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Newsletter 9/20/2018

Developing Loving Relationships with
hrist and Our Community.

Hello Stonehill Church Family,

We look forward to worshiping with you this Sabbath!

Treasure Quotes/Thoughts


A big thank you to everyone who helped out with my Dad’s funeral, for all that each of you did (don’t want to run the risk of leaving anyone out so not making a list) and especially for all your prayers and support during this difficult time. From Eldon Jensen and the whole Jensen family.


Stonehill Christian Academy is looking for someone to fill the before and after school care position for the 2018-2019 school year. Help is needed from 7-8am and 3-6pm. To apply, email your resume to The job description is posted at


Communion this Sabbath, September 22, 2018. Let us all come with our hearts prepared for this sacred time. Deaconesses, please wear your black and whites and your beautiful smiles.



Pathfinders Babysitting Fundraiser this Sabbath evening, September 22, 2018, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.. This is an ongoing fundraising event offered every 4th Sabbath evening of the month to riase money to go to Oshkosh. The cost is $20 per child. Pathfinders will provide a snack and games for the children.


Stonehill Transformers Exercise Class: Please come join us next class, September 23, 8:15 – 9:30 am, at Pflugerville Lake near the flags. Your continued support is appreciated. Key Word is PREVENTION.


SCA Prayer Time, Thursday mornings at 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. in the church lobby. Prayer Time is to help support the teachers and students of SCA through prayer, to pray for God’s guidance to parents and uplift family burdens, and to ask for God’s guidance of SCA now and in the future. All parents, guardians, grandparents, and supporters of Stonehill Christian Academy are invited to come and pray for the school. If you are not able to be present but have a prayer request, please email Beth Sinha at


There have been some changes to the fellowship lunch schedule for the coming year. Please notice that the first Sabbath of each month is Invite a Guest Home for Lunch. Let’s plan now to not let any guests go without an invitation to lunch on the first Sabbaths of the month. Let’s not forget our regular members/attendees either.


Language Translation: A new service is here at Stonehill—simultaneous English/Spanish translation of the sermon. We would like to reach out to everybody who is fluid in English and Spanish to volunteer in helping us to reach as many people as possible. We are hoping the service can be extended to other languages as well and make Stonehill even a bigger family. Those interested in participating can contact Marco Mendoza at any time of the day via email ( and/or by phone at 512.406.9130. Marco is also available Sabbaths, usually at the Spanish Bible Study.


Worship Service

Praise in Giving: Texas Vision
Hezekiah’s revival. He wasn’t perfect, but Hezekiah was probably the last great king of the Jewish nation and a very dedicated follower of God. He worked to right the wrongs that had been done before he ascended the throne. He reopened and refurbished the neglected temple, bringing about ritual purification for both it and the priest and Levites, and proclaimed a special Passover. 2 Chronicles 31:5-9 tells us that the people of Israel responded generously and brought the first share of their grains, new wine, olive oil, honey and all the produce of their fields. When Hezekiah and his officials saw the huge heaps of the people’s tithes and offerings, they thanked the Lord and His people Israel. When the Lord has our hearts, he has our pocketbooks as well!

Praise in Music:

The Message: 
 Death Before the Funeral - John 13:5-10 - Pastor Eugene Kitney

Elder in charge: Chris Kolliniatis  |  512.517.6035
Deacon in charge: Chris Huggins  |  512.771.1386
Greeters this week: Patsy & Desiree
Spanish translator:


Did you know?………
it takes $25 per attending person each week to meet the Stonehill Church budget.

1. Local Budget - provides for our church ministries, building, and mortgage.
2. Tithe - sent to Texas Conference for administrative support in Texas and worldwide church.
3. Mark specific donations on your offering envelope.  Please clearly print address and first & last name on envelope. All unmarked and loose offering is used to support our Local Budget.
4. Give online from our website,
5. Save labels (Loma Linda, Worthington). Kellogg Corporation supports NAD mission projects for collected labels..


Fellowship Lunch Host
Sept 22   Children’s Ministries
Sept 29   Ellen Jensen’s SS class
Oct 6      Invite a Guest Home
Oct 13    Deacons/Deaconesses

Sabbath, September 22
Baptismal Studies, Earliteen, Pastor’s office
Fellowship Lunch, Children’s Ministries
Stonehill Choir Practice
Adventurers/Pathfinders, regular meeting
Pathfinder Babysitting Fundraiser
Week of September 23-28
Sunday, Transformers Exercise Class
Sunday, Adventurers Fun Day
Monday, Karate with Pastor Kitney
Wednesday, Karate with Pastor Kitney
Friday, Sunset 2 Sunset
Sabbath, September 29
Fellowship Lunch, Ellen Jensen’s SS class
Stonehill Choir Practice
Dates to Remember
Youth & Family Fun Night, Volleyball, October 6
Guys’ Table Tennis, October 7
Adventurers Induction, October 13
Finance Committee Meeting, October 14
Church Board Meeting, October 16
SCA Fall Week of Prayer, Oct 15-19
Pathfinder Babysitting Fundraiser, October 27
SCA International Festival, November 3



Prayer List 
Prayer Warriors, please remember these requests in your daily prayers:

Emphasis: Pray for our elders and their families.
Mauva Colbert (Dorian’s mother) – health issues
Jackie Nunez – recovering from surgery
Ann Daluz – upcoming surgery
Eldon Jensen and family as they mourn the death of his father
Mona Krieg (friend of the Ballartas) – father going on hospice
Dorian Colbert – ongoing health issue
Shelly Baggett (friend of the Mauries) – medical issues
Gary Rayner – ongoing health issues
Joanna (Illeana Katz’s sister) – cancer
Julie Davis (Ann Daluz’s sister) – Lupus complications
Gavin Pardeiro (grandson of Laura Beth and Roland Schneider) – auto accident injuries
George (Desiree Webb’s father) – ongoing health issues
Geoff Wool (Fawn Escalante’s friend) – recovering from a bicycle accident
Salvador Posada (Rex’s father) – health issues
Yolanda Jacoby (Roberto’s sister’s mother-in-law) – stage 4 cancer
Steve Budd (Silvia Covarrubias’ brother-in-law) – bone tumor
Miguel Guillet – cancer and other health issues
Helen Ing (Eileen deJong’s mother) – health issues
Diane Yates (Sarah Wolverton’s friend) – breast cancer
Daisy Dongieux (friend of Laura Beth Schneider) – ovarian cancer
Bill and Sandy Cutshall (friends of the Ballartas) – breast cancer and other health issues

If you have a prayer request or praise, send it to 


Mission Ministry

A Second Life

Peter spend the first 24 years of his life pursuing a single goal: to become a math teacher so he could care for his impoverished parents in a village in rural China. Upon graduating from college, Peter was assigned to teach math at a middle school. In order to teach, he and the other students in his graduating class needed to pass a medical checkup ordered by the provincial education department. Peter and one other student did not pass. They took the test again and only one student did not pass – Peter. The doctor said Peter had a serious liver ailment that likely was untreatable. The college disqualified Peter from teaching.

Peter felt he had lost everything he had worked so hard to achieve. That night Peter stood on a bridge and briefly considered committing suicide. At his parents insistence, Peter checked into a hospital but the conditions were poor and he did not get better. His mother went to her Sunday church to ask for prayers but mistakenly went on Saturday, thinking it was Sunday. The Seventh-day Adventists who shared the church were meeting and prayed for Peter. They also visited Peter and gave the same advice to both, “Trust God. God will save you.” Peter decided to trust God and went home, not taking any of his medicines with him. Then the pastor recommended a church-owned sanitarium that was in another village so Peter went. There he prayed, studied the Bible and learned a healthy lifestyle. After 2 months, he went back to the hospital for a checkup and surprised both the doctor and himself by receiving a clean bill of health. Peter, his parents and his grandparents were baptized. Today, Peter is a Bible worker in China.

Church directory: You can access our church directory through the Instant Church Directory app, available for your Android, Amazon, or Apple device. Our directory is always being updated by our Communications Team. If you want to update your directory information, or if you have any questions about the directory, you can contact our administrative assistant, Teresa Serl at


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Have a Blessed Day!

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Administrative Assistant, Church Office       
(512) 537-1844

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Calendar of Events

21  Sunset 2 Sunset
22  Baptismal studies, Earliteen, Pastor’s study
22  Communion
22  Fellowship Lunch – Children’s Ministries
22  Adventurers and Pathfinders, regular meeting
22  Stonehill Choir Practice
22  Pathfinder Babysitting Fundraiser
23  Transformers Exercise Class
23  Adventurers Fun Day
24  Karate with Pastor Kitney
26  Karate with Pastor Kitney
28  Sunset 2 Sunset
29  Fellowship Lunch – Ellen Jensen SS class
29  Stonehill Choir Practice
30  Transformers Exercise Class
1    Karate with Pastor Kitney
3    Karate with Pastor Kitney
4-7 SCA Freshman Bible Camp
5    Sunset 2 Sunset
6    Stonehill 101, Pastor’s office
6    Fellowship Lunch – Invite a Guest Home for Lunch
6    Stonehill Choir Practice
6    Youth & Family Fun Night, Volleyball
7    Guys’ Table Tennis
8    Karate with Pastor Kitney
10  Karate with Pastor Kitney
11  SCA School Board Meeting
12  Sunset 2 Sunset
13  Baptismal studies, Adults, Pastor’s office
13  Fellowship Lunch – Deacons/Deaconesses
13  Stonehill Choir Practice
13  Pathfinder, regular meeting
13  Adventurers Induction
14  Transformers Exercise class
14  Finance Committee Meeting
15-19   SCA Fall Week of Prayer
15  Karate with Pastor Kitney
16  Church Board Meeting
17  Karate with Pastor Kitney
19  Sunset 2 Sunset
19-21   Adventurer Family Camp, Lake Whitney
20  Baptismal studies, Teens, Pastor’s office
20  Fellowship Lunch – African Group
20  Stonehill Choir Practice

*The lunch host is responsible for coordinating the receiving/placement of dishes and cleanup. 

Members we encourage you to invite guests to join you at a table. If you stay for lunch please help us with the cleanup afterwards.

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Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Church Office Hours:
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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

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