Dear Friends,
It's been a very busy few weeks with more to come - this won't be the last one of these letters you get in the next few weeks (though it will be the fullest!) so now's probably a good time to remind you there's an unsubscribe link at the bottom! 
A warm welcome to everyone new who's signed up to the list, mainly thanks to my new Facebook page (yes, I finally have a page again! -, and those who didn't realize buying something from my Bandcamp page would lead to that (as I said, unsubscribe button below!)

And on the subject of Bandcamp, Orchid-Star now has it's own bandcamp page - - You'll still find everything on my page too (and the money goes to the same place!) but for those of you who couldn't care about anything I do other than Orchid-Star it will be tidier!
For those of you who missed the live stream of my gig for Sounds Like Women with Psibindi in September, either because you were busy or because Facebook decided to cut the stream after a few minutes because they thought we were infringing copyright(!) you can now watch the whole thing on YouTube. 
Apologies for the clicks and occasional dropout - only realized a few minutes before my battery would have run out completely that the socket my laptop was plugged into wasn't working!
There's been a rush of re-releases coming out in the last few weeks on Pink Hampster Recordings
First 2 weeks ago - Interuterion - my 2012 ambient album with Orchid-Star's Samantha (Samanta) Ray, produced entirely with the sound of Sam's voice (plus a few vocal samples on the first track).
Technically it's not really a re-release as it's been available on CD all along (though I'm down to just a tiny handful left now) but it hasn't been available digitally for 4 years.
Download and streaming links for Spotify, iTunes etc here:
Then last week I released my last 2 pre-Orchid-Star albums Inside the Voice Inside and Aria, both of which are made up of tracks written for my first DJ sets at Planet Angel, when I always made sure I had at least one new track every time I played. These are what lead to the creation of Orchid-Star and include several tracks that formed part of early Orchid-Star sets and guest appearances from both Sam and Myo on Aria
These have only been unavailable for the last few months as they were released by US label Cyberset in 2009 and have only recently been taken down, but it has enabled me to cut the price significantly

Download and streaming links here:
and here:
But most exciting for me is the re-release today of Orchid-Star's 7 mix single Passion.
Originally released in 2008 by Archangel^ it disappeared shortly afterwards when the distributor, Pinnacle, went bust, and hasn't been out there since. To honour the occasion I've given the main mix, and it's extended version, a spruce up. Very different from the original version on Birth this features rapper Rogue, daughter of Orchid-Star's Pierre .
The single includes a radio edit of the original track and remixes from Sarah E, Blackmarc and Sly One vs Jurrane with Orchid-Star's Becky Dell

Download and streaming links here:
It also gave me a good reason to upload the original video at slightly better quality than the 480p we had to go with in 2008 (and add some wings, as it was made back when videos (and TVs) were nearly square!)
Also this week, we were very happy to see Squazoid finally give his 2014 album Two Reality a general release. This is a stunning album even without the fact that it includes one of 2 slightly different remixes he did of Orchid-Star's Wildflower - still probably my favourite track!
Download and streaming links here:
That just about gets me up to date with everything that's been going on to date (unless I've forgotten something) but in the next few weeks you can look forward to a release of my remix of Kadialy Kouyate's gorgeous song Yarabi Kuma and Faster Re-Imagined a complete reworking of Orchid-Star's second album including remixes by Trancient Dreams, Squazoid and Moai System - I did tell you last time I was going to have some exciting Orchid-Star news for you!
Lots of love,
Pete and Orchid-Star
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