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This newsletter brings to you:
- How we are working with Humanitas, a hospital of excellence
- The provoking dialogue with Prof. Gianpiero Petriglieri and Velasco Vitali 
- Our workshops at EDIMAR CENTRE in Cameroon
- Book suggestion on the power of precise words by Gianrico Carofiglio

Dear Friend,

Today it is a special day for us: we celebrate 9 years of our history!
We want to thank you all for these intense, beautiful, memorable years.
With you we discovered ourselves more, we learnt a lot, we kept changing over time.
With you we have became more YBP.
And now, with you we are ready to face new challenges. With the strength and the experience of 9 years of innovation.

We work on projects that make us very proud.
In particular we are currently working with HUMANITAS, one of the most exceptional hospitals in Europe.
With them we created a project called “Percorsi di Qualità - Pathways to Quality”: together doctors, nurses and staff build pathways to quality through experience training in the field. There are 3 clinical paths: stroke, infections and prostate cancer.  
The project - based on interdisciplinary working groups of doctors, nurses, health and administrative staff, with the help of a facilitator - aims to build a working method and a shared language in Humanitas, which will encourage the development of an open and inclusive organizational culture. 

To look after patients to a high standard of quality, without mistakes. This is the shared goal of us all working here in Humanitas” says Ivan Colombo, CEO of Humanitas group, welcoming the participants of the project. He also adds: “Today the approach to the patient is so incredibly complex, from the treatment to the new challenges that Science has for us, that a common approach is necessary to better address our operations. Doctors, nurses and administrative staff must speak a shared language while not losing sight of the objective. Not just here in Rozzano, but in all the structures of our group”. 

To know more about the project, please read this article from Humanitas’ internal magazine.

What does Gianpiero Petriglieri, full professor at INSEAD - listed among the 50 most influential thinkers in the world, have in common with Velasco Vitali, one of the most important Italian artist, painter and sculptor?
They are free spirits, able to be themselves, to be present and to take the risk to be authentic.
And, you know, risk is the cost for freedom.
They took the risk ("scary enough", as Petriglieri said) to be part of YBP Leadership Community.
What does this mean?
Watch some moments of our provoking dialogue with Gianpiero Petriglieri to get an idea.
For a painter, making a portrait means to be in relationship with the model, discover the model and create a new shape of that person.
At the end: innovation.
For a model, being the subject of a portrait, means to be in relationship with the painter, trust the painter, discover something new about him/herself through the portrait.
At the end: innovation.
We experienced this creativity during YBP Leadership Community: watch the video to caught the moment!

Further details:
Take Youndeé, capital city of Cameroon, 6.295,81km from Milan.
Take the EDIMAR CENTRE, an independent educational centre that works every day to help young people who live in the streets.
Take the 15 educators, all locals.

Apparently, every single element is really far from our company.
In reality, YBP and the educators of the Edimar Centre in Yaoundé are very similar: we are both working for a better world.
We both use the same method based on two pillars, Freedom and Responsibility.

Here you find more photos from the workshop we run at Edimar Centre.

"Each of us should pay careful attention to the word, not only in our active use of the language - when we talk, when we write - but even more in our (apparently) passive use of it: when we listen, when we read. Because only words that pay respect to concepts, things and facts can pay respect to the truth. "

Gianrico Carofiglio in "Con Parole Precise"

In the next YBP Leadership Community we will work with Gianrico Carofiglio, novelist and former anti-mafia judge.

The purpose of the workshop will be to be able to express ourselves within our organisations with clear words, with correctness, reality, truth, pertinence, accuracy,  precision.

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