab, Speaker Pro Tem
  • Tom Phillips, Assistant Majority Leader
  • Kent Thompson, Majority Whip
  • Susan Concannon, Republican Caucus Chair

We have many tough decisions ahead of us. Much debate will be needed in order to find workable solutions and we may not always agree. I know that I will need your thoughts, comments and prayers as the session begins anew in January. The solutions that are put in place in the end may not be my perfect solution nor yours. However, you can rest assured that I will fight for us and our best interests here in rural Kansas.

Please keep in touch.


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