October 2017, Newsletter no. 76
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Has Countering the Financing of Terrorism Gone Wrong? Prosecuting the Parents of Foreign Terrorist Fighters
Perspective | 2 October 2017
This Perspective by ICCT Research Fellow Dr. Bérénice Boutin questions the appropriateness of using broad counter-terrorism laws to prosecute parents of FTFs on the ground of terrorism financing.
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"By pretending that A'maq is a news source, journalists inadvertently legitimise the outlet[.]"

Extract from 'Running A'maq: The Practice of Western Media Citing Islamic State Propaganda'. Read it here.
Running A'maq: The Practice of Western Media Citing Islamic State Propaganda  
Perspective | 6 October 2017
This Perspective by Leon Bystrykh looks at journalists' use of material provided by the A'maq News Agency and asks whether Western media should be using A'maq: whether this a shortcut for investigative reporting, and whether, by citing its content, Western media may be reinforcing violent extremist propaganda. 
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IS's Appeal to Western Women: Policy Recommendations
Paper| 26 October 2017
In this Policy Brief, Kiriloi Ingram analyses how IS recruits Western women through a detailed qualitative narrative analysis of the contents of all fifteen issues of a Dabiq magazine. Ingram argues that counter-terrorism strategic communications must be paired with community-based initiatives. 
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Political Primacy, Strategic Risks, and ISIL after the Caliphate
Perspective | 9 October 2017
In this Perspective, ICCT Associate Fellow Dr. Craig Whiteside analyses the effectiveness of Iraq's Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) in countering IS. He aims to find out to what extent CTS still possesses reasonable capacity to strategise further counter-terrorism acts in the post-caliphate fight against IS. 
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ICCT Associate Fellow Colin P. Clarke in Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs | 24 October 2017 
On 24 September 2017, ICCT Associate Fellow Dr. Colin P. Clarke wrote an article in Foreign Affairs on Al Qaeda’s attempt to rebrand itself. The article  discusses how the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda underwent a series of rebrandings with the aim to appear as a relatively more moderate Islamic extremist group in Syria. Read more.
ICCT Associate Fellow Craig Whiteside on ABC 
ABC | 17 October 2017
On 17 October 2017, ICCT Associate Fellow Dr. Craig Whiteside appeared on ABC's programme The World Today in a ten-minute audio interview on the virtual existence of the Islamic State's caliphate. The interview revolved around how IS will continue to exist in the future, as more territory losses take place. Read more.
ICCT Acting Director Alastair Reed in Eurojust Newsletter
Eurojust | 4 October 2017 
On 4 October 2017, Eurojust News featured an interview with Dr.  Alastair Reed. The interview questions ranged from the added value of think tanks for EU agencies within a counter-terrorism context to the Foreign Terrorist Fighter threat and the implication of recent attacks committed by 'lone wolves'. Read more
ICCT Research Fellow Liesbeth van der Heide & Associate Fellow Charlie Winter in NOS op 3
NOS | 3 October 2017
On 3 October 2017, ICCT Research Fellow Liesbeth van der Heide and Associate Fellow Charlie Winter were featured in an article by NOS op3 about the recent Las Vegas mass shooting. Read more.
Information Warfare in the 21st Century
ICCT Associate Fellows Dr. Craig Whiteside and Dr. Haroro Ingram, and ICCT Acting Director Dr. Alastair Reed speak at Australia National University Conference
On 16 October 2017, the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at Australia National University held a conference on "Media Jihad, New Cold Wars and fake news". International experts and specialists from Australia National University spoke on the topic of propaganda campaigns of violent extremist groups, such as IS and al-Qaeda. 
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ICCT Acting Director Alastair Reed on Corsham Institute's CVE Podcast
In the Media | 29 September 2017
On 29 September 2017, Dr. Alastair Reed was interviewed by Charles Kriel from the Corsham Institute in a podcast on Countering Violent Extremism. In the interview, Dr. Reed explained the significance of de-radicalisation within civil society dealing with violent extremism. Read more.

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The Failure of Prophecy and the Future of IS
Policy Brief | 22 September 2017
In this Policy Brief, Dr. Lorne L. Dawson discusses the underlying vision of IS in propagating an apocalyptic struggle for its followers. He argues this cosmic struggle is characterised by the 'caliphate legacy', which will survive deep military defeat.
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