Dear Friends,

Well, it seems like a very different world we're living in from when I last wrote one of these. I'll admit, as someone who rarely leaves their desk, I've been remarkably unaffected on the whole, and I really hope that it has not been too bad for most of you, but it has been sad that a fair few gigs, either booked or in the pipeline, have been cancelled, postponed or gone virtual.
I'm very pleased that the entire line-up for this year's Whirl-Y-Fayre, probably the most disappointing cancellation for me, have already signed up for next year's event. To be honest I'm a bit relieved that I'll have a lot longer to write my set! 

And Orchid-Star have already been invited to next year's Chesterfield May Day celebration. I hadn't told you about this year's because even at the time we were booked I was utterly convinced it would fall victim to the virus!
But huge apologies to anyone we weren't able to contact in time to stop them going to Cafe Cairo for Downtime on March 15th, I know there were some. The venue took the decision the night before to shut down but in the confusion forgot to let us know. We found out literally as we were leaving for the venue at about 5pm. I did lots of Facebook posts and did do a cancellation email to send to all of you but have only just now realized I did not hit send!
By that time Psibindi and I were manically preparing to go ahead with the gig in my living room instead, with just a few people, including Andy Smith, aka Dialog, who had agreed to stand in for my co-host Ian Liquid Lounge who, luckily unwarrantedly, had felt the need to self-isolate only a couple of hours earlier. Andy gave us a beautiful warm-up set from my sofa to set the mood! 

In the unsent cancellation email I did, of course, have links to where you could stream the gig live, but if you would like to see it you still can here (in 2 halves as we didn't know if we could stream for more than 30 minutes!): 
Downtime Isolation Special
Part 1 -
Part 2 - 
apologies for the 4 minutes of 'comedy intro' on part 1!
Alternatively, you can see a repeat performance we did 2 weeks later for an international online event for Sounds Like Women. Should have been in a studio in Wiltshire but again my living room stood in. Only 3 tracks this time but the sound and picture are both a bit better 
And here's a couple of free treats for you. The fabulous artist Nicolas Palvadeau (aka Shiro UsagiNicoPsyArt) has joined up with Daytuner, from one of my favourite combos Moai System to bring out a series of free compilation albums under the banner Rebirth (not to be confused with the Orchid-Star remix album!)
Rebirth 2

includes my track Dhow, from Unexpected Pleasures, along with music by Moai System, Squazoid, Kaya Project, Earth Child, Haive Music, Lunar Symphony, Lydia and DJ Supertramp, with artwork by Jeff Drawbot
Click on 'shared with me > Rebirth2' if you want to download everything, which includes both mp3s and wavs plus the artwork. If you just want mp3s and/or the artwork go into the Music or Visuals folder
You can also get the first Rebirth with music by 
Sheewton, Star Sound Kontinuum, Spaceship Earth, Advanced Suite, Fluteyloops, Jedidiah, Spirit Sound Innovators, SXtheMadArtist and Moai System
similarly from the link below, although I couldn't find the artwork folder
Another online event for you coming up

Kwali Kumara and Om & Bass present
Elemental Healing Temple Full Moon Gathering
Sat, 4 July 2020
10am – 10pm

An online ecstatic healing ceremonial journey through the platonic elements, culminating in a dance party out under the full moon and stars.
Basically 7 hours of various ceremonies then music from 7pm if the rest of it's not your sort of thing. 
I'll be DJing from 8.15pm until the closing ceremony, although at this point it's unclear whether I'll be allowed to be there or be joining in remotely!
You need a ticket to 'attend' but don't worry, although there are tickets up to £32 there are FREE ones as well, and you don't get a worse seat! All donations/paid tickets will go towards Kwali's Plumed Serpent Sanctuary, currently in need of some funds after some very expensive life-saving surgery on python Kumi Quetzalcoatl.
Tickets from:
More details from there or here:
Kwali and I have finally finished our third album of Kundalini Yoga Mantras - Euphoric. In fact it was the 9th time I'd declared it finished but the masters and artwork have now been sent off to the manufacturer so it's official this time!
We haven't set a release date yet but I will of course let you know!
Meanwhile I had to put together some videos for our first 2 albums for another online event - nothing fancy but a bit of moving eye-candy along with the mantras and translations and info from the album booklets. I'm not sure where or when we're going to post them all but in the meanwhile I've put a couple on Youtube here if you'd like to see them: 
Guru Ram Das - Peace
from Ecstatic - Kundalini Yoga Mantras
Adi Shakti - Energy
from Exalted
Stay safe, well and not too bored,
Lots of love,
Pete and Orchid-star
Copyright © 2020 Pete Ardron & Orchid-Star, All rights reserved.

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