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Newsletter 12/12/2015

Proclaiming God's Love to Austin and Beyond

Hello Stonehill Family,

We look forward to worshiping together this Sabbath!
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Treasure Quote

   We are assured and know that [God
   being a partner in their labor] all
   things work together and are [fitting
   into a plan] for good to and for those
   who love God and are called according to [His} design and purpose. – Romans 8:28 AMP
Then Job replied to the Lord: “I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted. You asked, ‘Who is this that obscures my counsel without knowledge?’ Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know. - Job 42:1-3
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7

Church Business Meeting Sunday, December 13 at 5:30 pm. The topics to be discussed will be:

  1. Church Mission Statement
  2. Stonehill 101 Class
  3. Church Budget
  4. Nominating Committee
    1. Recommend those in leadership positions continue until the end of August
      1. If unable to serve please contact the Pastor
    2. Recommend leadership positions be for a two-year term
    3. Recommend term of office to be from September through August

State of the Church, please click here
State of the Church to see the document.
Stonehill Christian Academy Christmas Program this Sabbath, December 12 during the Worship Service.
Did you know Jesus was 33 at the close of his ministry? There just seems to be something special about 33. In fact, we just had two church members each donate $3300. So we started thinking, what if our church did a 33 challenge? During the next 33 days we encourage everyone to give a donation of 33. $.33, $33, $3300 or $33,000. Jesus ministry depends on you!
A special thank you to Josh and Feather Wright for bringing in the Texas Museum of Science and Technology Mobile Planetarium.
Main Street Bethlehem, in Burnet, December 4-6 and 11-13 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Come walk the streets of Bethlehem the night our Savior was born. Admission is free, donations are accepted.
Lessons & Carols December 19 during worship service. Join us in the Celebration of CHRISTmas. We will have scripture readings, singing and special music. We still have slots available for readers and musicians. The signup sheet is on the door of the pastor’s study. Please notice some of the reading parts are recommend for gentlemen and some for ladies. The gentlemen’s scriptures are in blue and the ladies are in pink.
Please print your name on the offering envelope.

Are you receiving the Southwestern Union “Record” and the Texas Conference “Flame” magazines? If not contact for your free subscription.
Church Christmas Decorations. A special thank you to those of you who helped to decorate the church last Sunday! It is truly beautiful! Be sure to thank Noemi & Ruben Garcia, Jane Cross, Ruth Green, Gloria Jemmott, Heidi Parrish, Josh, Jade, Mina & London Wright, Daniel & Priscilla Okrah, Eldon & Ellen Jensen, when you see them.


Worship Service
Praise in Singing: Ron & Elaine Baldwin


   Praise in Giving: World
   Budget; Adventist Community
Our offering Sabbath
   supports Adventist Community
   Services (ACS) in the North
   American Division. By supporting ACS, you can make a lasting impact in your community and beyond, whether it’s volunteering your time, donating goods, or financial contributions. Touching one heart, one family, one community, we can transform the world. Commit to make a difference today through ACS.
     Adventist Community Services provides you with opportunities to serve communities in Christ’s name. ACS volunteers provide support and assistance in disaster relief ministries, elder care, crisis care, urban ministries, tutoring, and mentoring. Your financial gifts to the Adventist Community Services offering will make it possible to continue transforming communities—one life at a time. Please continue to remember our local church budget!
The Message: Stonehill Christian Academy Christmas Program
Elder of the Day: Chris Kolliniatis  |  512.517.6035
Deacon of the Day: Chijioke Nwachukwu  |  512.293.1622


   Flowers up front: If you would like
   to donate a floral bouquet
our platform to celebrate a special
   occasion or just
 Rhona Ballarta at


This Sabbath
Stonehill Christian Academy Christmas Program during the Worship Service.
Fellowship Lunch hosted by Myrna Cogan’s Class
Pathfinders’ Meeting 2:30 pm
Adventurers’ Meeting 2:30 pm

Financial Report 

1. Local Budget covers all of our church ministries as well as
    building and mortgage.
2. Tithe comprises all funds sent to the Texas Conference for
    the administrative support of God’s missionary work.
3. Identify any other specific designations that you wish on
    your offering envelopes. All unmarked loose offering will
    go to support our Local Church Ministry budget.
    For convenient online giving,visit

Next Week
Sunday: Church Business Meeting Sunday, December 13 at 5:30 pm.
Monday: Keene Adventist Book Center (ABC) D2U (Direct 2 You). The delivery to Stonehill Church will be 11:45 am to 12:15 pm.
Tuesday: Prayer Group is a weekly gathering devoted to praying for our school, the parents, teachers, and students. It meets at the school at 8:15 am.
Friday: Pathfinders’ Exodus Bible Study 6:30-9:00 pm.

Next Sabbath
Lessons & Carols Stonehill Christmas Worship Service
Beginners & Kindergarten Presentation

Upcoming Events
Junior Class Presentation December 26

Ministry Opportunities
Children’s Ministries: Children's activity bags are available to our visitors and members during the service and can be found near the greeters table by the main entrance. Please remember to return them at the end of the service. If you are interested in helping with or leading out in this ministry, please contact Amber Lovett at

Prayer List 
Please remember these requests in your daily prayers:

Special Emphasis: Our Elders
The families of the students at Stonehill Christian Academy.
Trish Perme – health issues
Carolden Strickland – dehydration and edema in legs 
Dashiel Ballarta - military deployment  
Rhona Ballarta - in Philippines to attend to her father, Samuel Pernito 
Laurie (Hutchison’s daughter) – breast cancer 
April Phillips – health issues 
Matthew Walker – cancer is in remission 
David Stone (Sue Peugh's friend) - Leukemia 
James (Hutchison’s friend) - Lymphoma 
Roger Peugh’s mother – health is deteriorating 
Karin (Brent and Meri's friend) - breast cancer 
Grace Byrd (daughter of Amber Lovett’s friend) - Leukemia 
Lukas (Sue Peugh’s great nephew) – health issues 
Elias Taylor (Alicia’s 3-year-old son) – high blood pressure 
Jim Underwood (friend of the Julers) – brain cancer 
Kaitlyn Jankovsky (daughter of the Ballarta’s friend) - Leukemia 
Teatsy Farris – lung cancer 
Angie (Roger Peugh’s niece) – cancer 
Thomas Taylor – nursing home 

 If you have a prayer request or praise, send it to

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Android, Amazon, or Apple device. Our directory is always being updated by our Communications Team. If you want to update your directory information, or if you have any questions about the directory, you can contact our administrative assistant, Meri Holm at

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Stonehill Christian Academy

Newsletter Volume 4, December 2015 


November was filled with plans for 2 fieldtrips to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls and to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio.  Unfortunately a torrential downpour cancelled the Sweet Berry Farm visit, but the wildlife ranch visit continued.  They went on a walkabout that included a visit with the very cute baby giraffe, the hit of the day:

The fieldtrip also included a drive through the animal park and a very hungry ostrich:

A special thank you to Lorna Camacho-Olivarez for her coordination of this effort!

Upcoming Events:
December 12:  SCA Christmas Program at Stonehill SDA Church at 11:00am 
December 18: K-8 Ice Skating Adventure
December 18 –January 1: Christmas Vacation
January 4:  Classes Resume
Student Projects:
Our creative teachers have been challenging the students with projects that encourage their creativity while helping them learn valuable lessons. 

Please Consider End of Year Donations to the SCA Wish list:
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Volunteers to read with students
  • Laptops with Window 7 or higher
  • Tablets
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • Digital Cameras 
For up to date information, SCA is Online:
SCA Website:


 Have a Blessed Day!

Meri Holm
Administrative Assistant, Church Office       
(512) 537-1844

**If you want to become a member or transfer membership from another church please get in contact with Meri Holm or email

Upcoming Events
12   Stonehill Christian
       Academy Christmas
12   Pathfinders’ Meeting
12   Adventurers’ Meeting
13   Church Business Meeting
18   Pathfinders’ Exodus Bible
Lessons & Carols;
       Stonehill’s Christmas
       Worship Service 

19   Kindergarten &
       Beginners’ Presentations
26   Juniors’ Presentation

1      Pathfinders’ Exodus Bible Study

Fellowship Lunch Host
12   Myrna Cogan’s Class
19   No Fellowship Lunch

26   Ellen Jensen's Class

Fellowship Lunch
All guests, friends and members are welcome to join us after the worship service for fellowship lunch. Guests we invite you to go to the front of the line. Members when you stay, please bring an entree, salad/vegetable and bread/dessert. When there is no fellowship lunch scheduled, please use this opportunity to invite guests and families to share a meal and Sabbath with you. 

Pick up your trash
Wipe down your table
And put up your chairs
Thank you!




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