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Newsletter 8/6/2016

Developing Loving Relationships with
hrist and Our Community.

Hello Stonehill Church Family,

We look forward to worshiping with you this Sabbath!

Food for thought...
"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal." - 1 Corinthians 13:1 
Regardless of how sacred may be the nature of a ministry, it may be marred by a heart that is selfish or impure. Whatever does not spring out of pure love for God and love for your fellowman becomes only a hollow noise.
The work of the Kingdom suffers delay for lack of laborers; but let those who desire to serve, continually offer up a yielded vessel that Christ may cleanse it from sin, and perfect it in righteousness, and fill it with love. Only thus is it possible for any man to enter into the activity of the Spirit of God in a way that furthers the divine purpose." 
- From "Come Away My Beloved - Daily Devotional" by Frances J. Roberts

A big thank you to all those who took the time to come out and help with the church work bee last Sunday. There was a lot accomplished such as cleaning the ovens and refrigerators, cleaning restrooms, washing windows, organizing storage closets, moving furniture and hauling unneeded items to Goodwill. Many hands make light work and each of you so generously contributed.

"Interested in being a part of the Stonehill “Glad Reaper” public evangelism team? TX Conference will be doing training, Aug 19,20 at Austin Spanish First. We need at least a team of 4, ages 13-35. Contact Pr. Eugene urgently to join."


    The Steam Team cleaned our carpets this week. We will return all moved furniture to the rooms, and try to have it set back up in the same way but if something is set up a little different, this is the reason. Thank you for your understanding


    Free Samples! "Foods That Heal" Seminar with Chef Melody Prettyman, 3ABN Guest Speaker and Chef. Come enjoy and learn at this free event here at the church. Invite your friends and neighbors - family too! - to come learn the secrets of feeling great, preventing illness, increased energy and delay aging. Sunday, August 7, at 4:00 pm. In order to know how much food to prepare for the free samples, please register by calling 512.351.2464 or emailing

    A written list with photographic inventory of church contents and valuables is to be maintained for items in the church building. Please remember, whomever will be the contact person for each department, please contact Teresa by August 12 via email, phone or in person, to go over what is needed for the inventory lists.

If you are going to the Women’s Ministry Retreat in September and have room for another roommate, please contact Cheryl Allgood.

Good news. The early bird registration date has been extended to August 11, 2016, for the Women's Ministry Retreat. You may register online at or by calling 817.790.2255 x2210 or mailing a check made out to Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  Please note on the envelope Attn: Women’s Ministries.

Worship Service
Praise in Giving: Texas Vision

       A woman once told her husband, “I need a little money”, to which her husband replied, “How little do you want?” This reflects some believers’ attitude toward giving. Some Christians argue that tithing is a legalistic practice from the Old Testament. They seem to ignore the many allusions to tithing in the New Testament. Jesus affirmed tithing (Matt.23:23), and Paul alluded to it (1 Cor. 9:12-14; 16:2). Regardless, this negative attitude toward tithing appears to be an issue of covetousness rather than legalism. How little will God accept?
       Perhaps giving is better described as God’s tithe and the believers’ offerings. Paul says that everyone should give in accordance with one’s prosperity (1 Cor. 16:2). Tithes should be the Christian baseline of giving. Tithe acknowledges God’s ownership of everything. Offerings should acknowledge God’s blessings to you. Today’s offering will be used for upkeep on our church and for reaching our community for Christ.

Praise in Music: Karen Covarrubias

The Message: The Club - Luke15:-7 - Pastor Eugene Kitney

Elder in charge: Chris Walton | 423.552.5772
Deacon in charge: Carlton Hackett  |  512.484.7558

Did you know?………
it takes $25 per attending person each week to meet the Stonehill Church budget.

Stewardship Principals
1.  ACCEPT CHRIST AS SAVIOR - That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  Romans 10:9 NIV
2.  WORSHIP THE CREATOR - Fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come.  Worship Him who made the heven, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.  Revelation 14:6 NIV
3.  RETURN AN HONEST TITHE - Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse.  Malachi 3:8-11 NIV
4.  GIVE GENEROUSLY - You shall generously give to Him, and your heart shall not be grieved when you give to Him….Deuteronomy 15:10 NSAB

Finance Chart

1.  Local Budget - provides for our church ministries,
     building, and mortgage.
2.  Tithe - sent to Texas Conference for administrative
     support in Texas and worldwide church.
3.  Mark specific donations on your offering envelop.  All
     unmarked and loose offering is used to support our Local Budget.
4.  Save labels (Morning Star, Loma Linda, Worthington). 
     Kellogg Corporation supports NAD mission projects for collected labels.

“In order to credit the correct account with your donation, please print first and last names clearly when filling out the envelope stub as there may be others with the same last name.”

    Flowers up front: If you
    would  like to donate a floral
    bouquet for our platform to
    celebrate a special occasion or just
    because, contact Rhona Ballarta,


Fellowship Lunch Host
August 6    Young Adult & Young Professionals Classes
August 13 All Church
August 20 Myrna Cogan’s class
August 27 Invite a Guest Home for Lunch
Sabbath, August 6
Stonehill 101 Class, Pastor’s Office
Fellowship Lunch – Young Adult & Young Professionals’ Classes
Funding the Mission workshop for Lightbearers International Church, 3-7 pm.
Week of August 7-12
Sunday, Guys Table Tennis
Sunday, Chef Melody Prettyman healthy living seminar, 4-7 pm
Thursday, SCA Open House and Registration, 6-8pm at Stonehill Christian Academy
Sabbath, August 13
Fellowship Lunch – All Church
Elders Meeting, 1-3:30 pm
Youth Night at Stonehill, 7:30-11 pm
Dates to Remember
Chef Melody Prettyman, 3ABN Guest Speaker and Chef, will be at Stonehill SDA tomorrow, August 7, at 4pm. She will present her plant based diet health program with recipes and samples. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to join you at the meeting. Melody shares the solutions that transformed her life from chronic illness to vibrant health. In order to know how much food to prepare for the free samples, please let Amy know if you will be there or register by calling 512.351.2464 or emailing

Prophecies of Hope with Lynnwood Spangler. The Elgin SDA church will be hosting Prophecies of Hope presented by Lynnwood Spangler. Opening night is Friday, August 19, 7 pm. All are welcome to attend. Please invite your family, friends and neighbors. If anyone is interested in helping with behind the scenes work for this seminar, please let Teresa know.

Ministry Opportunities
Pianists or other musicians are needed for our Sabbath School classes.

Earliteens: need another teacher to help in the classroom. Please contact Beth Sinha at if you are able to help.

Peru Mission Trip, July28 – August 8. Please keep them in your prayers.

Power Hour of Prayer, each Sunday evening @ 7pm (CST). Dial in number
(712)770-4005, Access code: 753473#. Email prayer request to - or text (903)316-0974. Please keep this ministry in prayer. Thank you very much!

Psalm 91 Ministry. This ministry reads Psalm 91 and prays for One Day Academy campuses and staff each week. If you would like to be part of this ministry, contact David Swarbrick at or



 Job Opportunities
Stonehill Christian Academy is now accepting applications for the following position:
* After School Care Aide - Now accepting applications. Please see the school website or contact Chinyere Ukegbu at 512.763.2776 for more details.

Things you need to know…
“In order to credit the correct account with your donation, please print first and last names clearly when filling out the envelope stub as there may be others with the same last name.”

Forks Over Knives online cooking school. This 3-month course begins September 6, 2016. Early bird course tuition $299, Early Bird Special ends July 31st. Regular price is $399. Space is limited. Register at

We’re excited to announce that our brand new book Forks Over Knives Family is not available for pre-order! From New York Times bestselling authors Dr. Alona Pulde and Dr. Matthew Lederman comes a complete guide to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle for your entire family. It includes more than 125 delicious kid-friendly recipes and tips for raising a whole-foods-loving child in a junk-food-laden world. Order your copy before the September 6th, 2016 release date! Books can be purchased from amazon, BAM! Books A Million, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Indie Bound, nook, amazonkindle and iTunes.

Educate for Eternity
Educate for Eternity is an initiative designed to encourage new student enrollment in Adventist schools throughout the Texas Conference.This partnership between the families, the local school, and the Texas Conference will provide financial assistance to new students through a three-way commitment. To get more information or find a school near you, talk to your local pastor or email


Children’s Ministries: Children's activity bags are available to our visitors and members during the service and can be found near the greeters table by the main entrance. Please remember to return them at the end of the service.  
Housekeeping items:

1) Please dispose of baby wipes in the trash can and not the toilet. It wreaks havoc with our pump station. FLUSHABLE WIPES ARE NOT FLUSHABLE, EVER!
2) The appliances in the kitchen are NOT cleaned by our custodians; it is our responsibility to keep them clean.
3) Please pick up after yourself and your family. This is God’s House.
4) If you have items you would like to donate to the church, please contact the pastor first. We are not Goodwill.
Thank you for your attention to these matters.


Prayer List 
Prayer Warriors, please remember these requests in your daily prayers:

Special Emphasis: Pray for our school that enrollment will be increased.

Steve Budd (Silvia Covarrubias’ brother-in-law) – bone tumor
Julieth Dick – health issues
Rachel Juler’s father – complications from surgery
Dennis Clifford Sr. – suffered a stroke
Wray Serl (Teresa’s father) – health issues
Andre Posadas (Lindy and Rex’s son) – health issues
Helen Ing (Eileen deJong’s mother) – health issues
Judy Powery (Laurie Chodorow’s mother) – back problems
Carlton Hackett – father passed away
Bill Price (Corky’s husband) – slow recovery from an accident
Brian Madry (Ellen Jensen’s coworker) – brain cancer
David Stone (Sue Peugh's friend) – Leukemia
Demi Garduque (Chinyere Ukegbu’s friend) - end stage renal disease
Diane Yates (Sarah Wolverton’s friend) – breast cancer
Ellen Jensen – health issues
Emilie Pacheco – health issues
Grace Byrd (daughter of Amber Lovett’s friend) – Leukemia
Isolde Whichelow (Eric’s mother) – health issues
James (Hutchison’s friend) – Lymphoma
Jim Underwood (friend of the Julers) – brain cancer
Kaitlyn Jankovsky (daughter of the Ballarta’s friend) – Leukemia
Karin (Brent and Meri's friend) - Breast cancer
Laurie (Hutchison’s daughter) – breast cancer
Lukas (Sue Peugh’s great nephew) – health issues
Matthew Walker – cancer is in remission
Melda Morris (Ann Marie Dyer’s mother) – health issues
Pastor Kitney’s brother – health issues
Teatsy Farris – lung cancer
Thomas Taylor – nursing home
Tina Okrah – facial palsy
Yolanda Jacoby (Roberto’s sister’s mother-in-law) – stage 4 cancer

If you have a prayer request or praise, send it to 

Church directory: You can access our church directory through the Instant Church Directory app, available for your Android, Amazon, or Apple device. Our directory is always being updated by our Communications Team. If you want to update your directory information, or if you have any questions about the directory, you can contact our administrative assistant, Teresa Serl at


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If you would like to have announcements listed in the bulletin or here in our weekly newsletter please email me at All requests have to be to me by Wednesday evening before Sabbath.

Have a Blessed Day!

Teresa Serl
Administrative Assistant, Church Office       
(512) 537-1844

**If you want to become a member or transfer membership from another church please get in contact with Meri Holm or email

Calendar of Events
6      Stonehill 101 Class
6      Fellowship lunch – Young Adult & Young Professionals Classes
7      Guys’ Table Tennis
7      Healthy Living program, chef Melody Prettyman, at Stonehill SDA church, 4-7pm
13   Fellowship Lunch – All Church
13   Elder’s Meeting, 1-3:30pm
13   Church Leadership Training, San Antonio Area
13   Youth Night at Stonehill, 7:30-11pm
14   Finance Committee Meeting, 4-6pm
15   Karate with Pastor Kitney
16   Church Board Meeting, 7-9pm
17   Karate with Pastor Kitney
19   Lynnwood Spangler seminar starts, Elgin SDA church
20   Fellowship Lunch – Myrna Cogan’s Class
20   Pathfinder Registration, 5-7pm
22   Karate with Pastor Kitney
24   Karate with Pastor Kitney
27   Fellowship Lunch – Invite a Guest Home for Lunch
27   Intercessory Prayer Event for #IwantMORE Evangelism
27   Pathfinder Registration
27   Youth Night at Stonehill
16-18     Forever One Marriage Retreat
23-25     Women’s Retreat, La Torretta Resort and Spa, Montgomery TX
30-Oct 2   Men’s Retreat


*The lunch host is responsible for coordinating the receiving/placement of dishes and cleanup. 

Members we encourage you, to invite guests to join you in line. If you stay for lunch please help us with the cleanup afterwards.

Our mailing address is:
Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church

P.O. Box 1309
Pflugerville, TX 78691

Church Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


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