March 2015
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2015 seems to be slipping away really quickly, it is now May and we are over 1/3 of the way through the year.  Next thing we will be immersed in exams and marking. 

Before that starts a reminder that paper and workshop submissions for the Annual CITRENZ conference are due on Monday 25th May.  Please remind everyone in your institution as we look forward to celebrating the ITP sector excellence in research. If staff aren’t publishing internationally then this is the best place to publish research and much less cost involved.  We also are thrilled to announce our keynote speaker, President of IITP and CEO Animation Research Ian Taylor.  This is still tentative but we do hope he can be there.  Our confirmed keynote speaker is Paul Denny from University of Auckland.  This year’s conference theme is “Inspirational Computing Education” and Paul won the National Tertiary teaching award so we know he will be inspirational and share some of his secrets.  It is also a good idea to book your flights now, especially for those who you know are attending, Auckland to Queenstown was $109 for my ticket.
I have just returned from India and Nepal, we missed the earthquake by five days so count ourselves extremely lucky.  Many of the places we saw are now rubble.  Having survived the Christchurch earthquakes I can sympathise with our colleagues in Khatmandu, one lot of earthquakes is enough for one lifetime.  Apart from the tragedy in Nepal the rest of the trip was a success, education in ITP’s in New Zealand is well thought of and many students applying to all ITP’s in computing. 
We have high hopes that the new qualifications will be listed mid-May, we have heard nothing to the contrary so assume all is going to plan.  The Programmes of Study are continuing development, more news on that as soon as the qualifications are listed.
Congratulations to Mathew Stevenson from Wintec and Rhonda Munster from Open Polytechnic on their Excellence awards, a great achievement.

CITRENZ annual excellence awards


The CITRENZ Award for Academic Excellence for Top students and The Highest Achiever in the Diploma in Information and Communications Technology Level 5 sponsored by The Centre for Business, Information Technology and Enterprise.
Recipient: Mathew Stevenson

Mathew enrolled into the Diploma ICT L5 in February 2014. During his year of study, he managed to get a Merit pass 14 out of 17 modules. To get a merit, you need to score over 95% in the assessments. 
Mathew is now enrolled in the Diploma in ICT L6 and I am sure that we will see him at these awards again next year… an incredible student.

The Open Polytechnic

Open Polytechnic graduate, Rhonda Munster, has been awarded the Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand (CITRENZ) award for top graduating student in the Bachelor of Applied Science with an IS & T major at the Open Polytechnic’s Auckland ceremony on May 28

In addition to completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Information Systems & Technology), along the way Rhonda has obtained a Diploma in Information Systems & Technology for Business (Level 5) and a. Diploma in Information Systems & Technology (Level 6).

Rhonda originally studied with the Open Polytechnic for a Bachelor of Business nearly 20 years ago, but stopped to look after her young family.
“During my time raising our four children, I formed my own company and contracted predominantly in administration, accounting and technical writing roles. I enjoyed the varied work however I discovered that my true passion was problem solving and found that information technology was often the key to resolving many issues. After a considerable amount of soul searching, and support from my husband, I decided to cut right back on my work and become a full-time student at the start of 2012.”

Rhonda says she decided to study through the Open Polytechnic so she could balance her busy home schedule with study and assisting clients when required, now that she has graduated, she is putting much of what she has learnt during her study into practice in her new role as a Business Systems Consultant for Javelin Information Systems.
The 28th Annual CITRENZ Conference: 6-9 October 2015
Inspirational Computing Education
You don't want to miss CITRENZ 2015 in beautiful Queenstown!

Mark the dates in your diary NOW and keep an eye on the CITRENZ website and monthly newsletters for the latest details. 


There are some great deals on flights available if you get in early, so the best time to secure your flight at a great rate is NOW. 

Announcing - CITRENZ 2015 keynote speakers

Ian Taylor, CEO Animation Research Ltd / Virtual Eye

Ian holds an LLB from the University of Otago, and was inducted into the New Zealand Hi-Tech Hall of Fame in 2009. In 2010 he was named North & South magazine’s New Zealander of the Year. 
In the same year he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the New Zealand Computer Society, the top honour of the ICT sector in New Zealand.He was named a Companion of the NZ Order of Merit in the 2012 New Year Honours for services to television and business and won the Creative sector of the World Class New Zealander Awards in the same year. In 2013 Ian was also named Outstanding Maori Business Leader of the Year.

It may come as a surprise then that Ian claims to have no skills whatsoever – is at a loss to understand why anyone would wantto hear his story and believes that the reason he has received the accolades he has is because he lives at the bottom of the world where no one has been able to check him out.

That --- and the fact that he has had the amazing good fortune to have worked alongside some of the cleverest people in the world.

Paul Denny

Paul Denny has been teaching in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Auckland since 2000. His interests include developing and evaluating technologies for supporting collaborative learning, particularly involving student-generated resources. Projects such as PeerWise and CodeWrite, where students author, share and discus course-related practice questions exemplify this approach.
In 2009 PeerWise won the Australasian Association for Engineering Education Award for innovation in curricula, learning and teaching. 

PeerWise is now used at 1200 universities and schools around the world, hosting more than 1.5m questions with associated explanations and discussions, and tens of millions of student answers. Paul is a recipient of the National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award (2009) and the Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia Teaching Award (2010). 

Secure your accommodation at Rydges

Rydges Queenstown have put aside rooms for conference delegates that can be booked now. For a copy of the direct booking form CLICK HERE...
The Conference Dinner is always a highlight and this year we're giving you the chance to share your fantastic ideas for a theme.

Send your ideas to Vivienne Wetere and if your idea is selected, you could be in for a prize to be presented at the conference. 
The Fourth International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE2015) will be held at Surya University, Indonesia.

September 10-12, 2015.

The event will be held over three days, with presentations delivered by researchers from the international community, including presentations from keynote speakers and state-of-the-art lectures. 

CITRENZ members are encouraged to submit a paper related to 'Multimedia Learning System Design for E Learning'. 

Click here for the conference website. For a copy of the special session brief, click here.

Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE)

Vilnius University, Vilnius Lithuania. 6-8 July, 2015

Click here for details.

Positive outlook contrasts with few jobs.

IT Sector - Regional needs:

AbsoluteIT’s April headline ‘Auckland tech centre innovation driving IT job growth’ contrasts Auckland’s niche as a Pacific IT innovation hub with Wellington’s label as the High Tech Capital of New Zealand. According to the report Auckland’s IT sector has grown 80% in the last decade with more than 6,700 companies employing nearly 31,000 people and contributing 55% of New Zealand’s GDP for the sector.

With Auckland home to a number of international IT companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Dell, HP, and Cisco, together with several local emerging companies including Mako Networks, Konnect Net, Vend, Wynyard Group, and Endace, IT skills are in hot demand. According to figures from AbsoluteIT’s recent Tech Employer Insight survey Auckland’s top skills in demand are software development, business analysis, project management and data / database.

Table 1 compares the current Seek ICT job adverts for these ‘top skills in demand’ for Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury. Forty-four percent of the total job adverts for the top skills in demand are based in Auckland. The demand for Project Management comes in at number 2, unseating Business Analysis in the process. 
No. *Top Skills in Demand Auckland Wellington Canterbury
1 Software Developer 294 84 33
2 Business Analyst 188 102 36
3 Project Manager 217 109 26
4 Data/Database 47 23 7

Table 1 Top Skills in Demand                                            *Based on AbsoluteIT survey results for Auckland
Programming Languages in Vogue

The TIOBE (Programming Community) Index for April 2015 has Java at number one on the index once again and attributes the language’s recent resurgence to the increasing demand for Java Android programming (Fig.1).
Table 2 illustrates the current demand by region for the top five languages listed on the TIOBE index for this month. C# is a clear winner in the top five as the language most in demand in Auckland and Canterbury, based on the number of Seek ICT job adverts for April.
No. TIOBE Index (April 2015)
*Top Five Languages
Auckland Wellington Canterbury
1 Java 140 74 8
2 C 40 10 5
3 C++ 32 3 2
4 Objective-C 5 6 0
5 C# 163 28 30

Table 2 Seek ICT Job Ads by TIOBE Index Top 5 Languages *Adverts may contain multiple languages.

Table 3 extends the search for selected languages, based on the TIOBE Index top 20, most in demand in these regional centres as advertised on the Seek ICT website. JavaScript is the number one language in demand in all three NZ regional centres, according to these results. 
No. TIOBE Index (April 2015)
*Selected Languages
Auckland Wellington Canterbury
6 JavaScript 197 66 39
7 PHP 40 14 16
8 Python 22 7 3
| | | | |
18 Ruby/Ruby on Rails 27 35 2

Table 3 Seek ICT Job Adverts by Language Based on TIOBE Index Top 20 Listings
*Adverts may contain multiple languages.

Fig.1 TIOBE Programming Community Index for April 2015
Seek ICT Job Adverts
Seek ICT job adverts for all NZ for April are down by 5.7 percent on March numbers and are significantly down by 17.5 percent for all NZ on the same time last year (Fig.2). 

Fig.2 Seek ICT Job Adverts Monthly Trends 2010 –2015 (April)
The number of IT job adverts on Trademe has fallen by 14.4 percent on last month’s figure with similar drop of 15 percent on the April 2014 numbers (Fig.3).

Fig.3 Seek ICT & Trademe IT Job Advert Trends to April 2015
Seek ICT job adverts for the three major regions of Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury lag behind the 2014 figures for the same month, down 13.5 percent, 21 percent and 20 percent respectively. The monthly declines for both Wellington (5.6 percent) and Canterbury (15 percent) (Fig.4) are in contrast to last month’s increases of 12 percent and 8 percent respectively (Refer to Fig.5 for specific monthly job advert numbers).  

Fig.4 Seek ICT Job Advert Trends Monthly Change for April 2015

Figure 5 provides a detailed record of the Seek ICT job advert trends by region to April 2015. 

Fig.5 Seek ICT Job Advert Monthly Trends to April 2015
Auckland is least affected by the fall in Seek ICT job adverts for this month, as evidenced across all three main regional centres, dropping just 2.7 percent. A comparison between the regional centres of ICT job adverts for the top skills in demand somewhat reinforces Auckland’s reputation as a Pacific IT innovation hub driving IT job growth in New Zealand.
While the TIOBE Index has Java in top spot for the language globally most in demand JavaScript is the clear winner, just ahead of C#, in the top language stakes for New Zealand, as based on the number of Seek ICT job adverts for this month.

News Bytes: A to Z

NZ – AbsoluteIT: Auckland tech sector innovation driving IT job growth

75% of Auckland IT employers are planning to recruit additional staff / contractors in the coming year, with the majority of the hiring taking place to support new projects and increased customer demand.

NZ – AbsoluteIT: Why New Zealand is awesome and a great place to find your dream IT job

Tech professionals in New Zealand are some of the happiest in the world, according to our latest Job Seeker Insight report, with 85% believing their current workplace is a good place to be and 91% considering their work / life balance to be either average or above.

NZ – Computerworld: N4L reaches 500,000 school users on Managed Network

Today more than 470,000 students and 33,000 teachers from 1460+ schools (nearly 60% of all schools) are using the internet services, which includes uncapped data, web filtering and network security.
NZ – NZ Herald Business News: Recruitment drive for IT sector
Software developers are the most sought-after staff in the IT profession in Auckland.
NZ – NZ Herald Business News: Youngster’s chance to learn coding
According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, workers in the tech sector are paid up to 40 per cent more than the national average wage.

UK – Misco News: Europe ICT Skills Crisis Could Hamper Big Data Benefits

New IT trends such as big data and cloud computing are creating a wealth of social and economic opportunities - but the European Commission's Digital Single Market chief claims Europe is at risk of missing out, due to a lack of technical workers.

UK – Public Technology: Five tips for choosing your cloud backup provider

Cloud backup has been around for more than a decade. It’s one of the most mature applications of cloud technology and has become a common feature of the business landscape due to its reliability, efficiency and automation capabilities.

USA – Computerworld: 2015 reality check: IT hiring, spending are up -- for now

How is 2015 shaping up for the IT industry? Spending is on the rise and hiring is increasing, but competition for employees with in-demand skills may slow innovation.

USA – Java World: Java regains spot as most popular language in developer index

After a year-and-a-half in second place, behind the C language, Java surged back into first place in this month's TIOBE language popularity index. Topping the TIOBE Index again is being attributed to Java's usage in Android application development.
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