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My first solo album since Unexpected Pleasures in 2016 - Butterfly Tree - is now out, at least digitally. We have been trying to find out from the factory why we do not yet have any CDs, and when they will be done, but have been met with a wall of silence. So having planned for over a year to release the album on the day of my first solo gig this millennium, at Whirl-Y-Fayre, for which a large chunk of the album was written, I sadly won't have CDs for that!
I'm going to make the CD available in the Pink Hampster shop but if you buy one you will get a digital copy of the album straightaway (or as soon as I'm back from the weekend) and I will send CDs out as soon as they get here. I may also do the same on Bandcamp. I'm still assuming they won't be long but unfortunately I'm completely in the dark.
Pete Ardron
Butterfly Tree

out Aug. 5th 2022
Ensancha El Alma Records
This is a very personal album for me particularly in regard to the track which kicked it all off, the 3-part Requiem for a Buddleia. This was written for my 'Parachute' set at Whirl-Y-Fayre this weekend - my first solo gig since my last Parachute set in 1996 - and as a memorial for my mum and one of my dearest friends and, as the name suggests, the beautiful buddleia (also known as a butterfly tree) which had been growing in front of my front door for about 20 years before it was uprooted by Storm Ciara.
All three parts feature Orchid-Star's Samanta Ray with a beautiful performance of both solo and choral vocals.
There are certainly differences in sound and approach from Unexpected Pleasures (it's a little more live sounding, even if it isn't really!) but I don't think there will be any big surprises to anyone who is used to what I do, As usual there are strong world music (Indian, African, Celtic and more) and psychedelic elements with occasional classical overtones and as usual it's mostly chilled and occasionally dancy.
If you'd like a short taster of the whole album there's a 6 min video on Youtube here
You can buy the album at the following places:

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The page also includes the taster video and a link to download the pdf booklet which you will get from some download shops but not all.
And if you're near enough to do it at this short notice there are still tickets available for 
Whirl-Y-Fayre 2022
I'll be playing at 1.30 am tonight (Fri. night/Sat. morning)

Lots of love,
Pete and Orchid-Star (and Glow)
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