Emerald City Aikido January 2016 Newsletter- Is Aikido Making A Comeback?
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January 2016 Newsletter 

Welcome New Students!

Since December we are pleased to welcome 6 new students.  Joining our adult program:
  • Jeffrey Johnson
  • Taralynn Carter
  • Marsye O’ Neill
  • Luay Kawasme
  • Joining our children’s classes:
  • Julia Connor
  • Caroline Gorha-Siegler

Emerald City Aikido To Celebrate 25 Years

In October the dojo will celebrate 25 years.  It is time to start thinking about how we as a dojo would like to celebrate.  I would love it if some group of students and parents would come together to do some brain storming.  I worry that with all that I have going on time will fly and we will not have anything planned.  

Shout Outs Help Keep Emerald City Aikido Present

As you know, Emerald City Aikido is expanding our online presence. We need your help!  If you would leave a review for us on any of our online profiles below:
Google Reviews:
Thank You again for your support.  My passion is to share my love of aikido with adults and children in the Seattle area.  Thank you for making Emerald City Aikido such a positive and encouraging atmosphere!
~ Joanne

Sales Tax Update

Per WA State legislation, House Bill 1550, I am now charging all students 9.6% tax on all fees.  The martial arts community has mobilized and the Washington State Martial Arts Association was formed with the specific purpose to fight the legislation.  The association has hired lobbyists and a new bill was introduced to the on Friday the 15. The hearing went well with about 200 martial artists in attendance.  Speakers presented our case eloquently and all are hopeful that this bill will pass.

Martial Art business owners feel strongly that we are not just a form of entertainment or fitness.  We are educators and teach real life skills and values.  You can always help by writing your representative.   Or follow this link:

Parents Special Offer! 

Does your child inspire you to do Aikido?  If so check out our special offer for parents of enrolled children
Beginner Series:
  • One month $25 
  • Two months $50
Beginner classes Monday and Wednesdays 6:30 to 7:30 pm plus additional training on Saturday at noon.

Shout Out to Cindy Heiden

As many of you know our children’s program rocks with plenty of bright eyed enthusiastic students.  This time of year especially our classes are large.  Recently one of our instructor’s Cindy Heiden has jumped in to assist and learn to art of teaching kids. Not only will her assistance give kids more help and attention but it allow me to take vacations and time off  when needed.   Thanks Cindy!

From Chief Instructor - Joanne Veneziano Sensei

Is Aikido Making A Comeback?

Aikido on The Man In The High Castle (Amazon)
Is Aikido making a comeback?  In the Aikido community many have noticed in recent years that the Aikido population is aging and younger generations are not entering the art at the same rate as in past decades.  In the 1960s and 1970s as Aikido spread to other countries and protest of the Vietnam War increased, Aikido’s philosophy of peace and nonviolence appealed to many young people.  There are likely a number of reason why Aikido is not as popular today.  As with any practice it requires time and people of all ages seem to have less of that.   The fitness industry has grown and many find it easier to go to a gym or jog than attend martial art classes.  My personal theory includes the prominence that electronics have in our daily lives, making people less connected personally to one another and less likely to choose an activity where interaction with others is key.

All is not lost however as two popular TV series have included Aikido in their storylines.  Both The Man in the High Castle and The Walking Dead depict apocalyptic worlds; one dominated by the Axis powers after their WWII victory and one dominated by zombies after a virus gone bad. The heroine in the High Castle series studies Aikido in San Francisco and uses it in her fight against the fascists’ rulers.  In Walking dead, the character Morgan, crazed with grief and despair is handed The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba, then given some stick training and emerges as a jo wielding master of zombie destruction.

Eastman (John Carroll Lynch) teaches Morgan (Lennie James) the art of peace and Aikido (AMC)
While I like to fight with TV writing, I was pleased to see that the writers of both series looked to our art as a way of hope in hopeless worlds. Hard to know if this will impact the number of young adults starting Aikido.  Yet we did have one new student recently who when asked what was her inspiration to try mentioned The Man in the High Castle Series. I started Aikido because it gave me joy the first time I observed it.  I discovered that joy of movement in daily training.  As an instructor, I am guided by the joy that Aikido brings to all our members and am nurtured by the joy of community that Aikido brings.  Looking back over 2015 I feel so grateful to the local, national and international community that kept our dojo going after the flood.  It is with that spirit that I entered our New Year’s Eve Candlelight training and the spirit I want to bring to my practice on and off the mat every day.
“The purpose of Aikido is to create one human family, to work continually for the sake of others.”
“Always practice the art of peace in a vibrant and joyful manner.”
Morihei Ueshiba

Join Us For Our Adult Beginner Series!

INTRODUCTION TO AIKIDO: Adult New Beginner Series

Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30 -7:30 
First Class is Free

1 month series $45
2 month series $90

New Student Discounted Uniform $50
New Student Ongoing Rates, Following Beginner Series
$95 Monthly for the first year


Philosophy of Non Violence 
Training opens up a new way to deal with stress and conflict.

Mind Body Harmony
Aikido training restores harmony to the imbalance created by the stress and activities of daily living

Protection of Self and Others
Fostering a win – win philosophy, self defense is implied in the

A Path of Life Long Learning
Aikido is not just an exercise workout. It is a path of self exploration

Lifelong connections are made here as we witness amazing
changes in one another.


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