KITLV News Update - September 2022

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News Update KITLV / Royal Netherlands Institute of
Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies

In the spotlight

Tom Hoogervorst appointed as adjunct professor  
Tom Hoogervorst has been appointed adjunct professor at the Department of Indonesian, Faculty of Letters, at the State University of Malang, from September 2022 to 2027. He will serve in this capacity in collaboration with KITLV, where Tom is a researcher since 2015. 

Research / Onderzoek

Cyber troops and computational propaganda in Southeast Asia
This research project studies comparatively how social media-based public opinion manipulation is organised in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. Computational propaganda – the coordinated dissemination of political disinformation by networks of hired social media influencers (‘cyber troops’) – constitutes a considerable and growing threat for the quality of public debate and, consequently, democracy around the world.


We need to talk about loanwords!
By Taufiq Hanafi & Tom Hoogervorst. “What’s the point?” you inquire, adjusting your pince-nez sceptically. And to that, we reply: loanwords are monuments of cultural contact. Once detected as such, they reveal human agency and encounters previously concealed by the misty shrouds of time. When we dig deeper, loanwords inform us about the arenas in which contact took place, the directions of that contact, and circumstances under which it was made. For better or worse, they are reminders of our connectedness.


Podcast 'De Ranchi Baby’s, een koloniale erfenis 
Onderweg van Indonesië naar Nederland werden in 1950 op het schip de Ranchi, met aan boord militairen en hun familie, 37 kinderen geboren. In de podcast 'De Ranchi Baby's spoort Joost Wilgenhof alle Ranchi baby’s op en duikt in hun familiegeschiedenis en worsteling met de erfenis van het koloniale verleden. Wilgenhof werkte voor de podcast samen met KITLV onderzoeker Esther Captain, die de verschillende perspectieven op de geschiedenis inzichtelijk probeert te maken. De podcast is vanaf 5 oktober beschikbaar.

Publications / Publicaties

New issue New West Indian Guide
The latest NWIG includes 2 articles: 'She has not been seen or heard of since: Gender, incarceration, and punishment in The Bahamas, 1860s–1920s', by Anne Ulentin and 'Sustenance and survival: Women, food, and sovereignty in postemancipation Tobago', by O’Neill Joseph as well as a research note on the journal of the galiot Nieuwer Amstel by Julie van den Hout, Jaap Jacobs, and Jeroen Dewulf. This issue also features two reviews articles by Rosamond S. King ('Beyond homophobia and binary gender') and Johanna C. Kardux ('Dutch cities in global slavery'), plus 51 full reviews of books on the Caribbean. More.
New open access publications project 'Palm oil conflicts and access to justice in Indonesia'
By Ward Berenschot and others.
'Anti-corporate activism and collusion: The contentious politics of palm oil expansion in Indonesia', Geoforum.
Land-use change conflicts and anti-corporate activism in Indonesia: A review essay', Journal of East Asian Studies.
Local brokerage and international leverage: NGOs and land conflicts in Indonesia', Journal of International Development.
Ongemak: Zes Caribische eilanden en Nederland
In Ongemak beschrijven historicus Gert Oostindie en politicoloog Wouter Veenendaal het verleden, heden en toekomst van de band tussen Nederland en de Caribische eilanden. Op basis van jarenlang onderzoek laten Oostindie en Veenendaal zien hoe verschillend er aan weerszijden van de oceaan over de koninkrijksrelaties wordt gedacht, waar het ongemak en de knelpunten in de relatie zitten, en hoe het beter zou kunnen.
New advanced article in the New West Indian Guide
'Reconstructing Lokono contributions to science:  The life work of Johannes Karwafodi', by Konrad Rybka. Since the first colonial encounter, Indigenous people have shared their unique systems of knowledge with colonial actors. Yet, their roles in colonial research and their contributions to Western science remain both obscured by the careers of their collaborators and segmented by the bounds of the disciplines they helped advance. This article is an attempt at reconstructing and recentering the life work of Johannes Karwafodi, a Lokono man from the early-twentieth-century colony of Suriname who worked with Surinamese, Dutch, and international scholars, most notably, the Penard brothers (anthropology, zoology), De Goeje (linguistics, anthropology), Stahel (ethnobotany), and Abbenhuis (anthropology).
Read more.

In the media / In de media

Tijd voor Max en Kunststof/NTR: Sharelly Emanuelson over expositie 'Document Nederland'
In het tv-programma 'Tijd voor Max' en radioprogramma 'Kunststof' sprak 
Sharelly Emanuelson over de expositie 'Document Nederland; Behouden/Tene/Sustain'. In opdracht van het  Rijksmuseum fotografeerde Sharelly duurzaamheid binnen Nederland en de 6 Nederlands-Caribische eilanden en onderzocht ze balans tussen de mens en zijn omgeving. Meer in Tijd voor Max (vanaf 27:27) en Kunststof.
Volkskrant: Interview met Gert Oostindie en Wouter Veenendaal
Sheila Sitalsing interviewt Gert Oostindie en Wouter Veenendaal over hun onlangs verschenen boek Ongemak en hun ideeën over de verhouding tussen Nederland en de 6 Nederlands-Caribische eilanden verbeterd kan worden: 'Geef het Caribische deel van Nederland zetels in het parlement'. Meer.

Vacancy / Vacature

Postdoc position for project on cyber troops in Southeast Asia
We are looking for a Postdoctoral candidate for a new research project that studies how social media-based public opinion manipulation is organized in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. Deadline: 31 October 2022.

Vereniging KITLV

Revolt! Degrowth! Decolonize! Global climate agendas, local struggles
Join our public event 'Revolt! Degrowth! Decolonize! Global Climate Agendas, Local Struggles' on 7 October! Together we will engage in conversation about our contemporary climate crisis and its colonial and capitalist underpinnings. Moderated by Maurice Seleky, music by Shishani and many interesting speakers: Alicia Schrikker, Idris Fredison, Lysanne Charles, Yogi Permana, Yvonne Kunz, Daphina Misiedjan, Raki Ap, Tibisay Sankatsing Nava, Chihiro Geuzebroek, Selçuk Balamir, Ilone Hartlief, Talissa Soto, Diana Suhardiman. Curated by Mikki Stelder. Free entrance. Registration: More.
Fondsen van de Vereniging (also  available in English)
 voor leden van de Vereniging die activiteiten willen organiseren | Deadline: 1 december 2022.

Collectie-/Publicatiefonds t.b.v. initiatieven van leden die ten goede komen van de KITLV collecties | Deadline: 1 december 2022.

Dr. Silvia de Groot Fonds voor jonge Caribische onderzoekers | Deadline: 16 december 2022.

Philippus Corts Fonds voor studenten en onderzoekers, werkzaam in Nederland of voor een gezamenlijk Nederlands en Indonesisch team, die in collecties in Nederland en/of Indonesië wetenschappelijk onderzoek verrichten. 

Adatrechts Fonds ondersteunt onderzoekers bij hun onderzoek en publicaties op het gebied van Adatrecht.

Upcoming events / Komende activiteiten

6 October: Opening of LeidenGlobal Exhibition Crafting Cultures

7 October: Public event | Revolt! Degrowth! Decolonize! Global climate agendas, local struggle

13 October: Webinar | Writing the foreigner: Chinese and Indonesians in each other’s texts | Josh Stenberg & Wayan Jarrah Sastrawan

18-20 October: Online conference | 
Week of Indonesia - Netherlands Education and Research (WINNER)

28 October: 
IS4 Webinar | The solidarity economy experiments of Indonesia's peasant and fisher movements

3 November: Webinar | Health, Crime and Punishment in the Colonial Caribbean | Juanita De Barros (more information will follow soon)

8-10 November: International conference |
The makings of arts from Southeast Asia and the problems of colonial legacies

Tot 15 januari 2023: Expositie in het Rijksmuseum | Document Nederland: DUURZAAM/SUSTAIN/TENE | Sharelly Emanuelson
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