Dear Friends,

If you're anywhere near Adelaide over the next couple of days you have two chances to catch a big fireworks and visuals displays with music from myself and Samantha Ray
Aus Lights on the River
5.30pm Jan 25th & 26th 2023
Elder Park, Adelaide

The Cinematic Fireworks Display is at 9.30pm each night


This was certainly an interesting project - written to a very strict brief so it mostly sounds very me but there are some surprises.
There will be 2 versions, on the 25th the music starts with 30 secs by Karl Winda Telfer of the Mullawirrameyu - Dry forest people - but as the 26th is Australia Day, or as First Nations people call it, Invasion Day, we were understandably not given permission to use it for that so I had to write an alternative intro.
I also had to to remove some of the bird sounds I used in the nature section, including the whipbird, which makes a wonderful sound but sadly isn't to be found in South Australia and I had to stick to local species if I used any! Then I got in trouble for the artwork I initially did for the release as my nods to First Nations art would have apparently been seen as quite culturally insensitive, so I was very happy to have Cindi Drennan do the artwork we are now using.
For someone whose motto was always 'never knowingly authentic' it's been quite a learning process!
The music is released digitally today and you can find links to buy or stream it here: including, of course, the Pink Hampster shop and my Bandcamp page
Lots of love,
Pete and Orchid-Star
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