Thanks to readers like you...

One of the best things about writing these weekly notes is the response I get from readers like you.
Some share a brief thumbs up or question, a related link or recommendation.  Other share personal stories or reflections on their own. 

All are so appreciated, so please keep them coming.
Among the emails I received recently were three that go to the heart of these Monday morning notes. Below is a brief quote from each email and how it got me thinking.
“Your articles inspire reflection.”

Increasingly I believe reflection is the key to understanding AND solving so many of our current problems. Galileo famously said “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.”  We need more content and conversations that help us to just that.  Speaking of which....
“If you haven’t seen this, you must.” 

This was in reference to an absolutely fascinating video breaking down the meaning and symbolism behind the movie US. The filmmaker Jordan Peele remarks on how painful and difficult it can be to reflect and reckon with our own place in the world. (By the way, this reader was right, you must watch this. It peels away layer after layer of the film to reveal more and more about the human condition. The brilliant analysis of the film's use of symbols like scissors and rabbits showcase the underlying genius of this film.)
“Awareness of one’s failings is a sign of achievement, I might add.” 

The final reader comment is the payoff.  Self-awareness is, in and of itself, an achievement.  It allows us to be more honest with each other and ourselves. Ultimately, it is the door that opens us up to so many potential opportunities, solutions and actions that we might otherwise miss or resist.
Thank you to these three readers and all of you who take the time to read these pieces and share your thoughts and ideas - causing me to both reflect and increase my own understanding and self-awareness.

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