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Apr 14th ~ Peggy is speaking 
Apr 15th ~ Prayer-Comfort Shawl Group ~ 7pm ~ Myrtle Room 
Apr 17th ~ StoryZime ~ 6:30pm ~ Rumi Room
Apr 21st ~ Peggy is speaking ~ Easter
Apr 24th ~ Joy Practice ~ 6:30pm (right before book study) ~ Rumi Room 
Apr 24th ~ Book Study ~ The Book of Joy ~ 7pm ~ Rumi Room 
Apr 27th ~ Outdoor Spring Cleanup Day ~ 8am - 2pm
Apr 28th ~ Peggy, speaker
Apr 28th ~ After second service ~ Artist's talk with Susan Driver (about her art on our art wall)


May 5th ~ Peggy's last day and send-off party
May 12th ~ Guest speaker Kirsten Bolton ~ Mother's Day

For more information about upcoming events, see our calendar. Also check out the Unity “Get Involved” page to see all of our events throughout the year.

Preview for Sunday
Our Unity    

Every Sunday morning we begin our services with the words, “Our Unity…”

“Our Unity centers us…”

Not “My Unity.” OUR Unity.

Recently in coming across some Edgar Cayce writings, I learned that he believed that the 1st lesson every individual should learn for their own soul development is cooperation.

That really made me stop and think.

It brought up a lot of questions for me. What is real cooperation? What does it mean to collaborate, to co-create? What is it like to be part of a group of diverse and committed people working together in a common purpose? And how does that experience make me grow spiritually?

Which brings me back to our opening words, “Our Unity centers us…”

How does a group of diverse individuals, with very different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, expectations, opinions, desires, wants and needs, come together in a spirit of cooperation to create “Our Unity?”

I believe this is the heart of the questions our Ft Collins Unity community needs to ask as decisions are made together in the upcoming weeks.

What do we mean when we say, “our unity”?

With deep love,



Mark Nepo has written a new book, called “More Together Than Alone,” that is a result of 12 years of studying and observing the work of community and “the pathways that bring us together.” Here are some quotes to ponder from his book:

"When I stop to put down my assumptions and conclusions – when my hands are empty and my heart starts to open – I am returned to our natural kinship with each other, no matter our path." 

"Community becomes the art and science of understanding and engaging the life-force that moves through everything." 

"Shared roots lived longer." 

"The struggle between self-interest and care lives in each heart. We are asked to work these choices every day, and the life of relationship, family, and community depend on what we choose." 

We Value Your Input!

The Unity of Fort Collins community came together Saturday, March 30, 2019 and created a final draft Vision and Mission Statement, as well as a list of some Core Value words.

Those who did not attend the workshop are invited to give input to what they came up with:

Vision statement draft:  Centered in love, inspired by Spirit, we Awaken, Connect, and Thrive.

Mission statement draft:  Through spiritual practice and service, we gratefully create an inclusive, learning, and supportive community.

Core Values draft:  Inclusivity, integrity, gratitude, love, service, openness, holding sacred space, oneness.

Click on the red button, below, to fill out an online form. You can also get a paper form on Sunday at Unity or from Grace, in the office, during office hours (Mon - Thurs, 8:30am-11:30am).

The deadline for filling out the form is Sunday, April 14th. 
I Want to Provide Input
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Transition Update ~ April 11, 2019

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to send good juju our direction as we move forward!

On April 2nd, our Unity bylaws team (Pam Timms, Kelley Willcox, Gerald Gates, Anne Hudgens, Judy Albright, Corina Hartzog, Will Moore) talked to Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) via video conference about the changes that might be needed if we choose to reinstate our membership with UWM.

You can watch that video conference meeting if you'd like to. What we found out was that it looks like only a few minor changes to our current bylaws will need to be made to get us back to official affiliation with UWM.

You also may also be interested in the video link of the March 21, 2019 UWM By-Laws call with Unity leaders nationwide.

Our Unity council and the bylaws team met on Sunday, April 7th to approve of the minor bylaws changes discussed in the April 2nd video conference meeting. Those changes will be typed up and given to our Unity council for approval, then sent to UWM for their approval.

If UWM is in agreement with our draft, we will then present it to the congregation for discussion and final decision. At that time, our community will decide together how we want to proceed. Please rest assured that EVERYONE will have a voice in this process!

We are aware that there are differences of opinion about reinstating our official affiliation with UWM, and we honor those differences. Remember that Unity of Ft Collins operates by consensus - that is still in our bylaws. No final decision will be made until community consensus is reached.

Thank you for your support and love!

The Art of Consensus

Years ago our Unity family released Robert’s Rules of Order and moved to consensus, because it reflects how we actually function in community decision-making. Simply put, consensus is the process of reaching mutual agreement in a group and ensuring that everyone is heard. It moves people toward what they have in common.

The process of voting can exclude the minority opinion. Consensus follows the spirit of Unity, and we believe that the Universe/God/Spirit/Truth supports this process. The Unity Council uses consensus to make all its decisions, and the community as a whole practices consensus at Annual Meetings.


Consensus creates a safe and sacred place to be heard, and it requires individual responsibility. Congregants participating in consensus express their feelings, thoughts and questions, or they may choose not to speak at all. There is no right or wrong. We make a commitment to allow time for this process, and to respect each other’s voices – with no interruptions.

Communication between people in a group develops the feeling of community that sustains the life of the group over time. At Unity, the belief and experience is that consensus strengthens the community by creating a constant feedback loop which aligns intention with action or impact.


There are five levels of consensus:

  1. I fully agree – you have my support.
  2. I will support with some minor reservations
  3. I will support, but not actively. I won’t stand in the way of others doing this
  4. I don’t agree, and I can’t support.
  5. I actively disagree, and I will work against this.


Regardless of which of the five levels best conveys how you feel in a discussion, the individual responsibility function of consensus asks that everyone speak their truth.

In any discussion/decision, if anyone is at level 4 or 5, then consensus is not reached.

That means that no action can be taken on that issue/decision yet. What happens next is simply that the discussion must continue. We may decide to keep talking at that gathering, to meet again on that subject, to move some discussions to a regular or special meeting, or to move the issue into committee work.


We invite everyone in the community to fully participate—this is an inclusive process that works best when people know what consensus is and continue to practice it. Consensus is one of the most powerful reasons it feels so good to be here in our Unity community.

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