Dear Friends,

It makes such a nice change to be announcing the release of an album, especially from Orchid-Star, without using the words 'long-awaited' in the sentence!

This album wasn't even thought about until late August when I suddenly realized that over the years we had somehow accumulated remixes or alternative versions of 8 out of 10 tracks from our second album Faster, not all finished, but all finishable, from a slow version of Brighter we gigged just a couple of times in 2005, a drum and bass mix of Surya I'd started in 2012 without telling Myo after she re-recorded Nalini's vocals, just so she could have a version for herself, 2 great dance mixes by Sean of Shouty One and Barefoot in 2013, a remix of Lotus Bloom I did with SandRa the same year, focussing on her karnatic vocals, through to a latinesque mix of Dans La I did this year as a thankyou to a good friend who was one of the big donors for the crowdfunder we did for Merge, along with a beautiful slowed down dubby mix of Puja done in 2012 by Trancient Dreams and a recording from 2014 of the altenative (more ska) version of Orchid-Ska we've done live since early on, this time with full live brass section .
As soon as I realized how close we were to an album I asked 2 of my favourite acts - Squazoid and Moai System to complete the collection resulting in awesome remixes of A Better Ride and Prchla.
Faster Reimagined
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Pink Hampster Recordings PHDD20
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There's a 4-page pdf booklet that will come with the album from some stores but not all.
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Check out the video for the new drum n bass mix of Surya

"Upon starting the opening track of this remix album of Faster, I knew that there was a sense of expectancy and I was not disappointed. The chilled vibes emitting from the tracks Brighter, Dans La, Lotus Bloom and Puja, sit perfectly alongside the dub influenced reimaginations of A Better Ride, Orchid Ska and Prchla. These are interspersed with the up tempo tunes of Shouty One and Barefoot, with the classic drum and bass version of Surya. A perfect mood setting collection of tracks that allow the listener to immerse into an auditory dark room to forget about the worries of the world right now. With remixes from Squazoid, Trancient Dreams, Moai System and from the band members themselves, this album has been a delight to savour and revisit. " - DJ Liquid Lounge

"You re-imagine an album like Faster and from the root new and fresh branches are born. Eclectic, with many sound textures and above all with the desire to listen to it again." - Daniel Sol, Ensancha el Alma Rec.

"Well what an amazing treat! Soon to be taking its place as our favorite disc for driving to! Faster Reimagined is a stunning collection of remixes from the Orchid Star album - Faster. It features dubby half time bass treats through to progressive stompers and Drum n Bass magic - a genre defying cornucopoiea of psychedelic styles - just yum!" - Michael Westcot, Terra Nine

"The dnb mix of Surya is a lovely piece of Asian electronica that centres around the vocals, a perfect tune for a stomp in the sun... this collection with it's fresh lick of paint, displays both the uniqueness and diversity that Orchid-Star offers" - Woodzee, Sun is Shining Dub n Chill

Lots of love,
Pete and Orchid-Star
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