Creativity Adda Express

December 1 - 31, 2015


Highlight of the Month: Ukti Winter Fair!!! 
We were invited to a winter fair organised in early December by Ukti Waldorf School in Noida. A total of 15 kids participated from the Adda. All the kids were super excited and they set up two stalls at the fair – one by the Slow Food Junior Chef Academy where they offered fresh bhel puri and the carrot raagi cake to all visitors. The stall was based on gift culture with the motto Dil Se, Bill Se Nai (contribute from your heart, not from a bill). 

The other stall was hosted by our DesignLab, where Moin (class 9

) offered kabaad se jugaad upcycling workshops on making pencil stands out of waste newspapers and also lamps out of balloons and paper with other kids. Yogesh (class 10), from the Music and Dance Academy, led a workshop in which he taught kids as well as adults how to play the Djemby. The kids from the Music Academy also added to the ambience of the evening celebration by playing live music and singing around the bonfire. 

It was a wonderful experience for the kids to interact with so many new people and share their enthusiasm and skills in so many different ways. The kids also picked up the skills of organizing and managing several other things like arranging transport, taking care of their instruments, and communicating to new people about activities at the Adda.


3D Wall Painting  !!!
We had a 3D mural painting workshop at the Adda with artist Amit Kumar from Udaipur. 5 new students participated in this process.  All the kids who love drawing and art were excited about this workshop and enjoyed painting all the walls of the Adda. The Adda is now looking more colorful, bright and vibrant. 
Solving a Big Problem!!!
Our kitchen students needed hot water to clean dishes as the water became extremely cold in December. We shared this concern with the electrical students and explained to them that we were looking for a device which can provide us hot water in kitchen. The students took the initiative and, with the help of Aftab Alam Sir, they developed an automatic water heater which is now giving us hot water. As an added safety feature, it is designed to stop automatically when the water temperature reaches a fixed temperature.
A workshop on Daily Science!!! 
We had a hands on workshop on daily science with Ron Baitanik Ghosh from Litchi. It was such an interesting workshop that even the other facilitators couldn't stop themselves from participating in it. Our students got to know how to make a Torch, Pipe whistle, Telescope and how to use a Compass and Map. Ron shared that making a telescope is a team effort and he found that students were working well as a team in helping each other. Aman (class 6), who is a junior chef with the kitchen team, built two telescopes. He learnt how to do it very quickly and then started helping others.
Community Media Academy
Film Making Workshop!!!
In the Community Media Academy, we invited Shreya Kakria from Tuning Fork Films, to share the art of filmmaking with our kids. The kids have been very keen learning more about how to use the cameras that are in the adda and this workshop gave them a much-needed opportunity. They learnt how to take various kinds of shots, recording, editing and putting a short film together. Also, Shreya didi taught them how to choose a theme for the movie, how to develop the content and how to take interviews of people.
The students made a 3-minute film on A Week in the Life of Creativity Adda after this workshop and now want to make more films on different topics. Om and Nitin were especially charged up and got lot of confidence. They are both very keen on taking forward their creative spark and have started video documenting various activities at the Adda.
Fawad (class 9) showed good leadership in the film making workshop. Initially, he was a little hesitant to participate in the workshop. But somehow he made up his mind that he had to participate in the workshop. The workshop gave him a new perspective of learning. 
In the beginning, all of the boys were not focused in  participating. Seeing this, Fawad started helping his partner Om (class 6), who is often very scattered and disruptive. Fawad took care of him like an elder brother. He tried to help Om focus and they worked well as a team.
Dance and Music Academy
Our Band Performs at Nirvaha Cafe in IIT-Delhi!!!
Our Band, Alahad, got an opportunity to perform at Nirvaha Café at IIT-Delhi. The kids from the Music Studio were planning and discussing about their performance with great excitement right from the morning. After they reached, they initially felt a little shy and hesitant as it was a completely new space and there were many unknown people. But once they started performing, they really started enjoying with everyone. At this point, another challenge emerged for our kids.There was an abrupt break for about 20 minutes but the kids were able to regain their flow with the same excitement once this was sorted out. The other customers at the café also jammed with our kids, with one of them playing guitar with them. Yogesh (class 10) taught some of the audience how to play the Djembey. The workers in the café also came forward to learn and really enjoyed themselves. The performance lasted non-stop for an hour.
New Dance Facilitator Joins Adda!!!
We welcomed Ashish as a new Dance Facilitator into in Adda. He has come with lots of new ideas and energy. He created a very interesting exercise with his students. He asked Lavish, one of the Djambey students, to play some random beats and he asked the dance students to follow the beats and create a dance out of it. It was an interesting experiment in co-creation. 
City Organic Farm

We have been having a great time in our city farm. Several students have been working with Karan and Rashmi from Sajeev Fresh to develop the farm. We harvested lots of spinach, brinjal and basil from the farm. We are getting ready to harvest sarso and methi soon.

Karan and Rashmi have given a presentation on Urban Farming in 10 classes (approx. 350 students) up till now. Students are becoming more aware of how food is grown. They are becoming interested to grow their own vegetables in their homes.

Vinay and Shubham (both in class 9) are really working hard to maintain the farm. They are regularly watering the plants and cleaning unwanted weeds from the beds. Shubam has started growing tomato, spinach and chllis in his home.   

Slow Food Chef's Academy
This month our chefs learnt many new dishes in different special workshops like Chocolate Pudding, Apple Cinnamon tea, Lauki Halwa, Italian Ragi Millet Gnocchi,  Millet Tikki with Ramdana.

Along with great cooking, there were many positive developments in our kitchen – especially with regards to cleanliness and hygiene. The kids were really impressed with the cleanliness at Nirvaha Café and their overall way of managing the kitchen. So, they picked up a lot of things and have started implementing them too. Shashank and Labhansh particularly are taking this very seriously now and making sure that everything in the kitchen is kept properly. Shoes are not at all allowed in the kitchen.

Our chefs of the Academy also enjoyed in taking part in making murals on the walls outside of the kitchen. 

Labansh (class 8), typically very quiet, took new leadership to share his chopping skills with the new students who joined in the kitchen team this month and giving tours of the Adda to outside guests.
Special Cooking Workshop !!! 
Slow food Junior Chef Academy had 4 days workshop with Himanshu Kapoor from C.Green Foods and Slow Food India. Our chefs got to know more about the concept of slow food. The chefs learnt about the fermentation of food, preparing sambhar masala and Raagi batter for Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Dhokla and Chutney, Thepla and Raagi Pan Cakes with Banana-Cinnamon.

Our chefs learnt about the concepts of gluten-free food, vegan food and the characteristics of different flours. Our chefs baked gluten-free Ragi carrot cake. They used fresh spinach from our City Organic Farm in the thepla and fresh basil for making a walnut pesto sauce.

D.S Cafeteria!!!

Our Slow Food junior chefs got the opportunity to have a practical learning internship in D.S Cafeteria in DS Headquarters, Noida.  Our junior chefs learnt many new dishes like pastries, cakes, candies and also how to maintain the kitchen. They built a good relationship with the staff and shared things which they knew too. Shashank, with full confidence, shared about the Slow Food concept to chefs and other members of cafeteria.

Vegan cookies!!!
Our Junior chefs had very interesting session on how to bake vegan cookies with Ritu Mathur from Grainny's in Gurgaon. They learned to use wheat flour and Ragi millet flour. The taste was really yummy.
Darya Dil Cafe
There were several new and old people who joined us on a chilly December 30th evening for a New Year's celebration at the Darya DIl Café. The kids prepared a healthy raagi carrot cake especially for this. The menu also included idli and dosa also made out of raagi, along with apple cinnamon tea. Darya Dil Café was very special as we celebrated a couple’s 16th wedding anniversary. They had come to the Adda for the first time and were very touched by the whole experience. They said it was the best anniversary experience they ever had.
Darya Dil Cafe at Prakriti!!!
Hosting Dariya Dil Cafe at Prakriti School!!!
Our students participated in the Community Living Festival at Prakriti School, Noida. Our Slow Food Junior Chefs co-hosted the Daryadil Cafe in the evening of the first day and our Band also organized the live musical performance. The Junior Chefs prepared fresh vegetable salad with cashew paste, yummy raagi pancakes, lauki ka halwa and lemon ginger tea. It was the first café which our chefs ran without the help of a facilitator.  It was great to see several other people who came forward to volunteer. The food was highly appreciated by everyone and they were amazed at the effort by the students. The kids from the Music Group enjoyed that the audience was also singing and jamming with them.

Three students stayed overnight at Prakriti for the entire festival and it was a very good exposure for them to see how other alternative schools work and to understanding the overall theme of comunity living.
Sports and Fitness Center
Ultimate Frisbee
These days we are enjoying playing Frisbee at the Adda. We are thankful to Manish Kataria from Udaipur who introduced the game Ultimate Frisbee among the students.

Fawad (class 9) is taking it very seriously these days. Arshsad, his classmate, encouraged him to learn this new sport. First, Arshad helped him with how to throw the frisbee, and he explained the rules to him. After regularly practicing, Fawad is now helping others to learn the sport of Ultimate. We should be launching our team soon.
Carom Tournament!!!
Jibraan (class 7) took the initiative to organise a carom tournament in Adda. Students participated with full energy. The winners of the tournament were Nadeer & Sakib (from class 9) and Jibraan and Burhan (from class 7).
New Explorations
Visit to the Zoo!!!
We had a small trip to the Zoo near old fort. The students encountered different types of birds and animals. It was good to see the students curiously reading the boards describing the characteristics and behaviors of animal and birds in the zoo. 
Cycling Expedition!!!
We participated in a cycling trip led by Abner Manzar to explore Delhi. The students shared that they cycled for the first time outside of Darya Ganj. Students noticed the behavior of people on road. They found, on one hand, some people are continuously honking when driving on an empty road without any reason and, on the other, some people were sensitive and respectful towards cyclists, stopping their vehicles for us to cross the road first. Vinay (class 9) shared his concern/thoughts. He wondered. "if everyone were to use bicycles more, wouldn't we be able to reduce pollution? So why can't we design the city more for cyclists?"
National Street Food Festival !!!
Three Adda kids - Shashank, Labhansh and Monish - visited the National Street Food Festival with the facilitators at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium on 13th December. It was a National level festival so the kids got the chance to see special delicacies from each and every state of India. We tried some new and mouthwatering dishes from the Goa, Rajasthan, Bihar and Punjab stalls. 
Special Visitors!!! 
15 Teach for India Fellows visited the Adda. There was a good learning exchange with our students. The Fellows were amazed to see the confidence of our students. They participated in ongoing activities with our students - dance, music, cooking, farming and took away lots of new ideas for their schools.
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