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Yesterday, our nation celebrated a very important holiday of remembrance, Veteran's Day. Like my wife and I, I hop that you, too, were able to take a moment to reflect and appreciate the sacrifices that our Veterans have made. We can often take our freedoms for granted but in a world plagued with violence and oppression, we must be thankful for their service to our Nation.
I started my Veteran's Day activities last Saturday with a Parade in Lyons honoring those who served and are serving in our armed forces.  Yesterday, Susan and I had the honor of attending the Veteran's Day Program in Pratt.  While the weather forced a relocation to Skyline Schools, it was a most enjoyable celebration with many in the community participating.  We then went out to the B29 Museum open house where we heard Emerson Shields, an attorney from St. John, give a presentation of his experiences as a bomber pilot in WW II. 

Greg with Emerson Shields of St. John

Committee AssignmentsI am pleased to announce that I have been named to several committees in Topeka.  The House Speaker has named me to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, the Local Government Committee and the Vision 2020 Committee.  I am pleased with these appointments as there are many issues important to our district that these committees oversee.


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