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Meet the Candidates

What a great response to our call for nominations for our executive committee for 2017. We have 13 fabulous students who have put up their hands to represent you. We'd love to have them all on the executive, but there are only 7 positions available so the final decision will be made by YOU, the the students of Massey University Auckland when you place your votes online from our website. Voting runs between 5pm Friday 30th September and 4pm Wednesday 5th October.

Candidates for President

  • Rachael Cox
  • James Edley
  • Lance Walsh

Candidates for Administration Vice President

  • Rachael Cox
  • James Edley
  • Darya Krylova
  • Isaac Middlemiss
  • Lance Walsh

Candidates for Social Vice President

  • Isaac Middlemiss
  • Joseph Taylor
  • Lance Walsh

Candidates for General Executive role (4 positions available)

  • Ryan Aston
  • Mitchell Brennan
  • Sven Gerhards
  • Mooskaa Khattak
  • Yiran Li
  • Isaac Middlemiss
  • Craig Oliveira
  • Ricky Stephens
  • Joseph Taylor
We've recorded a short video of the candidates who want to represent YOU next year on the Executive committee of Albany Students' Association. You can watch the whole video here or you can head to our Meet the Candidates page and click the photograph of each candidate to hear just what they have to say. But why wouldn't you listen to them all?


We'll have the bbq sizzling sausages on Wednesday 21st September at Student Central. The candidates running for election to our 2017 executive team will be giving their campaign speeches and you'll have the opportunity to ask them questions and get to know them so that when it comes to voting you can make an informed choice! To find out who is running for election check out our Meet the candidates page

Lance Walsh (President, Social VP & Admin VP)

BARBEQUES!!! Yes, that’s right, barbeques. As President for 2017 I would put on more BBQs for students to increase student engagement and make more students comfortable with the ASA. I want there to be more club support as I feel like that is largely lacking on Albany Campus. I also want to hold more general meetings with students that would act as a time for everyone to ask us questions and raise concerns at these meetings so we can help make this campus better! I have already been part of the ASA for almost a year and have helped organise many events and BBQs. 

Rachael Cox (President and Admin VP)

Hello everyone! My name is Rachael, I am 23 and I am running for President and Admin VP for 2017. Next year I will be completing my honours for a BBS majoring in human resource management and minoring in social anthropology. I have been working with the ASA as a class advocate since starting Massey in 2012. I have always loved working with people and have been in management roles since I was 16 years old. This being said I know a thing or two about leading a great team. I would love to have your vote to lead the ASA down a great path for next year. I want to ensure a greater level of communication between Massey and the students and I want to help you access all of the hidden features offered at Massey. At the top of that list of things to achieve I will be figuring out that parking situation! Feel free to approach me around campus with any questions you might have (I am usually in the library most days). I can't wait to be working with you all to make your time at Massey as stress free and enjoyable as possible! Thanks :)

James Edley (President and Admin VP)

As president for 2017, I will aim to improve cross club communication by helping the executive's of the clubs to be to put a face to each other. If I am elected Admin Vice President for 2017, I will aim to help making the affiliation and grant process easier to manage so that the vibrant community around this campus can be fully explored by the clubs on offer. I have been on the 2016 executive for half a year as a general exec with the heading of social and have been enjoying myself alot. While having the pleasure to work along side some amazing people, both the ASA staff and the rest of the executive.

Darya Krylova (Admin VP)

A second year Mechatronics major with a motivation to promote engineering to all age groups, regardless of one's background. I am passionate in overcoming obstacles and this year have set up an IET committee for Massey University. I am very driven to expand my skills and knowledge beyond engineering. I seek to develop the critical decision-making skills necessary to run an organisational body smoothly. I am able to accept my mistakes at face value and learn from them. Through my engineering background I have learnt to create multiple solutions to an issue, critically analyse potential outcomes and develop teamwork and communication skills. I am comfortable communicating with anyone at University to discuss matters of interest with an open mind.

Isaac Middlemiss (Social VP & General Executive)

So I’m Isaac; some of you may have seen me skating around campus during the summer. I’m a bit of a wild card who will add that touch of crazy to the ASA. I’m studying engineering, which means I’m a problem solver and good at thinking on the fly. I’m also a Christian, which gives me an uncommon perspective on life. Oh yeah, and I can make marshmallow with a power drill; that’s gotta be useful somehow... As the Social VP of the ASA, my main role would be getting involved with the social life on campus; running awesome events, getting people involved in all the cool stuff Massey has to offer, promoting the ASA, you’d be seeing a lot of me! I would also have a lot of involvement with the clubs, checking in on them to make sure everything’s all tip-top and to let them know the ASA cares (and is always watching…). So if you love jet-skis, helicopters and Harambe, vote for me! Not that I can actually give you any of those, I’m just saying if you love them, vote for me! And if you don’t… vote for me!

Joseph Taylor (Social VP & General Executive)

My name is Joseph Taylor. I am a first year Mechatronic Engineering student and I am running for the positions of both Social Vice President and General Executive of the ASA. I am 18 years old, born in Masterton and raised in New Plymouth, Taranaki. I've only lived in Auckland since February but already I feel at home and I want to give back what so many have given to me these months gone by. I believe what makes me the best choice to be on the executive team for 2017 is my passion foremostly for people. I am of the opinion that every person is entitled to the best University experience they can get. That, I believe is the core reason for the ASA existing. The ASA provides students with the opportunities to be part of a broader community and to interact with more than just the people you see every day in your classes. This is something I personally am passionate about as well. That we come to know more than just those we see in our every day routine, that we as people be given opportunities to know more of our counterparts and have fun doing so.

Ryan Aston (General Executive)

Hi I’m Ryan, I’m a first year Engineering student majoring in Mechatronics. Why should you vote for me to be a general executive on the executive committee? Well, firstly I’m old and have grey hair. As far as sympathy votes go, look no further. I am the representative for the first year Mechatronic students, a class advocate and a mature student (debatable at times). Also, through a careering in the military, spanning over eight years, I have developed a particular set of skills. . . insert “Taken” quote. Reasons to vote for me:I have the same hair colour as George Clooney, I have a bike license . . . pretty much it. On a serious note though, I’ve had to use tact, problem solving and professionalism to overcome complications with difficult colleagues and superiors in the Army and at university. During my first year I’ve already successfully dealt with an advocacy issue, so I know the procedure and the importance of it. I understand it can be tough for some speaking to university staff members to get a suitable resolution and as I’m comfortable speaking to any member of the university, I would happily do this on your behalf.

Mitchell Brennan (General Executive)

Hello, my name is Mitchell Brennan and I am running for one of the four General Executive positions for the Albany Student Association in 2017. The reason I am running for this position in 2017 is to help you, my fellow students have the best time possible at Massey while giving back to the University and to learn many valuable skills in the future. I feel as though I would be well suited for this role due to my time management and social skills. The ASA has done so much for the students in the past by organising brilliant events such as O-Week and the Winter Fest. Next year I would love to be a part of the planning for such amazing events to make your university experience the best it can possibly be. I hope you vote for me in the election.

Sven Gerhards (General Executive)

Hi, I am Sven. As you might tell by the name I am not a Kiwi. A few years back I moved here from Germany. Living here has been an amazing experience, Kiwis are more chill than many Germans and really lovely. Now I am studying Computer Science, learning code and the ins and outs of Computers. Studying in general can get a bit boring or tiring and that is where the ASA comes in. They run things like free food events, the Ball, etc. Over the time staying at University, those have been great places to meet new friends and just have a ton of fun. Even though I like to hide behind my computer a lot play video games online/offline or watching the Flash, organizing events, like the free pancakes day is my ultimate goal. Thus I want to work with the ASA to make these events and all the other great things ASA works on better.

Mooskaa Khattak (General Executive)

I’m currently a 1st year student majoring in Computer Science. I picked Computer Science because I love how you can create software and watch it come to life, it’s a blank canvas and you can do anything. I went to high school in Mombasa, Kenya. I lived there for four years before coming to New Zealand in January 2015. In my free time at home I like to play first person shooter games, hang out with my family or try out some new recipes. While I’m on campus I love to hang out at the student lounge and help out with volunteer work as much as I can. I started volunteering with the Albany Students Association because I wanted to help around campus and make more friends. As I worked more and more with the ASA it really grew on me. I would sometimes come up to the reception and ask if they needed help even when the volunteers hadn’t been summoned for an occasion. I wanted to do more and thought becoming an executive would be a good idea. I know that becoming an executive would allow me to do much more and go beyond what a volunteer can do.

Yiran Li (General Executive)

My name is Yiran Li (English name: Mia). I'm a quiet 21-year-old girl from China. I'm living in New Zealand for 5 years. I have graduated at Bayfield high school in Dunedin. I'm a second year international student and majoring in Finance. I'm good at mathematics and I enjoy it. My interests are playing badminton, watching movies, skiing, playing guitar, singing, making friends and reading books. I'm doing well in my degree and I really want to provide some help to our new and current students and rich my study abroad experience. I will bring patience, professional knowledge, and myself overseas experience to other international students.

Ricky Stephens (General Executive)

Fun and getting things done! Hi everyone 8) I am finishing off my second year doing a BBS, majoring in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently I am the President of the East Coast Bays Lions Club, where I get to help out regularly within the North Shore community, which gives my a great foundation for helping things get done at ASA. I would like to help the ASA work on fun events for students, along with working on issues like getting more car parks for students and any other grievances that need a voice. Vote for a voice, vote for me! 

Craig Oliveira (General Executive)

Hi my name is Craig Oliveira I am studying first year engineering and I am running for an executive position at the ASA. As an ASA class rep I have experience in dealing with confidential issues between terrible lecturers and students and can apply this experience to this job. The ASA has always been there during the stressful times of being at uni such as the exam seasons and providing us free hot chocolate at the student lounge and holding activities like the dog patting day. I will assure that we get more activities hopefully 2x the dog patting days and better hot chocolate (cause no one likes avalanche).


Chances are that if you are receiving this newsletter you are already signed up to ASA and will be able to vote in the election for our 2017 executive team. Nominations have now closed and all positions are being contested, so we have an exciting race on our hands. Please spread the word amongst your fellow students and/or club members that they will need to sign in to the ASA website in order to vote, so it's a good idea to have registered ahead of time

Massey internal Albany students will be able to place their votes for the ASA 2017 Executive between 5pm Friday and 4pm Wednesday 5th October. To find out who is running for election check out our Meet the candidates page and once voting has opened Click here to vote. All voting is online.

And a Reminder :

The Auckland Mayoral candidates will be debating the topic of immigration. Register your interest in attending (FREE).

And a Reminder :

Semester 2's Student Engagement Forum will be held at 12pm in the Student Lounge on Wednesday 28th September. This is your opportunity to find out how the student services levy that you pay each year is spent and also your opportunity to say how you would LIKE it to be spent. Please provide feedback ahead of the forum here. The university has recently updated their information on how your student services levy is spent. The forum is hosted by the campus registrar, Andrea Davies and there will be SUSHI and a prize for the best question! Make sure you RSVP to make sure enough SUSHI is ordered!!!


Get On Board with ASA this year by liking our Facebook page. Also remember to turn notifications ON! We really value your feedback, so use those comments! Let us know whether there is anything you'd like us to be sharing with you that we're not already. AND get ready for competitions to WIN prizes! 
Hope everyone had a good break!
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