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AECEA response to Alberta's Early Learning and Child Care legislation changes January 2021
Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta, 19 January 2021
This document by the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta provides information about the amended Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Act and its accompanying regulations which will come into effect on February 1, 2021. It aims to help ECEs in licensed child care centres, preschools, out of school programs, and day home agencies as well as other stakeholders consider the implications that the changes to the Act may have on their practice.

ON: Ontario’s child-care sector needs more support to survive COVID second wave, advocates say
Toronto Star, 13 January 2021

Research, policy and practice

Gender differences in couples’ division of childcare, work and mental health during COVID-19
Review of Economics of the Household, 16 January 2021
Using data from the Understanding Coronavirus in America tracking survey, this study investigates the impact of COVID-19 on gender differences within households in terms of childcare provision, employment, working arrangements and psychological distress levels. Findings suggest that women bear the heavier load of child care provision which is associated with reduced working hours and job turnover, as well as an increase in psychological distress in mothers of school-age and preschool children.

Early childhood curriculum policies and practices in Singapore: The case of glocalisation
Policy Futures in Education, 12 January 2021
This special issue from Policy Futures in Education collects articles covering topics on inclusive education, curriculum frameworks, infant–toddler care, curriculum-based teacher research, social-emotional learning, and bilingual language and literacy. All these articles have jointly presented a snapshot of the ‘glocal’ situation of early childhood curriculum in Singapore, with a focus on the challenges and suggestions for policy and practical improvements.

Primary school reopenings and parental work
Research Group on Human Capital, August 2020
This paper examines the pattern of primary school reopenings in Quebec during COVID-19 and its impact on parent employment. The results show a positive effect of school reopenings on employment and actual hours worked with greater impact for single parents, which suggests the role of school reopenings toward parents' ability to maintain their employment.

Every early childhood educator matters: Evidence for new early childhood workforce strategy in Australia
Mitchell Institute, 21 December 2020
This report presents policy proposals that came out of a national roundtable of 33 researchers in early childhood education and care in Australia, aiming to inform the National ECEC Workforce Strategy. The policy proposals cover four stages of an ECEC career, from making the decision to enter the ECEC sector, through to ongoing professional learning and career development.

Poverty and early childhood outcomes
Pediatrics, June 2019
This study examines the relationships among various outcomes and different levels of poverty at different points during a child’s first 5 years using data from Manitoba, Canada between 2000-2016. Results indicate that children born into poverty had a lower probability of achieving school readiness as well as other childhood outcomes. The study concludes that the level of poverty and its duration modify the relationship between early poverty and childhood outcomes.

Editorial, Special edition 'Early Childhood Education and Care' 
European Journal of Education, December 2012
The editorial from the European Journal of Education reasserts the role of early childhood education and care (ECEC) and its workforce in economic and social progress as well as the complexities of defining quality and purposes of ECEC. This special issue addresses current European trends and developments in the field of early childhood education and care from three interconnected perspectives: policies, practices and theoretical underpinnings related to the institutions set up to support young children and their families.

Child care in the news 

CA: Migrant workers are the present and future of low-carbon care work
Briarpatch Magazine, 14 January 2021

ON: Open letter: Protect and respect early childhood education and care
Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario and Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, 20 January 2021

ON: Ontario’s child care sector warns more centres could close for good 
Global News, 14 January 2021

ON: Enrolment at public school board dips amid pandemic
CBC News, 17 January 2021

AB: Athabasca Tribal Council, Keyano partner on early learning child care program 
Fort McMurray Today, 16 January 2021

BC: Childcare waiting lists in Northern BC extended by lack of Early Childhood Educators
MyPGNow, 16 January 2021

EU: Europe’s schools are closing again on concerns they spread COVID-19
Wall Street Journal, 16 January 2021

EU: School risk calculations scrambled by fast-spreading virus strains
Science, 15 January 2021 

UK: Furlough refused to 71% of UK working mothers while schools shut - survey
The Guardian, 13 January 2021

US: Biden outlines plan to solve child care crisis
US News, 14 January 2021

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