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News update KITLV / Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, November 2015

As of October 2015 KITLV will resume its practice of sending out monthly news updates.

New publications / Nieuwe publicaties

The Turkic-Turkish Theme in Traditional Malay Literature
By Vladimir Braginsky, SOAS, London (Emeritus). The Turkic-Turkish Theme in Traditional Malay Literature is the first detailed study of the representation of the Turkic peoples and Ottoman Turks in Malay literature between the 14th–19th centuries. (New KITLV/BRILL publication).

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Youth Identities and Social Transformations in Modern Indonesia
Edited by Kathryn Robinson, The Australian National University. Youth Identities and Social Transformations in Modern Indonesia addresses current struggles and opportunities facing Indonesia’s youth across the archipelago. (New KITLV/BRILL publication).

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Digital Methods in Asian Studies
Now online available: special issue Asian Journal of Social Science on ‘Digital Methods in Asian Studies’. With articles written by KITLV researchers Gerry van Klinken, Jacqueline Hicks, Vincent Traag and Ridho Reinanda

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Living in a Makeshift World?
Article by David Kloos in Visual Anthropology Review: ‘Living in a Makeshift World? Mobility, Temporariness, and Everyday Life in Indonesia’. David wrote this article based on his research in the archive of KITLVs’ audiovisual project 'Recording the Future'.

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De troepenmacht in Suriname
Ellen Klinkers sprak vorige week in het radioprogramma ‘Met het oog op morgen’ (NPO 1) over haar nieuwste boek De troepenmacht in Suriname: De Nederlandse defensie in een veranderende koloniale wereld 1940-1975.
Islam and the limits of the state
Islam and the limits of the state: Reconfigurations of practice, community and authority in contemporary Aceh, edited by R. Michael Feener (National University of Singapore), David Kloos (KITLV) and Annemarie Samuels (University of Amsterdam).
Rudy Tuhusula, over de totobuang, tifa en muziek van Delta
Een artikel over de Molukse muzikant Rudy Tuhusula van Fridus Steijlen in het november nummer van de nieuwsbrief van het Moluks Historisch Museum. Met audiofragment over de totobuang.

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KITLV in the media / KITLV in de media

Mare: 'Slavenbonnetjes en kookboeken: Leiden in Suriname, Suriname in Leiden'
"Driehonderd gulden kreeg een slaveneigenaar als vergoeding bij de afschaffing van de slavernij. Hij verloor immers zijn eigendom’, vertelt surinamist Rosemarijn Hoefte bij de tentoonstelling Suriname in beweging: migratie en cultuur in de Universiteitsbibliotheek. Een originele kwitantie ligt in de vitrine."

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Latest blogs / Nieuwste blogs

Tales of war’s boredom: The spy who loved flowers
While the recent academic, public and legal attention for the decolonization of Indonesia rightly focuses on violence as one of its defining characteristics, we should not lose sight of the other aspects of the conflict. Christiaan Harinck takes a look at some of these aspects, including boredom and a alleged spy who dealt in flowers.

An angry Dutchman (white)
White Dutch people have recently entered the second stage of grief over losing their colonial innocence: anger, says Paul Bijl. For decades they thought that racist injustice, slavery, colonialism and mass killings were more characteristics of the Germans, Americans, British and French.

“The prostitute of languages”: Malay musings from a cynical Dutchman
…and no, Tom Hoogervorst is not referring to himself here. The late 19th-century autodidact D.F. van der Pant anonymously and acrimoniously expressed his discontent with the language skills of his compatriots. How much of what he wrote still rings true today?

On the unexpected virtue of ‘The Year of Living Dangerously’
The governing body of world soccer, FIFA, has suspended the Indonesian Soccer Union (PSSI) for being taken over by Indonesian politics. Nico van Horn says: yeah, like sports and politics never go together.


Members Association / Vereniging

Members survey / ledenenquête
The members association wishes to improve the way it works to attain its goals. You can help us, whether you are a member or not. Please share ideas by answering our questions in the survey below and help us to put Southeast Asia and the Caribbean more prominently on the research agenda.

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Caribbean / Cariben

Interuniversitary course Introduction to Caribbean Studies
In the second semester of the academic year 2015-2016 KITLV organizes the interuniversitary course Introduction to Caribbean Studies. Participation is open to all students studying at a Dutch university and anyone else interested in the Caribbean. The course will mainly be offered in Dutch.

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Nieuwe subsidieronde Dr. Silvia W. de Groot Fonds voor jonge Caraïbische onderzoekers
Het Silvia de Groot fonds is bedoeld om jonge Caraïbische onderzoekers, bij voorkeur van Marron-afkomst, financieel te ondersteunen bij de voorbereiding van een wetenschappelijke publicatie over de geschiedenis of cultuur van de Caraïben. Jaarlijks is een bedrag van € 10.000 beschikbaar, te verdelen over één of enkele aanvragers. De deadline nieuwe subsidieronde: 16 december 2015.

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Job vacancies / Vacatures

Onderzoeksstage (only in Dutch)

Onderzoeksstage bij het project 'Nederlands militair optreden in Indonesië 1945-1950'. Deadline: 15 december 2015.

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Upcoming events / Komende activiteiten

3 december: symposium 'Oorlog in de archieven'
9 December: “The political is part of our society”: Hindu citizenship in Amsterdam Southeast since 2010
10 December: seminar on Dhao Grammar: a language spoken on Ndao Island (more information will follow soon)

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