February 2018, Newsletter no. 80
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Jihadists Respond to Trump: “In al-Quds we meet”
Perspectives | 2 February 2018
On 6 December 2017, US President Donald Trump announced that the US recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and that it will relocate the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the new capital. In this Perspective, Pieter Van Ostaeyen and Tore Hamming analyse  responses to Trump's position on Jerusalem from a range of jihadist groups. 
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ISIS Child Soldiers in Syria: The Structural and Predatory Recruitment, Enlistment, Pre-Training Indoctrination, Training, and Deployment
Research Paper | 19 February 2018
In this Research Paper, Asaad Almohammad uses  unique first-hand data  from ISIS-held territories in Syria to explore the process of child recruitment and deployment. The Paper's aim is to put forward a more detailed and nuanced portrait of the recruitment and deployment of children by ISIS. 
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Jihadists’ Grievance Narratives against France
Policy Brief | 26 February 2018
Laurence Bindner analyses the perceived grievances of French jihadists', with a view to identify avenues of further development for the French counter-terrorism strategic communication strategy.
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Research Fellow Liesbeth van der Heide in The New York Times
The New York Times | 24 February 2018
 In this week’s New York Times, Andrew E. Kramer draws upon Liesbeth van der Heide’s research on the 'Children of the Caliphate' in telling the story of children returning to Chechnya after being raised in ISIS-held territory. 
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Associate Fellow Colin P. Clarke’s Policy Brief in The Washington Post
The Washington Post | 15 February 2018 
ICCT Associate Fellow Dr. Colin P. Clarke looked at the challenges posed by this under-examined militant group in a November 2017 ICCT Policy Brief. Informed by this paper, The Washington Post reports that “the expansion of the U.S. bombing campaign in Afghanistan to target a little-known Chinese terrorist group is an example of how the 16-year-old war has changed under President Trump”
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Associate Fellow Charlie Winter on BBC Radio 4: Is ISIS Still A Threat?
Georgetown Journal of International Affairs | 5 November 2017
In this episode of BBC Radio4’s Briefing Room, ICCT Fellow Charlie Winter is joined by experts including Richard Barrett (former head of counter-terrorism at MI6) to discuss the threat currently posed by IS.
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Associate Fellow J.M Berger in Aspen Institute Report
The Aspen Institute | 8 February 2018 
Associate Fellow J.M Berger has contributed a chapter to the important Aspen Institute Report.,“Pluralism in Peril: Challenges to an American Ideal.” Berger’s chapter, “Out of Many, One: Defining the Opposite of Extremism”, looks at countering extremism in the context of the debate on promoting American pluralism.
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Research Fellow Bibi van Ginkel in Egmont Papers
The Egmont Papers | 6 February 2018 
This publication maintains a focus on the issue of returning foreign fighters: “Returnees: Who are they, why are they (not) coming back, and how should we deal with them? Assessing Policies on Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.” Research Fellow Bibi Van Ginkel’s important contribution is a co-authored chapter with (senior) public prosecutor Simon Minks titled “Addressing the Challenge of Returnees: Threat Perceptions, Policies and Practices in The Netherlands”. 
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Bringing (Foreign) Terrorist Fighters to Justice in a Post-ISIS Landscape Part II: Prosecution by Foreign National Courts
Perspectives | 12 January 2018
 This op-ed examines how foreign national courts can prosecute terrorist crimes that have been committed in Syria and Iraq. These crimes can constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide. 
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You may have missed
Prosecuting (Potential) Foreign Fighters: Legislative and Practical Challenges
Research Paper | 30 January 2018
In this Research Paper, ICCT Associate Fellow Christophe Paulussen and Kate Pitcher provide a critical assessment of the underlying legal frameworks and the concrete prosecutions of (potential) foreign fighters at the national level.
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