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Well, it's taken longer to get to the shops than we expected but hopefully you'll think it was worth the wait!

My fourth album with Kwali is now out both as a double CD and digitally to stream. Unlike our first three this is not a collection of mantras but four 31-minute musical journeys or soundscapes.
When we started out the intention was to stay firmly within the ambient bracket and much of this album falls reasonably within that definition but, as with so many things, the album decided to take us on it's own adventure rather than our plan, from the almost-dancy second half of Air to Earth which, well, let's just say it did its own thing and includes probably the most epic ending I've ever given a track, and if you know enough of my music you'll know I do like my epic endings!
Kwali Kumara & Pete Ardron

Elemental Temple 
Part One 

Out on CD (double) and all major download & streaming platforms Jan. 21 2022
Ensancha El Alma Records EEACD09
You can see the fullest list we've got (we'll add as we go along) of download or streaming sites here:
You can also listen on that page and download the 5-page pdf booklet that will go with it in some but not all shops.

I've set up a new Bandcamp page for Kwali and me here - - so if you want to get a discount (35%) for buying our full digital catalogue you don't have to be everything on my page but you can get it from mine and Ensancha El Alma's page too

And you can of course get it on CD or digitally from the Pink Hampster Shop,
Lots of love,
Pete and Orchid-Star (and Glow)
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