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Newsletter 10/1/2016

Developing Loving Relationships with
hrist and Our Community.

Hello Stonehill Church Family,

We look forward to worshiping with you this Sabbath!

Food for thought...

Membership Transfers
Incoming Transfer 2nd Reading
Cynthia Hoyler from Lancaster SDA, CA
Brenda Weldy from Austin Central SDA, TX
Debra Weldy from Austin Central SDA, TX
Nino Manliclic from Chrysanthemum SDA Church, San Pedro Laguna
Sherry Ann Manliclic from Chrysanthemum SDA Church, San Pedro Laguna


If you have a ministerial need to access the building, please email me at with your name and ministerial capacity and we will get the new front door code to you when the code is changed. Thank you.


Ladies, please come join Michele Kitney in hosting a baby shower brunch for Diana Taylor on Sunday, October 9, from 10:00-12:00. The Taylor's are registered at and lavender is the color of the nursery. Please bring a sweet or savory dish to share along with your gift for baby girl Taylor. Cake and beverages will be provided by Michele Kitney. The shower will take place at the Kitney's home: 3515 Roberto Clemente Lane, Round Rock, TX. Any questions please contact Michele Kitney's mobile (414)-379-8677.

Church and School Addresses. All mail will now be received at the physical address:
4301 Kelly Lane
Pflugerville, TX 78660
The post office boxes are being closed.


Fellowship Tables are needed ASAP. If you have been to one of our special programs or services you will know how important our Fellowship Tables are to our church. We have even run short on a couple of different occasions. We need to purchase tables to replace the 17 tables One Day Academy let us borrow, and took with them, when their contract expired. We would like to purchase 20 tables to replace them, but we need your help. Tables have been priced at $50 each. Please consider making a donation towards purchasing these much needed Fellowship Tables.



Stonehill Christian Academy news.

The first Home and School Association meeting of the year will be tonight, Thursday, September 29, from 7 to 8 p.m. If you would like to volunteer, please come and enjoy fellowship while hearing what the Home and School Association does as well as the volunteer opportunities available. Snacks will be served. Also, on Friday, September 30, the school will be delivering their "hero baskets" to our local heroes at the fire department, police department and medical care facilities, in appreciation of all the services this heroes provide our community.

Our first school newsletter of the year!! Thank you Amber.


 Church Inventory. Thank you to those who have provided me with the inventory list from their area. I look forward to receiving the rest of the inventory lists.


Worship Service
Praise in Giving: Texas Vision

       At a resource committee held many years ago, a cross-section of a congregation was asked to put down how much they felt each of the church members could give as a weekly pledge. A lay person hurried to the pastor, concerned with the results. One member had suggested that the minister put down $20 a week – quite a large sum for the time. The lay person considered this pledge a cruel insult since the minister had a minimal salary. To his amazement, the minister felt flattered. “Imagine someone in the congregation feeling that I can return to God in praise and thanksgiving such a large expression of gratitude for the love that God has shown me” (Ben G. Smillie, Blunt Questions in Stewardship Have Theological Answers, 64).
       He who loves little gives little. But he who loves much gives much. Jesus saw the widow’s sacrifice as she gave all she had. Jesus praised her action because it came from her heart. Ellen White commented, “Tears of joy filled [the widow’s] eyes as she felt that her act was understood and appreciated. Her heart went with her gift…its value was estimated, not by the worth of the coin, but by the love to God and the interest in His work that had prompted the deed” (Ellen G. White Desire of Ages, 615).
       God reminded Samuel, “For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” (1 Sam. 16:7). We must give today as if Jesus Himself were accepting our offerings. No human should interfere in this act of worship. As you give, pray that your offering is acceptable and blessed by the One who gave it all first. May your unselfish giving be a blessing to your local conference as funds are used to advance God’s kingdom.

Praise in Music:

The Message: The Good Shepherd and The Door - John 10:14-18 - Pastor Eugene Kitney

Elder in charge: David Onsongo  |  512.970.2862
Deacon in charge: Carlton Hackett  |  512.484.7558

Did you know?………
it takes $25 per attending person each week to meet the Stonehill Church budget.

Many of us devote our time, talent and contributions to our church because it's the right thing to do. We also gain a sense of satisfaction by sharing our generosity.
Giving to our church feels good when it. . . .
1. Makes a real difference.  Supporting an important cause that matters most in your life enables you to make a powerful impact on the lives of others.
2. Reflects our values. Showing support by volunteering and donating gifts can extend your personal connection and give you a sense of belonging to a community that shares your values and belief system.
3. Is an inspiration.  Giving generously may inspire others to follow your lead.  We are often inspired to give back by a person who has touched our lives.
4. Creates an everlasting impact.  Planning a gift can help ensure that the generation that follows will benefit from your contribution and that the programs you love continue beyond your lifetime.
5. Helps others.  Volunteering your time and money at church provides assistance to your community.  Giving to your church can help fulfill your desire to serve those in need.

Finance Chart

1.  Local Budget - provides for our church ministries,
     building, and mortgage.
2.  Tithe - sent to Texas Conference for administrative
     support in Texas and worldwide church.
3.  Mark specific donations on your offering envelope.  All
     unmarked and loose offering is used to support our Local Budget.
4.  Save labels (Morning Star, Loma Linda, Worthington). 
     Kellogg Corporation supports NAD mission projects for collected labels.

“In order to credit the correct account with your donation, please print first and last names clearly when filling out the envelope stub as there may be others with the same last name.”

Online giving. For those who would like to give online, from our website, click on online giving (first time users will need to register by clicking on the registration link) and login to complete transaction.

    Flowers up front: If you
    would  like to donate a floral
    bouquet for our platform to
    celebrate a special occasion or just
    because, contact Rhona Ballarta,

Fellowship Lunch Host
October 1             Deacons, Deaconesses & Spanish Class
October 8             All Church
October 15           Peter Walker’s Class
October 22           Invite a Guest Home for Lunch
Sabbath, October 1
Stonehill 01, Pastor’s Study
Fellowship Lunch – Deacons, Deaconesses & Spanish Class
Week of October 2-7
Sunday, Adventurer Central TX Area Fun Day, City Park
Sunday, Guys’ Table Tennis
Monday, Karate with Pastor Kitney
Wednesday, Karate with Pastor Kitney
Friday, Pathfinder Backpacking, Lake Georgetown
Friday, Sunset 2 Sunset
Sabbath, October 8
Fellowship Lunch – All Church
Adventurers, regular meeting
Dates to Remember
Ladies, please come join Michele Kitney in hosting a baby shower brunch for Diana Taylor on Sunday, October 9, from 10:00-12:00. The Taylor's are registered at and lavender is the color of the nursery. Please bring a sweet or savory dish to share along with your gift for baby girl Taylor. Cake and beverages will be provided by Michele Kitney. The shower will take place at the Kitney's home: 3515 Roberto Clemente Lane, Round Rock, TX. Any questions please contact Michele Kitney's mobile (414)-379-8677.
Ministry Opportunities
Pianists or other musicians are needed for our Sabbath School classes. If you are interested in volunteering, please let Teresa know.
Psalm 91 Ministry. This ministry reads Psalm 91 and prays for Stonehill Christian Academy campus and staff each week.
Power Hour of Prayer, each Sunday evening @ 7pm (CST). Dial in number
(712)770-4005, Access code: 753473#. Email prayer request to - or text (903)316-0974. Please keep this ministry in prayer. Thank you very much!
TEA Ministries could use some volunteers to help with the Sabbath breakfast schedule. Interested people should contact Amy Wan at 512.351.2464 or




In Austin Thusday, October 13. Riverbend Church. Tickets available at:



Things you need to know…
“In order to credit the correct account with your donation, please print first and last names clearly when filling out the envelope stub as there may be others with the same last name.”

Children’s Ministries: Children's activity bags are available to our visitors and members during the service and can be found near the greeters table by the main entrance. Please remember to return them at the end of the service.  
Housekeeping items:

1) Please dispose of baby wipes and feminine products in the trash can and not the toilet. It wreaks havoc with our pump station. FLUSHABLE WIPES ARE NOT FLUSHABLE, EVER!
2) The appliances in the kitchen are NOT cleaned by our custodians; it is our responsibility to keep them clean.
3) Please pick up after yourself and your family. This is God’s House.
4) If you have items you would like to donate to the church, please contact the pastor first. We are not Goodwill.
Thank you for your attention to these matters.


Prayer List 
Prayer Warriors, please remember these requests in your daily prayers:

Special Emphasis: There are some families in our church that are struggling with various issues. Please remember them in your prayers.
Samuel Vohwinkel (friend of Jensens) - Leukemia
Henry (Teresa’s 3-yr old nephew) – health issues
Jerry Ferguson – recovering from kidney surgery
Ann Marie Dyer’s family
Dick Rakowski (Rachel Juler’s father) – stage 4 cancer
Thomas Taylor – on hospice
Julieth Dick – health issues
Steve Budd (Silvia Covarrubias’ brother-in-law) – bone tumor
Wray Serl (Teresa’s father) – health issues
Andre Posadas (Lindy and Rex’s son) – health issues
Helen Ing (Eileen deJong’s mother) – health issues
Bill Price (Corky’s husband) – slow recovery from an accident
David Stone (Sue Peugh's friend) - Leukemia
Demi Garduque (Chinyere Ukegbu’s friend) - end stage renal disease
Diane Yates (Sarah Wolverton’s friend) – breast cancer
Grace Byrd (daughter of Amber Lovett’s friend) - Leukemia
Isolde Whichelow (Eric’s mother) – health issues
James (Hutchison’s friend) - Lymphoma
Jim Underwood (friend of the Julers) – brain cancer
Kaitlyn Jankovsky (daughter of the Ballarta’s friend) - Leukemia
Karin (Brent and Meri's friend) - Breast cancer
Laurie (Hutchison’s daughter) – breast cancer
Matthew Walker – cancer is in remission
Pastor Kitney’s brother – health issues
Teatsy Farris – lung cancer
Tina Okrah – facial palsy
Yolanda Jacoby (Roberto’s sister’s mother-in-law) – stage 4 cancer

If you have a prayer request or praise, send it to 

Church directory: You can access our church directory through the Instant Church Directory app, available for your Android, Amazon, or Apple device. Our directory is always being updated by our Communications Team. If you want to update your directory information, or if you have any questions about the directory, you can contact our administrative assistant, Teresa Serl at


Keep up with the lastest news!
Find us on Twitter! If you're on Twitter at want to see the latest going on at Stonehill, follow us at our Twitter account: @Stonehillsda. 


Our Facebook web address!

or our webpage

If you would like to have announcements listed in the bulletin or here in our weekly newsletter please email me at All requests have to be to me by Wednesday evening before Sabbath.

Have a Blessed Day!

Teresa Serl
Administrative Assistant, Church Office       
(512) 537-1844

**If you want to become a member or transfer membership from another church please get in contact with Meri Holm or email

Calendar of Events
29-Oct 2 Master Guide Camporee
29   Home and School meeting
30-Oct 2 Texas Conference Men’s Summit
30   Sunset 2 Sunset, 7pm
1      Stonehill 101 Class
1      Fellowship Lunch – Deacons, Deaconesses and Spanish Class
2      Adventurer Central TX Area Fun Day
2      Guys’ Table Tennis
3      Karate with Pastor Kitney
5      Karate with Pastor Kitney
7      Sunset 2 Sunset, 7pm
7-9  Pathfinder backpacking, Lake Georgetown
8      Fellowship Lunch – All Church
8      Adventurer regular meeting
9      Pathfinder regular meeting, 2-4:30pm
10-14     SCA Red Ribbon Week
10   Karate with Pastor Kitney
12   Karate with Pastor Kitney
13-16     Pathfinder Southwestern Union Camporee, Lake Whitney Ranch
14   Sunset 2 Sunset, 7pm
15   Fellowship Lunch – Peter Walker’s Class
16   Finance Committee
17   Karate with Pastor Kitney
18   Church Board Meeting
19   Karate with Pastor Kitney
21   Sunset 2 Sunset, 7pm
22   Fellowship Dinner – Invite a Guest Home for Lunch
22   Pathfinder and Adventurer regular meeting
28   Sunset 2 Sunset, 7pm
29   International Night, SCA fundraiser


*The lunch host is responsible for coordinating the receiving/placement of dishes and cleanup. 

Members we encourage you, to invite guests to join you in line. If you stay for lunch please help us with the cleanup afterwards.

Our mailing address is:
Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church

4301 Kelly Lane
Pflugerville, TX 78660

Church Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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