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News Update KITLV / Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies

Vacancies / Vacatures

Two junior postdoctoral researchers
The KITLV-KNAW aims to be a world-class research institute for the interdisciplinary study of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, with a focus on Indonesia and the ‘Dutch’ Caribbean. We are looking for two talented and enthusiastic junior postdoctoral researchers, 38 hrs/week. Read more on our website.

New publications / Nieuwe publicaties

Open acces: Photographs of colonial atrocity in Dutch cultural remembrance
With the support of Knowledge Unlatched the publication Emerging memory: Photographs of colonial atrocity in Dutch cultural remembrance by Paul Bijl is now open access available.
This volume brings together postcolonial studies, visual culture and cultural memory studies to explain how the Netherlands continues to rediscover its history of violence in colonial Indonesia. Read more
Meeting PPI-Belanda, a report
On 24 February Fridus Steijlen and Ireen Hoogenboom were invited by the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) to introduce and discuss the research program ‘Decolonisation, violence and war in Indonesia, 1945-1950’. Discussions about this research program are always lively and usually attract a lot of people. This time it was no different. Fridus wrote a report on this meeting. Read the report here.
Online: inaugural lecture Rosemarijn Hoefte
On 16 March 2018, Rosemarijn Hoefte, who in 2017 and with the support of the KITLV-KNAW was appointed Professor of the History of Suriname since 1873 in a comparative perspective, held her inaugural lecture, entitled ‘The last convulsions of colonialism: The Suriname experiment in the 1930s’ at the University of Amsterdam. Read more.
A comparative study of Indonesia’s patronage democracy
Full open access article. KITLV researcher Ward Berenschot has worked with 35 local Indonesian researchers to compare the character of local politics across Indonesia. The results of this project have just appeared in the renowned journal Comparative Political Studies. Read more.
Realm between empires
Wim Klooster and Gert Oostindie present a fresh look at the Dutch Atlantic in the period following the imperial moment of the seventeenth century. This epoch (1680–1815), the authors argue, marked a distinct and significant era in which Dutch military power declined and Dutch colonies began to chart a more autonomous path. More.
Child marriage in a village in West Java
Article by Hoko Horii (KITLV/Leiden University) and Mies Grijns (Leiden University): ‘Child marriage in a village in West Java (Indonesia): Compromises between legal obligations and religious concerns’. This article addresses the dilemmas and compromises in legal practice around the issue of child marriage in Indonesia. Read more.
Latest issue BKI online
Available online: the latest Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia (BKI), volume 174, issue 1. BKI is an interdisciplinary open access journal on Southeast Asia, with a focus on Indonesia. The editors especially welcome articles from anthropology, history, political science, law, sociology, social geography, development studies, urban studies, literature, socio-linguistics, and economics. Read more.

KITLV in the media / KITLV in de media

Unveiling of the plaque ‘Clubhuis Indonesia’
On 5 March 2017, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia and the President PPI-Leiden unveiled a plaque commemorating the ‘Clubhuis Indonesia’, which was housed in Leiden between March 1937 and November 1941. The Clubhuis formed part of a broader movement among Indonesian students in the Netherlands to not only seek a home away from home, but to also organize themselves for nationalistic purposes. Read more.
Radio 1/ Focus: ‘Korte lijntjes met politici’
Op 28 februari jl. was één van de KITLV onderzoekers te horen in het NTR/Radio 1 programma Focus, een nachtelijk programma over wetenschap en geschiedenis. Wouter Veenendaal was op dat moment in Suriname en vertelde in de uitzending over zijn onderzoek naar hoe de politiek in Suriname werkt. Beluister de uitzending hier.
Interview with Rosemarijn Hoefte on UWI TV
In this episode of Region Talk on Carribbean Matters on UWI TV, professor Woodville Marshall and professor Rosemarijn Hoefte were interviewed about the Association Of Caribbean Historians (ACH). ACH is an independent, non-profit, professional organization devoted to the promotion of Caribbean history from a multidisciplinary, pan-Caribbean perspective. Read more.

Caribbean / Cariben

Vissers Bonaire werken samen aan verduurzaming
Ph.D. onderzoeker Stacey Mac Donald werkte enkele maanden nauw samen met de lokale vissers en met andere belanghebbenden bij het (duurzaam) beheer van de visserij op Bonaire. Dankzij haar onderzoek, is nu een aantal knelpunten in kaart gebracht en is ook de lokale samenwerking van de vissers sterker geworden. Lees meer.
Documentaire ‘Drie vrouwen’ over erkenning van slavernijverleden
Erfgoeddeskundige en KITLV onderzoeker Valika Smeulders, winti-priesteres Marian Markelo en onderzoeker Ellen-Rose Kambel pleiten voor een waardige erkenning van het Nederlands slavernijverleden.
Wat gebeurt er als je jouw familiegeschiedenis onderzoekt en je een foto vindt van de slaveneigenaar van jouw voorouders? Lees meer.
Professor of the History of Suriname
In 1930s Suriname a dire economic situation and unemployment caused social unrest. In contrast to other Caribbean colonies, in Suriname this led to a conservative backlash or counter movement. In her inaugural lecture on 16 March Rosemarijn Hoefte focuses on the discrepancy between Dutch colonial policy and the growing consciousness surrounding Surinamese identity in the 1930s. Read more.

Latest blogs / Nieuwste blogs

Can informal politics be studied quantitatively?
By Ward Berenschot. That may sound like a boring question, but it is an important one. Am I exaggerating if I say that the future of democracy depends on it? Informal politics is usually studied through in-depth fieldwork and interviews. Its shady and often secretive nature makes it difficult to study the subject in any other way. Read more.
Why Dutch socialists failed to facilitate a peaceful decolonization of Indonesia
By Henk Schulte Nordholt. Clement Atlee, who had replaced Winston Churchill as prime minister of the United Kingdom in 1945, helped to effectuate the rapid decolonization of Burma and India. However, Dutch socialists, who had also come to power in 1945, were unable to pursue a similar policy in Indonesia. Why? Read more.

Upcoming events / Komende activiteiten

5 April: Seminar | The corrupt colony? Debates on colonial corruption and modern governance in France, Great Britain and the Netherlands around 1900 | Ronald Kroeze

9 April: Call for Applications | EuroSEAS Workshop | ‘Listen to Your Eyes’: Multimedia Web-Based Storytelling for Researchers

12 april: Lezing bij Het Nieuwe Instituut | Dwars door het archief: Decolonial gaze | o.a. Paul Bijl

18 April: Seminar | A critical economic history of Indonesia: extraction, nationalism, and semiperipheral capitalism | Paul Gellert

25 april: Presentatie van Koloniale oorlogen in Indonesië | o.a. Henk Schulte Nordholt

25 May: Seminar | Witnessing death: Photographing the Philippine drug war | Vicente Rafael

31 May: Seminar | Courtrooms of conflict: The (un)certainty of law in colonial Java | Sanne Ravensbergen

10-14 June: Symposium | The changing futures of islands | 16th ISISA Islands of the World Conference 2018

28 juni: Vooraankondiging publieksdag | Chinese Indonesian Heritage Center
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