Dear Friends,

I seem to have been talking about/hinting at this for years but for all those of you who joined this list when it was the Glow mailing list and have waited 20 years to hear anything more we are finally giving a digital release to the whole Glow catalogue, and expanding it a bit. All three albums, the single Al-Gharb but also, hopefully sometime in the middle of 2022, the Lost Treasures EP - new versions, from the original recordings, of the five tracks that preceded the first album - gigged but not released.

For those of you that don't know, Glow was my old band from 1993-2001 formed with singer Maria João Branco, joined by long term members Karl Walinets and Bagpuss. The Department of Luminosity was everyone else who joined us on stage or on the recordings, including three other members who, along with myself, Karl and Bagz, went on to play with Orchid-Star at some time or other, including Myo.

The first of these, Unavailable at All Good Record Shops, is out now and in many ways the most important for us. Due to a small hard-drive dying in 1996 we were never able to properly finish the album and were left with just rough, in some cases very rough indeed, mixes of everything. We did eventually decide to sell it at gigs, on cassette only, and later, after we stopped gigging, a slightly better mastered version was made available on CDR, but to be honest, in hindsight we probably should never have sold it in the state it was.

And in light of that, if any of you have still have a copy of either of the old versions send me a picture of it and we'll send you a FREE download of the new version (and an apology!)

This new reconstruction has been put together from the original 8-track recordings, old backing tracks and, where stuff was missing, small parts of the original mixes or additional programming - not easy when everything was running at different speeds. It had its limitations but the result is something that is leaps and bounds ahead of what came before while retaining all the original intention - after 25 years a version we are all now feeling really proud of.
& The Dept. of Luminosity

Unavailable At All Good Record Shops
(2021 Resurrection)

Out on all major download & streaming platforms Dec. 17 2021
Pink Hampster Recordings PHDD21
The other two albums, Almost Forgetting to Breathe and Enfeitiçada, will officially be released on Dec 29th and Jan 7th but if you know you want to get all three and can't wait you can either get all 3 now from the Pink Hampster Shop, or get one and pre-order the others on the new Glow Bandcamp page and get all 3 for the price of 2.
You can see the fullest list we can find (we'll add as we go along) of download or streaming sites here: 
(or bit/ly/unavailable2021)
You can also download the pdf booklet that will go with it in some but not all shops, with the whole story of the album's journey!
Then on Jan 21st my new double (non-mantra) album with Kwali Kumara, Elemental Temple - Part One, will be released by Ensancha El Alma Records, digitally and on CD. Apologies to everyone for the wait - there have been some technical hitches on the manufacturing side so it's coming out a lot later than we expected. More of that nearer the time!
Lots of love,
Pete and Orchid-Star (and Glow!)
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