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ICCT Newsletter for October 2016 - No. 64
ICCT Publications
Managing Risk in the Fight Against IS
Perspective | 25 October 2016 
As the battle for Mosul rages, the West faces a key turning point in the struggle against the so-called Islamic State (IS). The strategic choices made in the coming months to counter the risk posed by IS are likely to have ramifications that will be felt for years. To learn from past mistakes, Noora Kinnunen and Dr. Alastair Reed examine lessons learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom.
How Islamophobia Makes Us Less Safe
Perspective | 20 October 2016
ICCT Visiting Fellow Phil Gurski examines why it is important to stop "Othering" Muslims and the implications that Islamophobia has for national security. Highlighting that Islamophobia is a form of ignorance and prejudice, the piece also provides examples on how Muslims can positively manoeuvre it.
Towards a European Position on the Use of Armed Drones? A Human Rights Approach
Report | 17 October 2016 
This report examines targeted killings in light of human rights law, the precise requirements of transparency, oversight and accountability, and European countries' human rights obligations when assisting other countries in drone strikes. 
The EU's 'Security Union': A Bridge Too Far? 
Perspective |7 October 2016 
ICCT Research Fellow Stef Wittendorp explores the European Union's new 'Security Union' and its potential challenges. Among them are concerns of overlap with other institutions as well as the ambitious nature of the project in the first place. 
Deciphering the Siren Call of Militant Islamist Propaganda
Research Paper | 30 September 2016
This Research Paper by ICCT Visiting Fellow Dr. Haroro Ingram explores the use of propaganda by IS in attempts to radicalise supporters. It also outlines a number of lessons for understanding the siren call by employing strategies of meaning, credibility and behavioural change.
Who Determines the Security (Research) Agenda?
Conference | 9-10 November 2016
Facing contemporary challenges like terrorism requires dialogue and collaboration. But who should take the lead and what is the added value of collaboration between private and public actors? Register now for the International Conference "Who determines the security (research) agenda" organised by the Institute of Security and Global Affairs of Leiden University.
Learning and Working: Countering Radicalisation 
Workshop | 16 November 2016
Together with The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law and The Hague Institute for Global Justice, ICCT will be hosting an interactive workshop at the 2016 IGNITE conference. The aim will be for participants to explore notable challenges in linking education and employment with radicalisation. 
Charlie Winter on IS Propaganda and Recruitment
WNYC | 14 October 2016
In a recent interview with Bob Garfield on WNYC's show 'On the Media', ICCT Associate Fellow Charlie Winter discusses newly published figures concerning IS propaganda and recruitment reductions. 
In the Media
Applications for Small Grants in South East Asia and the Horn of Africa
ICCT and the Global Center on Cooperative Security are pleased to announce that application is now open for civil society organisations in select countries in South East Asia and the Horn of Africa to apply for small grants to conduct pilot projects. 
In the Media
J.M. Berger in The New York Times
ICCT Associate Fellow J.M. Berger comments in an article by The New York Times on the latest figures of the number of foreign fighters and the connection with the significant drop in media output of the so-called Islamic State.

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