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It is time to rest and to recover our energies after such an intense year dedicated to important transformation projects!
Before the start of the summer holidays we would like to say thank you to all our clients with whom these projects have taken place, with the responsibility to shape a positive change for their organizations, their people, and therefore for our society as well.
Building a piece of a better world is also this: a smart, challenging and free engagement that makes the most of ourselves and of what we do. 
Therefore, thank you Vodafone and Humanitas
Vodafone, for two projects of great impact:
Thanks to Donatella Isaia for the cultural change she is leading, in which HR is no longer serving the business but it is working together with the business. This is actually the transition from being a parallel function that only supports the business projects, to being completely part of the projects.
Thanks to Nadia Benabdallah, who has created with her team a new business model, capable of including different cultures and based on the principle of freedom and responsibility of individuals. 
Thanks to Humanitas. Together we have designed a project of transformation that involves the processes of three important diseases, in order to make the service for the patient more effective, more "human", indeed.
Thanks to Ivan Colombo for the great vision, thanks to Paola Boromei for her involvement and deep commitment. Thanks to all the teams we have been working with side by side. 
Thanks to our clients, as the professional and personal relationship with them, is a source of continuous growth and development and a positive driver for change and self improvement.
Finally, thanks to Thomas Weishäupl for joining YBP as Digital Director. We are excited and proud that he will be part of our team to contribute, as he says, in bringing value to people and to fulfil their desire of happiness.
We wish you all a beautiful summer and we are pleased to share with you some inspiring suggestions about beauty and meaning.
Enjoy your holidays!

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Digital Director at YBP


Thomas Weishäupl, expert in both Technology and Business Models is joining YBP in September, moving from Wien. He spent his professional career working in companies such as Bell Labs, Alcatel Lucent and Nokia, leading projects all over the world. 
We are very happy and proud to have him as part of our team.


Thomas Weishäupl has over 15 years of experience in Telecom and IT industry, with a strong focus on business strategy and innovation. In his most recent assignment he was Department Leader of “New Business Models & Edge Cloud Applications” at Bell Labs Consulting, which is part of Nokia. Previously, he had different roles in Bell Labs (Alcatel-Lucent) and worked for A1 Telekom Austria. Thomas holds a Ph.D. with distinction (University of Vienna) and a Master in Business Information Technology (University of Vienna and Vienna University of Technology) with a master thesis achieved at the Politecnico di Milano.
His personal challenge and vision is to enable companies to innovate by finding and implementing new ways of applying digital, and by bringing value to people and to their desire for happiness. 



Events & Suggestions


We are happy to suggest you 4 inspiring moments:

1. The legendary milanese Art Gallery "Ponte Rosso" is exhibiting amazing artworks at YBP's 3rd Floor: come to visit them!
2. "No point going halfway": watch the meaningful, beautiful and funny video by Global Citizen.
3. Special Event at YBP's 3rd Floor: "Music & Art for Cameroon".
4. "The trusted executive", by John Blakei: read the brand new book about Leadership.

The artists of the Art Gallery "Ponte Rosso" at YBP 3rd Floor


We believe in Beauty. We believe that Beauty speaks directly to the heart of every human being, that Beauty helps building relationships. 
This is the goal of YBP 3rd Floor, a space that, as our great friend Oliviero Toscani said: "Is empty of everything but culture". This time we are proud to host the artworks of the artists of Galleria Ponte Rosso ( You are welcome to visit the exhibition!


Please, click here to watch the pictures.

Video suggestion:
"No point going halfway". Let's finish the job!


Please, click here to watch the meaningful, beautiful and funny video by Global Citizen.

Special Event at our 3rd Floor: "Music & art for Cameroon".

Edimar Centre at Yaounde, Cameroon, is a nonprofit organization that helps young people without family who live in extreme poverty.
How? Through offering them a meaningful relationship, that is, a friendship that gives them dignity and hope. Some of them changed their life, by getting a job and setting up a family.
Some others are now educators within the Edimar Centre.
Edimar Centre is also a partner of the YBP Leadership Community. They work with us to enhance freedom and responsibility.
To support and thank them we have organized a special event on September 29th evening: a Concert and an Art Auction.
So, please, don’t miss this unforgettable moment!

Book suggestion:
"The Trusted Executive"

9 Leadership habits that inspire results, relationships
by John Blakei

We suggest this brand new book in which you will find a myriad of practical examples and great models that demonstrate how urgent is to rebuild trust developing leaders today.


Please, click here to buy it on Amazon.


Have a great holiday!
Come back with less money but plenty of ideas!



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