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News update KITLV / Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, June 2016

New publications / Nieuwe publicaties

New history of Javanese literature by Willem van der Molen
Javanese literature is the oldest literature in Southeast Asia. Its history goes back to the ninth century. The Dvenadcat vekov Javanskoj literaturi. Obzornija kurs (‘Twelve centuries of Javanese literature. A survey’) sets out to tell this history. It highlights the most notable works against the background of ideas on literature and external conditions.

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New KITLV/Brill publication: Bali in the early nineteenth century
Bali in the early nineteenth century; The ethnographic accounts of Pierre Dubois, by Helen Creese, University of Queensland. In Bali in the Early Nineteenth Century, Helen Creese examines the nature of the earliest sustained cross-cultural encounter between the Balinese and the Dutch through the eyewitness accounts of Pierre Dubois, the first colonial official to live in Bali.

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Cohesie dankzij paternalisme?
Een nieuwe column van KITLV onderzoeker Fridus Steijlen in het juni nummer van de nieuwsbrief van het Moluks Historisch Museum.

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KITLV Jaarverslag 2015
Het KITLV jaarverslag 2015 is online beschikbaar via de website. Een samenvatting in het Engels is inmiddels ook beschikbaar. Leden van het KITLV die een lidmaatschap hebben inclusief een geprinte versie van één van de tijdschriften NWIG of BKI, hebben het jaarverslag thuis ontvangen. Leden met een digitaal lidmaatschap ontvangen alleen een digitale versie.

Latest blogs / Nieuwste blogs

The place of the Vultures: Cuba on the cusp of change 
Confronting Caribbean Challenges researcher Jessica Vance Roitman was recently in Havana, Cuba for the yearly Association of Caribbean Historians conference. In this blog, she contemplates her role as a tourist feeding off the island’s perceived authenticity.

Celebrating Ramadan in style? 
The fasting month in Indonesia comes with new gadgets and ‘special offers’ advertisements. Chris Chaplin wonders whether or not this affects the pious character of Fasting.

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100.000: the magic victim number 
Historian Bart Luttikhuis examines the origins of the widely-used estimate of 100,000 Indonesian victims of the Dutch-Indonesian War of Decolonization (1945-1950), and calls into question its accuracy. Ultimately, he wonders, does the number really matter? Why is it that humanitarian tragedies seem more tragic if we can quantify them?

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When historians delve into the present 
Unlike social scientists, many historians do not very often engage in a dialogue with their research subjects. For, as far as we know, the dead don’t read or speak back. But what happens if a historian delves into the present? Rosemarijn Hoefte reflects on what is for her a new experience.

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Members Association / Vereniging

Honorary membership of Cees Fasseur
Shortly before his unexpected death Cees Fasseur accepted honorary membership of the Association KITLV. The chairperson of the Association, Susan Legêne, made the announcement at the Annual General Meeting on 10th June.

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Upcoming events / Komende activiteiten

7 July: seminar ‘Past and present of nature protection in Sumatra: People, spaces, species’, by Farwiza Farhan & Matthew Minarchek

8-10 December: conference ‘From Clients to Citizens? Citizenship in Democratising Indonesia’

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