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Moreton Bay Road Runners

At the recent MBRR executive meeting it was brought to our attention that
there are several members who are unhappy with the communication going out
to the club.  We had a lot of discussion around this topic and want to be
as transparent to you as possible.  We realise we are going through a
period of change and sometimes that is harder for some than others.  A lot
of time and investment has gone into creating a new and improved website as
well as a new email system.  This is primarily to ensure that all members
privacy is taken into account as we can no longer have members addresses
and details up on a public website.  There is a lot of valuable information
in the members area of the website including the monthly calendar and all
the emails that have gone out to the club.

If you are having issues with not knowing where the runs are (or any other
communication issues) please discuss this with a committee member.  We ask
that you be specific around the issues you are having as we can't fix
something if we don't know it's broken.  Having said that we also need a
commitment from you to try and embrace the new way of running the club.  If
you are having issues with getting the emails or clicking on links, logging
into the website, etc. there are many within the executive (and other
members) who would be willing to come around and show you how it is done.
We can now see who is opening their emails (about 68% overall open rate)
and who is clicking on the links in the emails that provide important
information.  Sadly this rate is around 15%.  It is everyone's
responsibility to read the emails provided and check the website regularly
to ensure you are kept aware of what is happening.

There is also a Closed Facebook site that is used regularly.  We recognise
that not everyone is on Facebook so we are looking at ways we can share
these updates in a blog section of our members area of the website.  If you
would like to be on the closed facebook site please email with your facebook email address and we'll get you
added to the list.

MBRR Executive Committee


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